Saturday, June 30, 2012


The day after we drove home from California my mom flew with me and the kids to my new home land of Round Rock (Austin), Texas. It was SO nice having my mom on the plane with my and at the airport to help with the kids! It was also very nice to have my mom here in Texas with me the first little bit to get adjusted, unpack, and decorate the house. We also did a lot of fun site seeing while she was here too! I am excited for them to come back!! Honestly, I thought it would be a lot harder living away from home than it has been. When my mom left I had quite a few breakdowns (so did Nixon...and Conner even had one too! haha) However, now I feel like I have adjusted and I can truly say that I love it here and I hope and pray it stays that way!

Sea World

Our last stop on our vacation was a drive to San Diego for a day at Sea World. It was a good day, and I think Nixon had fun seeing all of the fish and things. Conner was definitely in the ZONE and loving every minute of it! haha (I prefer Disneyland any day BUT it was a good and fun change!)

Disneyland Day 2 & 3

The Mickey/Minnie family! haha! 

Adelyn on her 3 month birthday! 

Day 3-

These next pictures totally tell a store of these three crazy birds!!! They are always fighting over dumb things one minute and the next happy as can be! At this particular time Madden wanted to pull Nixon's shirt, and Nixon didn't want him Nixon was running trying to get away from Madden while Madden was crying because he wanted to pull on Nixon's shirt! It was hilarious! Instead of solving the problem we all just stood back and watched them duke it out while laughing our heads off! After they were over that, they all started playing ring around the rosies. When they all fell down, they laid on Madden....Nixon wouldn't get off of Madden and the drama started back up once again. I tell you it is a continuous cycle...luckily in the end they always still love each other! :)

The one ride Nixon would always talk about weeks before we went to Disneyland was the car ride. AKA autopia. He would always ask what color he is going to be and which color we were going to be...His first time on it was with Bampa. When they got back to the beginning and was suppose to park the car and get out, my dad just kept on going for a second round without stopping! Nixon was one happy kid! The second night when we went, the line was HUGE! We just did a sneaky little thing through the exit and Nixon and his daddy hoped right on! Anything for the boy ;)