Monday, March 10, 2014

Nixon Conner- CATCH UP :)

So, I guess if I play catch up I better be fair and do it for Nixon as well! ;) He has been so funny lately. If he goes through my phone and finds more pictures of Addie, he gets so upset! "Why do you have pictures of Addie like this mom? Why didn't you take one of me like that?"
Three words to describe my handsome little stink: silly, hard-headed, caring.
Nixon has been the 'class clown' lately and is always trying to be doing something silly. Sometimes he is actually pretty darn hilarious, other times...well kind of obnoxious! If you laugh at him once, he will just keep doing whatever made you laugh the first time over and over and over....He means well! ;) He really does say a lot of things lately that you can't help but crack up! He definitely is our goof ball!
Nixon has always been a stubborn little fart! He has been struggling with listening quite a lot. Occasionally he even turns me into a crazy monster mommy. Can you believe that? I loose my patience quickly with that kid, but at the end of the day, you just can't help but love him so darn much! We have been trying really hard to get him to listen to us THE FIRST TIME, if any of you super moms out there have any suggestions please feel free to share!
I have to give it to the boy though, he really is the most friendly, outgoing and caring kid I know. He LOVES to talk to people. He will go up to anyone and say whatever comes out of his mouth, sometimes the things he will ask or tell people can be a little embarrassing. I need to work on teaching him boundaries ;) He is definitely a people person.
The poor kid has been moved so much these past two years that I think it was exciting and hard at the same time. He had the best little friend in Texas who we loved SO much. She has moved to Washington which is actually nice for us, because we go to Washington often which makes it easier to see her. When we moved to Vegas, he met one little boy who we think is the cutest. The funny thing is, that little boy has since moved to Logan, so we see him quite often which has been good. In Nephi he had so many great little friends. He was playing with kids EVERY day, all day, so when we moved to Logan it was sad for the first couple of months because he had left all his good friends behind. However, because he is such an outgoing friendly person, he has found quite a few friends lately, and now he is always playing with friends almost everyday.
Although he fights and torments his little sister, he is also such a sweet caring brother. Anytime Addie is crying, he ALWAYS tries to fix it. When she gets something taken away because she has been naughty, Nixon will ask me to give it to her to try one more time. When she is in time out and crying, he will always want to get her and tell me that she won't do it again. He is just always looking out for her, most of the time.
Nixon still LOVES cars and lately he has been into legos as well. Now that it is starting to warm up again, he loves being outside to ride his bike. He loves sports. He loves playing sports and watching sports. He likes to play basketball, soccer, and football with his daddy. He LOVES the Seahawks, to the point where he is obsessed and talks about them everyday. He likes to watch Nascar, unfortunately! ;) He also loves playing Mario Kart on the wii. Every night before we go to bed, we always have to play a game of trouble. Nixon has to be green or blue because of the Seahawks.
Addie can out eat Nixon any day. He is still a pretty picky eater. When I make dinner, Addie will always eat what I make, but Nixon has to have something made just for him. I know that's my fault, I ruined him. That is why I am trying again with Addie, so far so good! :) He loves pancakes, pop-tarts, yogurt, protein shakes, watermelon, grapes, blueberries, chicken nuggets, waffles, mac & cheese, spaghetti-o's, and peanut butter & honey sandwiches.
It is bizarre that he is almost 5 years old. I look at him everyday and can't believe the boy he has grown up to be! He makes everyday fun and crazy all at the same time! He is such a blessing and I would never want to imagine my life without him in it. He makes me one happy Momma!

ps. my goal was to pick 3-4 pictures from each month this past year...and well, that was a bit tough for me. prepared for a whole lot of pictures! :S

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