Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm Back!!

WOW! I can't believe it has been TWO months since I have last updated! I am horrible! I hope I can even remember the things that we have done in order for me to fill you all in on the past two months! I will try to make it very short so I don't bore you to death!! Since my last post in December, Conner and I are back to Logan doing what we love to do best, SCHOOL! haha! Conner is taking some pretty tough business classes, but he seems to be doing good. At least the complaining as faded quite a bit! ;) As for me, I have been taking three online classes this semester. I thought since I will have the baby the last month of school it would be easier to do it this way. Lets just say I LOVE IT!! I wish I could finish all my schooling this way! I think it makes Conner a wee bit jealous when he has to wake up early for class and I still get to sleep in. My family may laugh at that because they know that our waking up early is around 11:00 am each morning. I know...I know...that will soon change here in a month!! Conner is still a dairy boy, and I am putting in my 3 hours a day at the day care. I love that I am at least able to help with SOME income!!
In January we celebrated my birthday. Conner was SO sweet and suprised me with a decorated house when i woke up. He also made my favorite breakfast, french toast! He had to work on my birthday which was a bummer but he made up for it that weekend. He is such a good husband, I can't believe how blessed I am to have found him!
In February my entire family got together and went to Disneyland!!! I went with my sister a couple days earlier, and Conner flew in Thursday night so he didn't miss much of school. I had fun being there earlier with my sister, but the entire time I could not wait to have Conner be there with me. It rained the entire time, but honestly it didn't bother me in the least bit! I still had so much fun being with all of our family.

For Valentines, I tried to suprise Conner with a decorated house and breakfast. Right after breakfast he hurried us out the door for a suprise. He had lined up massages for both of us to have! They were amazing! Afterwards we drove to Murray and ate at my favorite place, The Cheesecake Factory. We drove back to Logan and watched a late night movie, Taken. It was very very good! We ended the night with...well, I'm sure you get the idea!! haha ;) Just teasin!!
Last week I was able to go down to St. George with 13 other girls in my family. We had a blast!! We rented a house and did a lot of shopping, eating, parade of homes, and more eating.It was such a great weekend and I love having such wonderful family that I am so close to! I already can't wait till next year!!
The last big thing that has happened is what we have been waiting for for over a year!! CELINE DION!!! I had been to her show twice already in Las Vegas so I was super excited to see her again! She is amazing!! Although it wasn't quite the Vegas show, it was still so fun! She is a talented chica! Thanks mom and dad for taking us!!
I haven't had a camera for any of these occasions..I'm awful!! I apologize for the little disneyland pictures, next weekend I promise to do a post with only pictures! Until then, My sister-in-law Linzy is very good at updating with photos so you can check her blog out!! Sorry...I know posts aren't nearly as fun with out pictures!