Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We spent our Easter weekend in Nephi with the Morgan clan. Easter is always at the very top of my list for favorite holidays!

We all got together Saturday morning for breakfast and to color eggs. Nixon loved the egg coloring. His choice of color was green and it was hard trying to steer him into a direction. We ended up with a lot of GREEN CRACKED eggs! At least he had a good time!

Sunday morning my dad woke Conner and I up to tell us to step up with the 'parent/easter bunny role' and  hide Nixon's basket and eggs. (I guess we were enjoying sleeping in too much knowing that Nixon was well taken care of by grandma & bampa!) Anyways, I got his basket ready and put out some plastic eggs. I thought of putting candy in the eggs but then I figured Nixon is still too young and new at this to know the eggs open to what would typically be CANDY. Well, when Nixon started his hunt the very FIRST thing he did when he found an egg was opened it to see what was inside. I got a lot of grief from my dad and Conner, so Nixon went back upstairs so we could fill the eggs up! I guess I am learning as I go! Round two was a lot better for the kid, the first thing he did when he found an egg was dumped the candy in his bucket and gave the eggs to Grandma to 'throw away'.
(Yes, I am well aware his bucket is PINK, it was suppose to be the blue one but I couldn't get everything to fit! Good thing he is behind on his colors!)

Out of everything he got, the only thing he was really interested in was the $1 bubbles. Nice.  

After church my parents had their hunt for Easter baskets. Nixon and BARBIE found his basket. It was in the exact same spot as it was last year!

NIXON LOVES LOVES LOVES HELMETS! We didn't see his head for an hour or so after that! I even have to hide it or I know we really WOULDN'T see his head!

Next up was the big Easter egg hunt at Pooper & Papa's. There is no messing around at this hunt...it is all serious go time!

Our newest favorite game is egg knocking. Conner and I both made it to the championship round, where Conner beat me!

We had such a fun weekend with our family doing some of our most favorite traditions! Thank you familia for making Easter such a fun holiday as always! XOXO

Monday, April 25, 2011

Super cute boy award goes to....


I LOVE this picture! He looks like such a big boy to me! He was watching Thomas while waiting for his food to cook!

Baby Animal Days

Each spring in Logan they have a weekend event called Baby Animal Days. This year the weather decided it wasn't quite ready for spring, so it decided to snow and rain for a few days straight. Because of that, Baby Animal Days was extended an we were able to go! We weren't able to go until later in the evening, so almost everything was put away. BOO! Luckily for Nixon the only thing he cared about anyways was riding the CHOO CHOO! He was very content riding it again and again! In fact we ended up having to carry a crying baby to the car because all he wanted was that darn choo choo! ( He's got such mean parents!) Nixon was mesmerized by the animals for a few short seconds each, and then he was ready to climb back on board to the choo choo! He even got to blow the whistle which I think he thought was pretty dang cool!

Friday, April 15, 2011


While in Nephi, we got into a 'grownup' conversation and lost track of what the little guy might be up to. I have Nixon and Ellie being two little monkeys jumping on Grandma's bed!

The kids all wanted a late night bowl of cereal, so my mom poured them each a bowl. Nixon was freaking out about something and no one was quite sure WHAT he wanted. After a few minutes of trying different things we realized he wanted his cereal WITHOUT the cereal. Milk only please!

Nixon is so lucky to have his little girly friend Gemma over to play with him a few days a week. Whenever she is not here I feel bad for the poor kid because he seems so lonely! He definitely LOVES Gemma, that's for sure!

There is two things Nixon seems to always be asking for these days, to go swimming or for ice cream. If we are driving down main street he knows where the ice cream places are because he will always start shouting "Ice Cream!". He also LOVES to swim, and the bathtub just doesn't cut it! Although, he is getting quite brave in the tub now and will lay on his back because he thinks he is swimming. (Mom, you'd be proud you back swimmer you!) Luckily for the cold winter months, (wait this is spring isn't it?) our gym has an indoor pool. The only bad thing is that the only thing Nixon wants to do the ENTIRE time we are swimming is shoot the ball in the basket. This requires Conner to lift him up over and over...and over seems how I am just not quite capable of that!

Yesterday I finally bucked up and faced the chilly weather that winter has left us and took Nixon on a little walk. I hate being cold. Period. So our walk was a quick stroll through the neighborhood and back home we went. I am getting so anxious for summer as is the rest of us I am sure! I am so ready to be outside more rather than being cooped up in our home all day everyday. It gets B.O.R.I.N.G! As for Nixon's hat, he insisted on wearing it that way...What Nixon wants, Nixon gets! ha!

A couple of days ago I put Nixon down for his nap, he cried for a good 15-20 minutes.  Most of the time he does well going right down, but sometimes he has he days where he fights it! I went up to his room because I thought maybe he would lay down in my bed and sleep with me. (This has never been done in nap time history). When I walked into his room I knew right away why he was crying instead of sleeping. He pooped. I felt AWFUL!!!! I changed his bum and got our big cozy blanket out and laid on the bed with him. Not more than two minutes later he was out cold. I felt SO bad that I just assumed he was being a stink because he didn't want to sleep, when really he was so extremely tired and all he wanted was a clean bum!! It broke my heart! At least we made history and took a nap together afterwords...that was fun! ;)

Now to leave with a bit more happier note...When I put Nixon down to bed at night (or for his nap) he will say, "arm". Now let me translate so you can understand, "arm" means "Fold your arms so we can pray!". Got it? Nixon now has his own little prayer that he will say every time with a few changes here and there. It makes me so happy! It is crazy how a 2 year old can be such a good example to us in our home. When we sit down to eat he will do the same thing, "arm!". :)
This is how his prayer usually goes, (in a Nixon voice of course)
"Heavenly father, day (thank you for this day), home (thank you for our home), daddy (Thank you for daddy), temple (thank you for the temple), Luke, 'nanner, Ellie, Bampa, Grandma, Pooper, Papa, 'Adden, 'inzy, 'ars, AMEN!"
Then he will yell..."KISS!" and ask for me to kiss him "gin (again)" over and over until I finally just have to call it quits and say goodnight to my sweet little baby boy!!