Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The SHORTEST love of my life!

The shortest love of my life would of course be none other than my little baby boy, NIXON! He sure has been a busy little bee this summer! He is really starting to grow up and learn new things all of the time. I always get a kick out of the things he picks up on and will always say. He will always say something and then say, "Do it". Conner and I will have to copy exactly what he says. When he watches movies he will repeat things from movies (always the same part of the movie) and then say, "Do it".  He will also have to help with the same things around the house, putting the garbage back under the sink after we change it, help hold our cups as we fill it with ice and water at the fridge (he'll say "I wanna hold it!), he has to push the buttons on my washer and dryer, he has help unload the dishwasher by handing me everything to put away, and he also has to put DVD's in the DVD player and close it! He thinks he is so big and can do almost anything and everything on his own! Sometimes this makes little tasks take a lot longer than he should, but at least he's happy! Nixon would spend all day outside on his bike, at the park, or in the swimming pool if I would let him. He LOVES those three things and always asks to do each one. To bad it is blasted hot to let him play outside during the day at the park and on his bike! This last Sunday during sacrament meeting I couldn't help but think how much I love Nixon and how I feel like my love for him grows more and more. I adore that kid with all my heart! (But it didn't take more than two minutes later when he started to have a melt down that I couldn't handle him for the time being! haha)

Nixon LOVES cereal lately, especially frosted mini wheats because Lightning McQueen is on the box! The other day he wanted Lucky Charms and when he was finished I noticed the only thing that was gone was the marshmallows. I guess he knows what the good stuff is!

Nixon was never a cuddly baby which I was always sad about, but now he loves lying down with Conner and I to watch a movie! He will always tell me to lay down by him or else he will say, "Hold you mama". :)

Nixon LOVES LOVES LOVES to swim. I took him last Saturday and he would jump underwater to me and have me pull him around. He loves swimming underwater! He will say he is like Nemo or a dolphin! Since we can't go to the pool EVERYDAY he improvises with the bathtub. Conner taught him to put things underwater and 'dive' for them. He now does it in the tub with his cars, he does quite good too!

We had a few rainy days a couple of weeks back, and I thought it would be fun for Gemma and Nixon to play in it for a minute! They sure thought so too!

 Nixon and I were sitting on the couch one day and I put my legs on top of him. I was thinking he would get mad and push them off, but he WANTED me to keep my legs on his lap! In fact, he would have me do that a few times after that day as well! haha! If only I could get him to massage my feet too!

Every Thursday Nixon KNOWS (without us telling him!) that it is garbage day! He will hear it and stop whatever he is doing and yell. "I wanna see garbage truck!!!!" He's a little obsessed. It is pretty stinky to stand out there and watch him go up and down the street, so I decided it was easier to put him on our car and let him have his moment of happiness while I stay in the non-smelly house. The garbage man must be a little weirded out by it I would imagine...

Nixon LOVES to ask his daddy for a vroom vroom ride whenever he gets the chance! He has so much fun riding around with his daddy!!

Conner usually will have one day a week off, so we always try to make it to the pool. I love our pool here in Logan, it is super nice and it is a perk that it is right down our street! We will stay until it closes, but Nixon will always put up a fight when we leave! Like I said, I would stay there ALL day if he could!!

We've been wanting to go to Bear Lake this summer, but we can never find the time! When we think we are going to make an effort to go, we decide to go to the swimming pool instead. Well, Conner came home from work a couple Saturdays ago and made the suggestion to go to Bear Lake for Raspberry Days. We didn't get in the water or anything, but it was fun to be there to do something different. Plus, you can never go wrong with a greasy hamburger, fries, and a raspberry shake! When we were trying to order our food Nixon kept trying to drive his monster truck into the road, a girl who was working gave him a cup of M&M's and he sat right down to eat them. It sure did the trick! 
When we were eating, Nixon was being a stinker and just couldn't be content. I gave him a french fry and told him to go feed the birds. I thought he would know to throw the french fry at them, but he didn't. He ran and ran and ran trying to chase them down. It was so funny, but kind of sad at the same time. He was trying so stinking hard to catch them so he could feed them. After I showed him that he had to throw the fries thinks went a little better for the kid...
Nixon has been obsessed with baseball lately. In fact, he woke up one day wanting to watch baseball and nothing else. The problem was, I had no idea where I could find baseball for him to watch. It didn't turn out too good. I decided he needed a bat, ball, and glove so I took him to the store to get one. While we were there a monster truck sure caught that little eye of his. Let me just say, that same monster truck as not left his sight since. He sleeps with it, rides in the car with it, goes to church with it, baths with it, and even eats with it! The monster truck came with tattoos so we thought we'd put it on him. (I'll admit, when I see little kids with those fake tattoos I think it is so hideous, BUT I guess I can't talk now!! ha!) Anyways, we put the tattoo on him and he SCREAMED the entire time we were trying to do it. I thought once he saw it he would think it was pretty cool, but who was I kidding. This is the kid that can't have a speck of dirt on or near him! Needless to say, he HATED the tattoo. Conner and I even put one on thinking he'd realize it was pretty neat. Nope. He wanted it off!!! He kept saying it was an owie and it hurt! Weirdo. Anyways, Nixon had a tattoo for five minute (screaming the whole time) until I took it off. Hopefully he will ALWAYS feel that way about tats!! :)

Well, that is about all I have on Nixon thus far. We sure do love that little fart even if he tends to give us a head ache here and there. I guess that is how you know you love your kids unconditionally when they drive you mad, but at the end of the day you love them more than words could ever describe! He is the biggest joy in my life and I am so so so thankful for him!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

On Nixon's Request....

We decided to add ONE more to the crew!

This little baby will be arriving to our home around February 27th! Before I was even pregnant Nixon would ALWAYS say, "I wanna baby brudder". He obviously doesn't get it too much, but at random times he will say "Baby brudder in there?" (pointing to my belly). Yesterday he said "Baby sister in there?" while pointing to my arm pit. Then he said, "Baby brudder in there?" pointing to my breast! Needless to say I think the little guy will be very excited to have either a baby brother or baby sister! He's going to be a good help and we are excited for him to have someone to play with!