Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lettin' the wiggles out!

A few weeks ago we actually had a day of semi good weather! (We are longing for that day once again) Nixon, Gemma, and myself were a little tired of being trapped in the house, so I decided we'd go on a walk on the river trail right next to our house. They were excited, and I was also excited to get out!! We had a good little walk for the most part. Every dog that passed us (which was A LOT) the two kidlets would go crazy!! The walk was great until we had to turn around and come back. They both were tired and wanted to be held. After all their two tiny legs had just walked 1/2 mile or more. Needless to say it was a bit difficult getting back home with two crying babies who both wanted to be held!
Today is May 24 and it is still rainy and chilly outside. I have a two year old little boy (and a mommy) who is in dire need of going outside to play at the park, swim, go for walks, and just run around! So please Mr. Sunshine....head our way! We miss you!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

While we were away, Nixon got to play....

My Sweet cousin Talysha watched Nixon one of the days we were on our cruise. I just saw that she posted about it!! Thanks Talysha for all your help! You are awesome:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

We made a decision, AND........

We be goin' private!!!
Never thought that I would, BUT...I am! My mom put a counter on my blog which makes me super happy to see that people are looking at my blog!! On the downside, it is kinda creepy at the same sense! Since my last cruise post I have had over 200 views (in just two days). Like I said, I absoultely love for people to read my blog because not only am I doing it for my own personal self, I am also doing it for other friends and family to see what's up w/ the Edwards'! So with that being said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to send me your email if you read my blog! Even if I don't REALLY know you all that well and you still read my blog, SEND ME YOUR EMAIL!! Maybe that way I can see what blogs I am missing out on viewing too! ;) My blog is kinda crazy and won't allow some people to post comments. SO, either try to comment your email address, email me your address at kyleemorgan@hotmail.com, or let me know your email on facebook!! THANKS GUYS!!!
oh and ps. I'll be going private one week from TODAY! May 23rd! 

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Conner and I were fortunate enough to go on a VACATION! We went on the Western Caribbean cruise and had such an amazing time. We still can't stop talking about it and we are a little sad that it has already come and gone! We had such a great time together relaxing and being in perfect summer weather! Here is a bit from our trip...

We left for Tampa, Florida early Friday morning. We thought the earlier we got to Tampa the better, so we would have time to get out and do things! Well, the hotel we stayed in (Intercontinental) wasn't close to anything too spectacular besides a mall. We ended up taking a nap, working out, walking through the mall, and somehow Conner talked me into going to Chipotle!

The next morning we walked to Panera Bread for breakfast and then got on the shuttle to head to the port. We spent the remaining part of our vacation basking in the sun, eating, swimming, eating, going to shows, playing, relaxing, and eating!!! It was WONDERFUL!!!!

We had to pass this bridge and there was only 6ft between the ship and the bridge!

Day @ Sea-

Conner had to get a picture with Mr. Captain himself!

Our favorite comedian, Angelo Tsarouchas.

Shorty got low low low....(Our waiter bustin' a move!)

The only funny part is that CONNER was the one to order the special Mother's Day dessert! :)

Conner spent a good amount of time each night in this very position. He loved looking out at the water!

Cayman Island-
Our favorite port was Grand Cayman. We had our own private jet ski tour! We went to star fish beach, stingray city, snorkeled, and just played in the ocean on the jet ski! Conner absoultely loved it and so did I! We both agree that swimming with the sting rays had to be the scariest (at the beginning) and coolest thing we both have ever done! It was such a great place, we LOVED the environment and everything about Grand Cayman. 

COZUMEL- Although this was also a fun place, you could definitely tell that you were in Mexico the second you got off the ship! We had people hootin and hollering like crazy trying to get our business! We ended up spending the day at Paradise Beach. It was such a clean and beautiful area! There was a fresh water pool, beach access, food, toys, and SUN! Conner played Frisbee with some of the workers for awhile, swam in the ocean, at lunch, swam in the pool, and laid out in the sun! Great time in Mexico! :)

Day @ Sea-

Eventually the fun had to come to an end. We had a day FULL of flying when returning home. We had a stop in Kansas City and from there flew all the way to SEATTLE! Since Conner's family is only 15-20 minutes away from the Seattle airport, it was KILLING him that he was so close to home but couldn't get off the plane! If we didn't have Nixon waiting for us back in Utah then we were quite willing to get off the plane and try to catch another flight later that night!
Conner stared out the window at his home town searching for his house...

We were SO tried of our 10 hours of flying and way to anxious to get home to reunite with our baby!!

The only thing that made it worth coming home from our trip was seeing our little fella! He was at my Aunt Kristy's house waiting for us to pick him up. Nixon stayed with my parents for the week and my mom told me whenever he was sad he would say, "I want Mommy, I want Daddy, I want boat!" As soon as we opened the door and he spotted us he had the biggest smile I had ever seen! He immediately ran to us yelling "mommy" and "daddy" over and over! He was jumping up and down which I thought was so stinkin' cute! I couldn't help but start to cry the second I saw his happy little face! He wouldn't leave my sight the rest of the night...and I didn't want to leave his either!

 We had one of the best weeks so far of our marriage! I am so grateful that Conner and I are able to have such a fun time with each other! The vacation has come and gone and the only thing we have left is the memories....that and also looking at my face coming OFF! Yep, that's right. It is awful! :( I think I FINALLY learned my lesson and from this point forward I will now be a sunscreen wearer!