Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pioneer Dress Update

Nixon and I spent an entire week in Nephi without our daddy...this I will post about but FIRST just thought I'd give everyone one more BIG laugh....
While we were in Nephi we celebrated Pioneer Day with all my family. Well, if you read my post a few weeks ago about the whole pioneer dress/measurements thing, then you will appreciate what is coming!
During the parade I just sat on the grass with Nixon and all the little cousins, thinking that all the aunts & my mom was behind me on the chairs. As I was watching the parade I noticed 5 ladies walking through dress in...PIONEER DRESSES! Those five ladies just happened to be my mom and aunts. They walked in the parade, all dressed up just because of what Conner and I started with my Aunt Kristy. It was SO funny! I'm not sure why I am so gosh dang hormonal but it also made me cry...I just thought it was THAT sweet! :) 
*Love you guys crack me up! Love ya!!

He Makes Me Smile!

Since I have now made my first year of blogging into a book, I'm really going to start *trying* to record anything I think I should about things going on in our lives, especially Nixon's. I STILL don't have my camera fixed to download pics on our computer (crossing my fingers I will do that TODAY!). Anyways, Nixon did a couple of cute things yesterday that I just thought were worth remembering!

*Yesterday afternoon we took Nixon's Mickey train back over to the river trail for him to push around. It has been blasted hot and Nixon and I both were aware of that with our red sweaty faces. Nixon was pushing his train good at the beginning and then motioned for me to come over to him  and pick up his train. I carried his train and when we hit the shade he wanted me to put the train down. He continued to push it until we got back into a sunny part. He only liked pushing when he was in the shade! Who could blame him! I just thought it was pretty funny because I didn't think he would really notice the difference! 

*Last night before putting Nixon to bed he was sitting on my lap as I was reading him a book. He sat up in the middle of the book, grabbed my finger and with his other hand he pointed to his bed and said, "Nigh nigh". I guess he just couldn't wait for the book to be over because he REALLY wanted to go nigh nigh!! I think I am lucky to have a baby who literally asks to go nigh nigh for both naps and bedtime. Once he is put in his crib he giggles and is SO excited!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boating At Lake Tapps

My sister-in-law Jamie took some great pictures of Conner wake boarding and his biggest fan, Nixon!! I betcha I can tell who's shoes Nixon is going to follow in! 

This is my FAVORITE picture of Nixon. He just leaned up against the back of the boat watching his daddy the entire time. Each time Conner did a trick he would raise his arms and cheer!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Summer Adventures...

After our trip to Seattle we had a lot going on which I have failed to update about, so prepare yourself now for another 'Kylee long post'!

*LiFe In LoGaN*
My grandparents bought Nixon this Mickey train for his 1st birthday, and he LOVES it. He gets a good amount of excersice by pushing that thing around outside. The other day we just watched to see where he would go and he walked over to the Logan River Trail all by himself (with us keeping an eye on him of course!) We decided to let him push his choo choo down the trail. When we got back home and took him in the house we had to pry his hands from the choo choo and once we were inside he was one VERY unhappy camper!

We invited some friends from our ward, Jordan & Candice Livingston, to play bocce with us at the park! Nixon was really wanting to play with our balls the whole time which made it pretty hard for us. Once we locked him in his stroller and gave him some grapes he was mighty content!After bocce they came over to our house to play...SETTLERS and to eat...Banana Cream Pie! :)

We got passes to our city pool and everytime we have gone it is always all three of us. Now that Conner is working it is a lot harder to find time besides on Saturdays. Since we have the pass and Nixon and I love to swim we decided to go to the pool alone. I was nervous, but now I don't know why. He is so easy at the pool and just stays in the kiddy part the entire time splashing and playing with his water toys. But...I think Nixon and I would both agree that we have a lot more fun when Daddy is with us!

We live only a couple minutes away from three parks and a little petting zoo which Nixon loves! It is a great way to spend our time outside. Logan is filled with parks all over the place and I remembered going to a park with Luke when my sister lived in Logan. We sat out for an adventure to find THAT park, and that we did!

If the Edwards' are in town on Tuesdays, then you will ALWAYS find us at Cafe Rio. Why? Well because of Taco Tuesday of course! Every Tuesday, tacos are only $1.50. We are all for that! Nixon loves to eat the tortillas too, so it is a win win situation for all of us!

*To Nephi We Go!*
Since it was the Ute Stampede weekend Nixon and I head down to Nephi to spend the weekend with the fam. (Conner had to work and ended up being able to come down Thursday night) We always have so much fun when we come to Nephi playing with cousins or just chillin' in the backyard!

Nixon playing in Grandma and Bampa's backyard...

Thursday night Horse Parade and Rodeo!
I was worried about how Nixon would do at the rodeo seems how he would have to sit still for a good 2+ hours. He ended up doing such a great job and sat on my lap watching most of the time! He sat on Kameron's lap during the motorcylces, which he LOVED! He was in awe with it the entire time!

Friday was Conner's 23rd b-day! All he wanted was to sleep in, but that doesn't ever happen when we are in Nephi because we are always going going going! Especially during the Stampede!
We woke up early to go golfing with Kaydee and Launey which was so much fun! It was my first time offically golfing and it was a lot better than I had imagined. My very first drive the metal part on the end of the club flew off! haha it was funny! After that things settled down and even though I am not good AT all I still suprised myself with a few lucky swings. (is that what you call it...swings...or hits...or wacks?)
I came home to a pleasant suprise! Nixon decided to take his diaper off during his nap!
We continued our day with the parade, dinner, taking the kids to the carnival, and having birthday cake for Conner and Papa who both share the same birthday. When we got back to my parents we had to get things packed and ready for our next adventure....
*Back to Seattle!*
We flew back to Seattle on Saturday the 17th. Nixon hadn't flown since Thanksgiving so I was thinking it was going to be a nightmare. It wasn't easy, but wasn't as bad as it could have been either. I packed 2 bags full of stuff to entertain him but everything only last a few seconds. Needless to say, we made it!
We spent this time with our cousins Tyler and Karleen who flew in from Indiana. On Saturday we spent most of the day at the lake house, had midnight pizza, and played what we have been waiting for...SETTLERS!
Sunday, we drove to Portland, Oregon to watch Ricks race. He did great and took 2nd place! Nixon had fun watching it too!
We spent the rest of our time either at the lake house, shopping, or at the Mariners game. It was a great trip and we were SO glad to have spent time with Tyler and Karleen!

Nixon really only liked the boat IF he could sit on his Daddy's lap and help drive. If that's where he was at, then he was happy! You could tell he really wanted to get out in the water, especially when he saw Daddy wakeboarding. We took him on the tube and I thought for sure it would scare him...I was wrong! He LOVED it! He even cried when the boat stopped and we headed back to the house. I'm pretty sure he is going to be just like his daddy when it comes to boating and wakeboarding!
I did pretty bad with my camera on this trip, so I don't have many pictures to show of all the boating. Jamie took some AWESOME pictures of Conner wakeboarding...I don't have those with me but I did take a few videos. Hopefully I can get them to download on here!

Rick's race...
I can usually get a game ball from the umpire once the game is over, but he past me up this time and I was a bit bummed. I called over the White Sox bat boy, Oscar, to go get me a ball which he did. When he gave me it he said "I better see you here tomorrow" AWKWARD! haha

Well that has been what is going on with us lately! We have had such a great summer and we are not looking forward to school starting! I guess life goes on right?