Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis The Season!

So far the Holidays have been super fun with Little Nickel! He has got his Santa "ho ho ho" thing down packed. As for the lights, oh how he LOVES the lights!Whenever we are driving down main street he always says "WOWA!" with each light pole we pass! We took him for a drive to see the lights in Nephi with my parents which was so fun. The few things he'd say were "wowa!" "lights!" and "Hot!". We've already been on a few light hunting drives here in Logan and I see more heading our way! 

Nixon has been doing two things lately that totally reminds me of his two cousins, Luke and Ellie. 
#1- When Luke was a youngster he'd stand in front of the window seal and line his cars up and use his little pointer finger to move them each to where he wanted them to be. Well, Nixon has been doing the same thing. The only difference is that he doesn't quite get the straight line thing yet. He is so funny when he has his cars in a line, if we go to touch them he FREAKS out!!! No exaggeration there folks!

#2- I truly did not teach Nixon this, but he did however learn it from his sweet cousin, Princess Ellie, I am most certain. This facial expression is also Princess Ellie's smile. SO, I am thinking Nixon picked it up from her! So funny!

Another new face that Nixon uses quite often now (which didn't come from Ellie, at least I don't think so...)

As for any other news, Conner and I are both super stoked about finishing up this semester! This is our last week and it feels SO good. We can't wait to have all of the stress off our our shoulders so we can sit back and enjoy the rest of the holiday season with your precious baby boy!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

This is our families very FIRST year to have our own Christmas tree! Every year since we have been married we have pretty much spent the whole month of December at our families houses. Well, since Conner is a real workin' boy we will be in Logan pretty much all of December which is why we decided it was time to get a tree! Thanks to Kaydee and Launey, and then Karson and Linzy, we got out lil' 6 ft hand-me-down tree! We LOVE it! I was nervous how Nixon would treat it, but he has done super well. He threatens to touch the ornaments and goes for them slowly staring at me the whole time as I glare back! He has not taken them off the tree which has been great. He really loves when the lights are on and always says it is HOT. Our house doesn't have too much Christmas cheer because like I said, we've not really decorated for Christmas yet and so I have all but 5 decorations. However, it makes me very anxious to get to all of the after Christmas sales so I can eventually have a house FULL of the Christmas spirit! :)

Our first ornaments the year we were married! Love these!

Nixon's first ornament...wrapped in his much loved blue bubee!

Thanksgiving Day- Disney Style

Reservations for Disney Thanksgiving dining opened up 60 days before Thanksgiving Day. My mom had it set in her phone so we remembered to call right when it opened. Since she was in school she had me call and wait on hold to make reservations. I waited a good hour or more. When I finally got through I told them the place we wanted to have our dinner on Thanksgiving and they told me 4 times available. 9, 9:30, 12, & 5. The 9 & 9:30 seemed to early for Thanksgiving dinner and 5 was too late because Conner had to fly home that night (for work the next day...grr wells fargo!) Anyways, I told them we would do 12, gave them our info, and that was that. Well, when Thanksgiving day hit we were all so excited for our dinner. We did our early morning day, got a good amount of rides in, and headed to our dinner with growling tummies! They had our reservations and everything looked good there, BUT they did start thanksgiving dinner until 2!!! We were all so ticked, especially me since I made the reservations. I did a little huffing and puffing until they squeezed us in a very packed schedule. Luckily we were able to come back and have our dinner. It was very delicious and nice to not have to worry about the preparing and cleaning up part of it all!

Since Disneyland/ California Adventure was so extremely busy, the only way to get on Toy Story Mania without waiting 2 hours in line was to wait right at the opening of the park, and SPRINT to the ride. We did just that. My mom waited for an 1 at the gates, and once we got into the park, we waited another 1/2 hour at the line. Right when they removed the line we RAN along with everyone else in the park. Workers were standing everywhere along the way asking everyone to walk, but no one listened. Well, besides my mom who said, "Kylee, we aren't suppose to run!" The rush and excitement was well worth it, and I think Nixon enjoyed is own roller coaster ride from his daddy!

Conner was the only daring one (and nicest one) to brave the wet grizzly bear rapids with Luke and Tanner.

I'll confess, I love me some pumpkin pie. I think i had four or more of these little tarts. It was Thanksgiving right?!

Our waitress took this picture, she did a wonderful job. I think she even said she was looking to start her own business in photography.

Love those kids!

Nixon slept through our Thanksgiving dinner, so this was his delicious buffet. With a churro or two for dessert!

One last train ride with Daddy before Bampa had to take him to the airport to fly back to Utah.

It's a Small World Christmafied (my new word). Ellie LOVED all the dolls!

Tanner got a little scared during the middle of the trip about the Tower of Terror and wouldn't go on it anymore.  (He was scared of the ghosts) The last day he decided to brave it and go on it a couple of times. He told us he was brave again because his brother wuke told him that the ghosts were pretend and he held his hand the whole time. When Luke grabbed his hand I wanted to take a picture so bad, but the dang worker wasn't letting me get away with it. It was the cutest thing, the held hands the whole ride.

And to save some of my favorites for last...Just to get an idea on how MUCH Nixon is crazy about his cousins!!!