Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bringing Addie Home!

We left the hospital Saturday afternoon to bring Adelyn home. We had to wait in the hospital for awhile Saturday until they set up for a guy to bring over the lights so Addie could stay under them. Once we left the hospital, the guy didn't even get to our house for another 2-3 hours! However, we were fine with the fact we actually got to hold her rather than keep her under those dang lights!! We were so happy to have her home and so was her big brother!! He was one excited little boy who could not wait to get his hands on her!


The week before Addie was born, I noticed on a commercial that Monster Jam was coming to SLC. Ever since Nixon has noticed his cousin's love for monster trucks, Nixon has been a bit obsessed too! I knew that the Monster Jam show would be around when Addie was born and so I really wanted Conner to take Nixon to give him some one on one time. This was their first big daddy/son date and I think I was just as excited for them as Nixon was! The show was on Friday (the day after Adelyn was born). I relaxed and napped in the hospital while Conner took Nixon to the big show. Nixon STILL talks about the show! I am so glad they is definitely something he has not forgotten!

yes, I know this is the wrong side but I am not smart enough to fix it!

Life in the Hospital

I'm not going to lie...I actually LOVE being in the hospital after my babes are born! I remember going home after I had Nixon and after my help had left I wanted to go back to the hospital so bad! I just felt safe there and knew that with a push of the button a nurse would come running if I needed anything! haha...I was just super nervous bringing home a new baby...especially one that gagged a lot! I felt the exact way with Adelyn, I loved the hospital and I would have stayed another week if I could have! With baby #2 being in the hospital was actually quite relaxing, almost like a mommy vacation in a weird way!

Here are some pictures of life in the hospital...

Nixon meeting his baby sister...

I was so excited for Nixon to meet Adelyn and also very curious to how he would act. He was SO cute with her and really excited to see 'her born'! He asked if the doctor took her out of my belly button...yes buddy, something like that! He has been such a great big brother every since! I've been really happy with the way he treats her and talks about her (most of the time)...he is one proud brother to say the least!!!

First Bath in Hosptial

When Nixon was born they took him in the nursery to bath him, so it was fun to get to watch her be bathed in my room. The only NOT fun part was the fact that I was throwing up the whole time behind the camera!

Adelyn Rosemary Edwards- The Birth Story!

When I am holding my baby girl, it often hits me how crazy (in a good crazy way) it is that she is finally here...and that she is ours to keep!! We love that baby SO much!

Adelyn was born on Thursday February 23rd. My due date was February 27th, but my doctor told me that I could be induced a week early if I chose to be. Of course I was all in, but there was one twist. In order to be induced I had to be dialated to at least a two. The first time I got checked I was a one. The next week....a one. I tried all I could think of to help me contract so I could dilate, but nothing was working! I went in on the 16th to get checked and that was my appointment where I would find out if I would get started on the 20th or not. Well, I was STILL at a one!! I was shocked! I had all my planning figured out as to where Nixon would go, what days my mother-in-law would stay with me, and what days my mom would stay with me. It was all perfectly organized. not longer mattered! My doctor told me I could come in the following Tuesday to see if I was a two yet. If I was then I could get started on Wednesday night. I went in to my doctors appointment praying there was some type of progress. Luckily I was at a TIGHT two. The induction was a go! My mom, sister and mother-in-law came up to Logan Wednesday night. We first met to eat dinner at Cafe Rio around 8:00 pm. My mother-in-law then took Nixon to our house while the rest of us when to the hospital for the big event!
After getting checked in and doing all the paper work they started the pit around 9:45ish. I was starting to feel the contractions and I was sure things were beginning to happen! They checked me and I was STILL at a two! I was shocked!!! They had Dr. Norda come in to break my water which helped speed up the process a bit! The nurse gave me something to help me relax and sleep before I had the epidural and it was heaven! But soon after it was time for that darn epidural! It seems like right after I got it, my contractions started to get bigger and bigger! (JUST IN TIME!) Around 5:00 am the nurse checked me and said I was at an eight and that she would check me again in an hour. I was pretty bummed because an hour seemed like a LONG time. Conner, Kaydee, and my mom were all passed out cold. Fifteen minutes later after they checked me two nurses came in and said that the baby's heart rate had went down really low. I was a bit stressed. Well, a lot stress. They gave me some oxygen to see if they could get it up. Apparently everything was okay but I was still emotional and worried about it....all while my husband was sleeping with his mouth wide open! ha! Anyways, when they gave me the oxygen they said they were going to check me. Low and behold, I was a TEN!!! The figured the babes heart rate went really low because of how fast I dilated from an eight to a ten. Anyways, knowing the baby was fine I was THRILLED that I was a ten and ready to get our baby here!!!!
They called the doctor and soon we were ready to rumble. I remember when I had Nixon after I was a ten I had to wait an hour before I started pushing took another hour! So, that was kind of what I was expecting. However, right away they were getting ready for me to push and it only took about 10-15 minutes to get her here! She was born at 5:48 AM. Adelyn's eyes were WIDE open. All the nurses and doctor commented on how big her eyes were. They also commented on her long toes which she totally gets from her daddy. Poor girl. I was so happy that she was finally here with us!! She weighed 7 lbs 14 oz and was 20 inches long. My labor was a really easy one once again! I've been pretty lucky so far!

My sister took all of the pictures during the whole process and I am so thankful for that! I love all the pictures and love that we will have such great pictures to remember that day! We are so so so blessed to have two beautiful healthy children and I am so thankful to be their mommy!

Before the pain....

When the pain started kickin' in. Lovely picture! NOT!

Getting ready for epidural

proud daddy moment! Love him!

Man, he looks exhausted! He must have just gone through A LOT! (oh wait, that was his wife! ha!)