Sunday, July 26, 2009

Picture overload...again!!!

For about the fifteenth time I apologize once again for my procastination of blogging because it always leads me to posts like this. I don't mind these posts, but for others who read them who actually trys to accomplish things during your day, I am almost sure you will not be a fan of this post because it will take most of your day to complete! Sorry... :S

*Temple Square*
Conner and I having been working with our awesome bishop to prepare for our sealing. One of the things he asked us to do was to spend a day at temple square. It was so relaxing and beautiful. It was so nice to be able to go out and do something we don't do all that much.

*Big Hitter Luke*
Luke was a big T-ball player this summer! It was fun to watch him play. Tanner has been playing kickity-kick ball but sadly I don't have any pictures of that. Nixon loves his cousins and it is obvious they love him as well. They always shower him with lots of hugs and kisses!

Conner and I have really enjoyed living with my aunt and uncle this summer. Alex and Kameron are so stinkin cute with Nixon! He has been spoiled rotten there! We have been so busy doing things this last month so I feel like we haven't spent a whole heck of a lot of time there with them. It is about time for us to move up to Logan for good so we will really miss them a lot. They have been so sweet and helpful! Thank you!!

Our new family obsession has been playing Bocce. We have a blast with it! A while back we had a big tournament in our back yard. It got a little heated at times but we still had a great time. It was my idea to draw names out of a hat to pick our teams. For some people it worked in the favor, others not as much. Conner and my Aunt Casie ended up being champions. I'm ready for a rematch though! If Bocce was an Olympic sport the Morgan family would bring in the gold! ;)

*4th of July*
The morning of the 4th we woke up bright and early to go to the park to eat breakfast. Immediately after that the games began! Conner, Karson, Launey, and a friend Rex put together a team for the 3 0n 3 basketball tournament. It was dang good they had a fun time otherwise the day could have been ruined. Lets just say our family should stick to playing Bocce in the backyard instead of thinking about going to the NBA.
The kids all did the traditional stuff around the park. I think I will always love the small town stuff! I can't wait for Nixon to be right up there with his cousins running around everywhere.
After the park celebration we went to my Uncle Mike and Aunt Casie's for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately for us there was no fireworks. The weather was wild! The city actually put on the fireworks last night (July 23) so that called for another family get together/BBQ.

*Hit'n the Links*
Conner's new hobby lately has been golfing. He has had a lot of fun going with my brother, dad, uncle, and brother-in-law. Karson and Conner joke around that they are being sponsored by my dad and uncle because so far they have paid for every game. We'll see how long that lasts. Conner's clubs are in Seattle so my sweet papa picked up some nice lookin ;) clubs from the 4th of July auction. Conner put them to use that very day teaching Tanner how the pros do it. Our new house is right next to a golf course so I don't know how much of my husband I will be seeing.
*Ute Stampede*
I was really looking forward to the Ute Stampede this year so I could show Conner what it was all about! Last year we were in Seattle so we missed all of the festivities. I tried to go to the local IFA to pick up some chaps and wranglers for my hubby, but apparently he wasn't interested and decided to go with his shorts and flip flops! haha! We had a lot of fun with the parades, rodeo, carnival, and just hanging out with family.
*Our New Profession*
Conner and I were looking on KSL for some job openings up in Logan. We came across an ad about delivering phone books. It was obviously just a week thing but we jumped on it. My mom drove up to Logan with us on Monday and we stayed to get the job done until late Friday night. She was a lot of help. Without her we wouldn't have been able to get near as much as we did done. Conner loved it so much he wants to be a manager next summer for phone book routes. We'll see what happens there...
While we were their my sister and her kids came up to stay overnight. We were actually up there during Conner's 22nd birthday. We tried to surprise him when he woke up with our downstairs decorated, breakfast, and a cold stone ice cream cake. When I woke him up and told him to come downstairs I tried to make it sound like everyone left and basically forgot it was his birthday. I told him to come down to eat a bowl of cereal with me. I guess he wasn't too surprised because he said he had heard the kids giggling and ellie crying when he was upstairs. So much for that...You can clearly see the excitement on his face below! NOT! (I'm not a good birthday excuse is that the kids helped me decorate! haha even though they probably did a better job then me!)
Conner and I put in a quick day of delivering phone books while my mom and Kaydee took the kids to the petting zoo by our house. After that we crammed in the car and headed to Bear Lake. It is such a gorgeous lake! We had a lot of fun playing in the water. I'm not one to ever play in a lake but because Bear Lake was so clear and pretty I decided I would make an exception. One of the biggest reasons we were excited about going was the ever so famous raspberry shakes. mmm..mmm..good!!

*Splashin Around*

Conner and I went with my mom,sister,luke, tanner, ellie, SueAnn, and her boys to the Payson swimming pool yesterday. I have been wanting to go swimming SO bad lately so I FINALLY got my wish. Nixon had his shots the day before so he just wasn't his usual self there which was sad. He liked it for a little bit but then he liked sleeping in his stroller a whole lot better. Right before we left Conner, Luke, and myself were playing in the lazy river. I'm being completely honest when I say this but I had SO much fun with my nephew! For the first time I felt like he was actually old enough to really play with him, not just play with him as a little kid. (If that makes sense) We were doing a lot of rough housin and Luke was seriously takin me down!! Kaydee was getting mad because she was trying to get us out so we could go home, but I just kept ignoring her because we were having so much fun! Good times! Sorry kayd! :)

I didn't get any pictures but Conner and I took Nixon swimming for the first time a couple days before that at the Logan pool. We had no idea that Logan had such a big fun pool! The fun part about it is that it is right down the street from our new house. Nixon was loving it. It was a little bit different going swimming the first time with a baby. Conner would go down the big slide then come hold nixon so I could go. haha I felt like a dork but what else are we suppose to do?! Conner had a little too much fun on the diving board, but we had fun watching. Conner is excited to take Nixon next summer when he is actually a little bigger able to run around. He may regret that when the time comes! haha Yes...that body does belong to my husband. Am I lucky or what?! :D

Well that is all for now! We are in Nephi for a couple days for a big Morgan family reunion. I will take a few shots of that and the famous Mona day celebration in honor of Pioneer Day. I think we will be moving up to Logan sometime next week so sometime soon I will post pictures of our house when we have everything moved in. It is going to be a big change for us and one we are really looking forward to!