Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello Blogging World!

So, I finally did it...I'm officially a blogger rather than a creepy "blog stalker". My sister and sister-in-law have been telling me to start a blog but I wanted to wait until I was married, so now twelve days later and here I am! I am very computer illiterate so thanks to my friend Jenny Cox and her patients my blog is up and running! I just hope that I can catch on how to do all of this technical stuff when Jenny is not on my side!
As for an introduction of my life I am currently living in Logan Utah and enjoying the very warm weather that it has to offer! ;) haha ya right! I am so very lucky to say that I married the most sweetest man of my dreams, Conner Edwards, on October 11Th in Nephi. It was an awesome day thanks to my mom and all of the hard work she put into it! A week later we flew to Seattle (where he is from) for another reception. It was a great open house at Conner's house. They have such a beautiful house with an amazing view of the Puget sound. The best thing about Seattle was being able to have my parents and grandparents come for their first time. It was so much fun showing them around Seattle, and especially where Conner is from and grew up. I know that they all loved it and we're already planning another trip back with the whole fam!
Being married is absolutely amazing and I love every single bit of it. However, I think Conner and i would both strongly agree that we are glad to get back into the hang of things so we can start getting caught up in school. UGH!
Conner and I have really good friends, Trevor and Jenny Cox, who we LOVE to hang out with. They are our first "married" friends so it is fun to relate in that way. Jenny is already VERY domestic after only 2 months of being married. She has made the goal to not make the same dinner in 2 whole months! WOW! Way to go Jen! She has made me already want to be a better wife in that sense, rather than eating cereal every night. Tuesday night we got together and she had us make Hawaiian haystacks and brownies. I was quite impressed with how good they turned out! :) After dinner we snuggled up to our boys and watched a scary movie to get into the Halloween spirit.

I will finish my long post up with tonights shindig! Conner and I live in an extremely tiny apartment so of course there is no room for a washer and dryer. Thankfully, Jenny and Trevor invited us to fill the backseat of our car up with laundry and do it at their apartment. We watched Grey's and ate Jenny's super delicious peach cobbler. The boys put on scary movie and Jenny absolutely terrified of horror movies so why the guys are sitting in the other room Jenny decided to get me going with a blog, and that brings us to where I am now! I'm very excited to get going with my blog so I can update my friends and family on things going on! Hopefully my future posts will not be such a boring novel, but you have to understand I had a lot to catch up on...right? :)

There was no messing around when it came to blogging!