Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Two years went by pretty darn fast (in my opinion anyways)... we are so glad to have Uncle Austin back and we are also so very proud of the sacrifice that he made to give up two years to serve the Lord. He is a great example to us all! Nixon sure did LOVE playing with him while we were in Seattle! Love you Austin!


We took Nixon bowling for his first 'official' real time. He has gone a few times but has never bowled. He loved it! Sad to say that my two year old smoked me!!! he was in the triple digits while I was just breaking 50 or so points! YIKES!

Kay Christmas Party 2011

From year to year nothing much really changes at the Kay Family Christmas Party! The kids run around playing, the adults sit and talk, we eat, maybe play a few games, Santa comes, then it is goodbye until the next year! The funny thing is that it is suppose to be a 'reunion' where we mingle with my moms extended family, however it always seems like we stick to our own family (my mom's sisters). BUT it is tradition and I am all about tradition! ;)

Christmas Lights

Nephi has been stepping it up as far as the Christmas decor goes. My dad wanted us to take the kids to go see all of the lights. Not sure if they were more interested in looking at the lights or being out side and chasing each other around! Either way, it was a nice little outing!


It is safe to say that my dad LOVES LOVES LOVES his grand kids, and it is plenty obvious that all of the grand kids feel the exact same!!!

Christmas Craft for "Damma & Dampa"

I have a lot of extra felt lying around, so I decided it would be fun for Nixon to do something with it. I got the tree and ornaments cut and ready for him to glue on and he took over from there! He was one proud little fella! He even had to call Dampa to tell him & SHOW him the tree he made! 


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nephi Light Parade

They started a little small town tradition of a light parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is our third time joining in on the festivities. By the end of the parade all of the kids were sitting in the warm car watching while the adults were on the side of the road freezing. typical.


This year we had Thanksgiving at the Mortezazadeh household! It was my very first time ever attempting to make pies. I have to say as stressful as it was (and the disaster it made my kitchen) I was quiet pleased with out they turned out. I actually felt like a 'grown-up' showing up to dinner with something to contribute! My aunt always does such a great job hosting us and makes it so memorable and fun! The food was great and being with family was better! It was over all a wonderful holiday. 
I had been preparing two weeks previous for black friday, mapping out my game plan, and even picture coding what I need and where to get it. I got a lot of laughs at how 'organized' I was, but it worked worked! I took off some things on my 'picture coded' list and added a few others but all together it worked out great. I just have one complaint, I am not a fan of Black Friday turning into black THURSDAY! We can't even enjoy the dang holiday when sales start at 9 PM!!!! Nixon left to Nephi with my dad so my grandma could babysit him and it was off to the stores we went. Not sure if the actual savings of black friday is what makes it worth it or else the fun and memories that we always have with my aunts, cousins, sisters, mom, and grandma! I just LOVE traditions! haha!

I only took TWO pictures of our thanksgiving holiday!


We had a little bit of snow a few weeks ago and Nixon was extatic! He could NOT wait for his daddy to get home so he could go play in the 'snowing'. There wasn't much snow, but we still got his coat on so he could make his little self happy!!

Not too long after we got A LOT of snow. It snowed ALL DAY LONG. Nixon once again was SO excited to go play in it! I had some Relief Society meetings but when I came home I walked outside to Nixon sitting on top of his big snowman saying, "I'm really cold mommy!" Conner said he refused to have his gloves on which obviously resulted to a very cold little boy! Once he got in the house and wrapped up in a blanket he soon got down and said, "my hands all better mommy!!!"