Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Happy Realization

Last night at worked I had nothing to study for and I was all blogged out. To help time go by I decided I would listen to the relief society broadcast. Each of the talks made me happy, but when I listened to the choir sing As Sisters in Zion my heart was SO warm and filled with joy and gratitude. I had the feeling like I would as if I were in fast and testimony meeting with a pounding in my heart telling me to walk up to the stand. I was truly SO happy. I was so happy because I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the true church! I know without a doubt that I do belong to the true church. I know that Heavenly Father has BLESSED me with the challenges in my life to make me a better person. A better wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I LOVE this gospel and I love the happiness that I feel when I am in tuned with the spirit. I am SO thankful to be a daughter of God!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

I Did It!!!

For those of you who don't know my major is Early Childhood Education. I am not yet in the program, but I have been able to apply for over a year now but due to procrastination it hasn't gotten done. I finally came to a fork in the road where I either had to apply ASAP or else I would no longer have any classes to take without being in the program. The ONE thing holding me back was my **** math ACT score. The program requires a 18 and I got a 17. I finally built up to courage to take it (I HATE MATH) and guess what score I got!!! 17! Yep that's right...same score as before. This apparently got me NO WHERE! The bad thing about this is you are not allowed to take the ACT until 60 days after you first took it. This would make it so I would not be able to apply for the program by the deadline of Oct 1. After a LONG, confusing, frustrating, and pricey process, I was told that I could take the Praxis Test which would then allow me to apply by Oct 1. I have been studying for this test ALL week long. I went into the testing center at 1:30 and after saying a little prayer I was confident and ready to begin.
After I finished the 2 hour test I was so incredibly anxious to see my score. I couldn't remember the passing score, but I was feeling pretty dang good about it and thought I passed for sure. I started walking (more like an old people mall walk) to the education building ready to turn in my application for the program. It was then that I remembered the conversation I had with my advisor only a few days previous about the passing score. She told me if you take the written math test then the passing score is 173, the computerized passing score is 310. I took the computerized test and the score that I had just received was...177!
At that moment I started shaking, feeling weak in the knees, and tears started breaking through the surface. I decided to take the elevator to the third floor this time just in case I went into cardiac arrest. I did not want to be tumbling down the stairs.
I walked into my advisor's office with a very sad puppy face (I knew she liked puppies so I thought it might make her feel extra sorry for me) I told her I got a 177 and reminded her that she had told me 310 was passing. I told her I didn't understand how that was possible because I felt really good about the test. She went out of the room to talk to "the boss". Meanwhile, I was just freaking out (underneath my skin of course) PRAYING that there was a mistake in the passing score. She came in with a smile on her face and the tears started coming back but this time tears that you would receive prancing across the meadow with a slice of pie in your hand. I didn't want her to see those tears so I was tough and held them back! We filled out the application and when I left her office I called my mom. That is when I really started crying. My voice was cracky on the phone and my mom kept saying..What? what? Obviously she didn't know I was being attacked by my joyful emotions!
Anyways to make a LONG story short...I finally passed the stinkin test and applied for the eled program!!! Life is good!

ps. Will someone please train my husband because when I called to tell him that I was ready for him to pick me up he never once asked how it went. :( is that a normal guy thing?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Day to Celebrate!

Today is a day to celebrate! Why you ask? Well because it is a VERY special ladies birthday!!! Grandma Anna Lee is one of the most sweetest and polite ladies I have ever met! She always has a BIG smile on her face. I always enjoying talking to her and also learning how I can be more polite and better with my manners! ;) I'm very lucky to have her as a "new" grandma! Happy Birthday Grandma Anna Lee!!!
Love you lots!
Conner, Kylee, and Nixon

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hey everyone. So this weekend was a big phone went missing! I'm not sure if Nixon ate it or what exactly happened! So please text me your name and numbers so I can build my contacts back up. If you aren't a texter either learn or email me! haha! Thanks guys!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Updating On The Past...and present!

I am doing some back tracking with previous posts (sorry) I have just wanted to wait until I had some pictures to go along with some big events that I have missed!
On August 16 we finally had our baby blessed. We chose to do it in the ward we were in this summer while staying with my aunt and uncle. We REALLY enjoyed the ward and loved working with the bishop so we thought it was best for us to have Nixon blessed there. We are SO thankful to my aunt and uncle for allowing us to have Nixon's brunch in their backyard. They worked so hard all summer to have the yard ready for that day and it ended up being awesome!!!
Conner gave Nixon a beautiful blessing. Conner was stressing so much about it but you would honestly NEVER know that it was his first blessing. He did perfect! I was so thankful that my husband was able to bless our baby.
I made myself freaked out at the idea of Nixon having a blow out in his white blessing outfit, and I think my stress is why it happened! Luckily AFTER he was blessed he was sitting on Grandma Micci's lap and near the end of sacrament his cute white romper was filled with poo! So sadly I was only able to snap a couple shots in his blessing outfit at the church before the meeting began.
For our brunch we had crepes which turned out so fun. My mom put in a lot of work getting everything ready for it! I couldn't have done it without her! Thanks to everyone else who helped out. :) It was such a great day to be with all of our family. We are so blessed to have the wonderful family that we have!
The morning after the blessing I was able to suprise Conner with a trip to Seattle. We made it there once this summer but I know he was wishing we could have gone again before the summer ended. I wanted to tell him so badly about going but surprisingly I pulled it off as a total secret. He was pretty shocked and very happy about it. We had so much fun as always and can't wait to go back in November.
I was nervous about Nixon flying for the first time but he did as good as he possibly could. Both there and back he slept the entire flight!
Nixon & Grandma Anna Lee :o)
G-ma Micci watched Nixon while Conner and I took the porche on a quick get away. We drove down to Alki Beach, walked around, and ate at the famous Red Mill Burger. It was delicious!! :)
My in-laws have the most amazing view of the Pudget Sound from their backyard. Conner loves to take pictures of the sun set. Everynight it is different and they are all so dang pretty.
When we returned back to Logan (for real this time) we didn't have ANY food in our house. So we went on a BIG shopping trip and spent over 3 hours in Smith's. This was the outcome of that...
Nixon is at the stage where he ALWAYS has to be entertained. It sometimes makes it difficult to get stuff done without him crying for attention. We may be weird, but we have found that he really likes to be oustide. This is as close as he can get to outside and still have parental supervision! haha
Nixon recently learned how to roll from his back to his tummy which I think I may have mentioned before. Here are some pics to prove it! :)
Nixon on his FIVE MONTH mile marker!
We love our friends here in Logan! All but one of the couples will be leaving this year :( I hope so badly that we will always stay close to them! We had a few couples come over for pizza and games. Kendra and Sterling left before our pictures...but they were there!
Is it okay that our 5 month old baby is already watching movies? He hasn't told me yet but I really do think he might love it!
Since I didn't get pics of Nixon in his blessing outfit on his actual blessing day we did it today instead. Hopefully I will get some professional pictures in his blessing outfit before he grows out of it but I thought it would be nice to take a few myself.
Today we did what we always do on Sundays in Nephi, eat drink and be merry! My mom's family was camping as well, so the Morgan's did make a typical token appearance! (We aren't much into camping like the rest of the bunch...I don't know what happened with us!)
Well that is that!! We finally got our computer fixed and we are getting the internet this week so I will be able to post at my house now! That will save you all from reading mile long posts!! Hope all is well!
Happy Labor Day! :o)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Have You Ever...

Gen-ius (Nixon)
a person having an extrodinarly high intelligence rating on a psychological test, as an IQ about 140.

Have you ever known for a FACT that your baby must be a genius? This past week I have been talking a lot with my little boy and he has had is mommy convinced that he is indeed a genius. For example, we were sitting on the couch talking to each other and I started sticking out my tongue while blabbin away. (Hopefully you have the right image in your head) Anyways...I was caught by suprise when I noticed my baby doing the exact same thing I was!!! I was lovin it! He was so cute copying his mama!! I have been working on the little babble/motor boat/vibrate your lips thing (Don't know the actual name) and bless his little heart he is trying SO hard to do it. He doesn't have it exact but he is pretty darn close. So once again, there is my second reason for claiming my baby as a genius. By this point I'm about ready to call up the Guinness Book of World Record to report the newest edition Nixon Conner Edwards!!!
Right before I picked up the phone I started surfing the world wide web when I came across a Gerber website. This particular site told me all of sorts of things such as "Your Baby's Growth", "Exploring and Growth", and most importantly "This Month Your Baby May Be".....As I was going through the list I was checking off all of the things may baby has accomplished thus far in his life. Reaching accurately for an object-CHECK, roll from stomach to back- CHECK, hold head steady when sitting upright-CHECK, sit alone for a few minutes-CHECK (as of today!!! Yay Nixon!!) mimic sounds and gestures- CHECK. WAIT!! WHAT??? Mimic sounds and gestures? This must mean that my genius of a baby is doing something that is "normal" for 5 month old babies. Aww Shucks!
Even though Nixon may not be making the Guinness Book of World Record (not yet at least) I am still a VERY proud mommy and will always think my handsome little devil is a genius!
It is crazy to think of how much he has learned from when he was just a tiny little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. Today I sat him on the grass thinking he'd just topple right to the side. Instead he just sat, and sat, and sat! Until he realized he was sitting on grass...which he didn't like very much. I am so excited with all of the fun changes our baby is making but it is a little sad due to the fact that he is growing so dang fast. I just need to remember to cherish EVERY moment and take lots of pictures!! (speaking of pictures I'll put some on my blog on Saturday)

Where Is Everyone?!

It seems like ever since I have started working and spending my shifts blog surfing that people have been slackin at updating their blogs! I've been going down my list and I see very little "4 hours ago" or even "1 day ago". However I am seeing a lot of "3 weeks ago" "4 months ago". COME ON PEOPLE!!! Blog surfing IS basically my new profession. Without your updates I don't know what is going to happen to me when I am working. I NEED TO READ ABOUT YOUR LIVES!!! So please oh pretty please...UPDATE!!! Love you all! :)