Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Wrap Up

Am I really titling my post that?
I could have sworn that summer was just around the corner,
and we were SO excited for the break.
I don't even remember having a break.
How could it come and go so darn quickly? 

A couple of weeks ago our home teachers invited us over for a BBQ. After we ate we played a game of Frisbee Golf which by the way I SUCK at! It was a fun night and nice to get to know our ward members better. The only embarrassing part was that Nixon started choking and I started bawling. That's normal...right? ;)

Conner and I LOVE yummy (greasy) American food. One of our favorite (well our only favorite) place here in Logan that we like to go to for burgers & fries is La Beaus. Nixon likes his grilled cheese but thinks he has to eat it with a fork. What a goober. He also refuses to drink out of his sippy cup if we have a drink on the table. The funny picture of Conner was when he was getting after me for snapping so many pictures! =]

Nixon has been getting better at being more independent and being able to play without me right by his side. He has even left the room to go to his room, or down stairs a time or two by himself which is a HUGE shocker! I was able to make dinner and let him play by me, without any whining and it was *bliss*. But the things he does to keep entertained sure do make me laugh! He's a goof ball!

We waste way too much water at our house. Really, it is disgusting. Nixon has to take his bath with the water running the entire time so he can play in it. By the time he is done bathing, the water is FREEZING and his lips are blue. I'm too much of a softy to turn the water off and have him cry it off for a couple of minutes. I just like when he is happy! Question. When do you moms find time to take a shower/bath? If I take a shower while Nixon is awake, then he just freaks out and tries to climb in the shower. So now what we do is...start the bath and he plays until it gets a good amount of water in it, then I climb in and turn on the shower. He plays with his toys until I am done (washing him too). When I am done I'll get out and turn the bath water back on and he sits in the tub and plays why I get ready. It works out rather nice. But, what do YOU do? 

We have a weakness. Spoon Me. Yes the cuddling kind, but that isn't what I am talking about. I am talking about Spoon Me the FROZEN YOGURT kind. The only bad thing is that it is pretty pricey...so we usually have to limit ourselves to going once a week. Thursday August the 26th was a very special day for Spoon Me and I. It was KYLEE day. Yep, that is right...Kylee. It is such a coincidence that my name just so happens to be Kylee too, so because of that I got a FREE spoon me. Oh how I LOVE free.
On a much cheaper yet refreshing note we also love snow cones! But it has to be the good kind. You know, with ice cream at the bottom and half & half drizzled on top. We love it so much that we strongly dislike sharing. This is a problem because the little guy that always tags along with us does not like when we have a snow cone in our hands and we don't give him at least half the cup. Ugh...it is annoying! One of us always has to sit in the back seat to share. Well, that's how it USE to be anyways. Up until I have the most brilliant idea I've ever come up with! We ordered Nixon his very own snow cone, flavorless of course. Due to his small sized noggin he was unable to figure that part out. He was thrilled to have his own, and of course WE were thrilled to have our own. Why couldn't we have thought of this sooner?

Speakin of that little handsome devil, don't you just want to LOVE him! I know I do. :)

Last week I got a text from my lovely sister in-law that you all know as Linzy. She asked what our plans were, and once I told her she said her and my brother were wanting to come stay with us in Logan. It was the happiest news! We were so excited to have them come stay with us!! They even had me try and actually ENJOY my first sushi roll! Thanks for coming guys, you are always welcomed! :)

Speakin' of visitors...it didn't stop there! Since my dad coaches Juab hs football and there was a game in N. Summit we decided to make the trip there to watch the game. It was very rainy, but still a lot of fun...especially with a big WIN. Nixon sat with my mom most of the game, but he kept spotting my dad on the field and would say "Bampa" and try to wiggle his way out of Grandma's arms to make his way to Bampa. It was pretty cute! After the game my parents and nephews (Luke & Tanner) came followed us home to Logan. We always get so excited when we get visitors. We sure kept busy between playing on the river walk, playing the wii, painting, swimming, bowling, and eating! It was a fun weekend and we were sure glad to have them. Conner and I spoke in sacrament that Sunday, so it was nice to have them in our visit our ward...especially to help with Nixon while we talked. 

 Nixon was so-o pooped when we got home. There is something so precious about a sleeping baby. It always puts a huge smile on my  face.

I put a little "back to school" gift together for my nephews...the were excited about it for the first 3 minutes, then on to the Wii they went!
It is so nice having the river trail right by my house, what are we ever going to do when it starts getting cold again?

Speaking of cold weather, this was the last swim of the summer we were able to get in before it got TOO cold. It was nice having my family here to go with us and help us use up the rest of our punch passes! Luke braved the steep slide, so Bampa took us bowling and for shakes afterwords! Mr. Nixer LOVES swimming. He is our little fish! He likes to go under water, but it is usually for a split second. This time they put him under until his feet touched the bottom of the pool, he always came out with a huge smile. Luckily we have a membership at sports academy so we can still take him swimming in the indoor pool, he just has way to much fun to have it stop now!

Friday, August 20, 2010

All About NIXON!

I have a problem with comparing Nixon to other babies. "This baby says Mississippi...should Nixon be saying that?" You know...stuff like that. Although he is not going to be winning the spelling or speaking at General Conference anytime soon, I think he is sure coming a long.  I am trying to not compare him so much and I really do realize every baby does things at their own pace. Right?
Well, I thought I would officially document the words that Nixon can say. It may not be clear to you, but I've got special ears. I KNOW what he is saying. We even hold hour long conversations...it is that good. : P

*BULIMAHHHH ("Mommy...you look SO pretty today)
*MUAHPSRAD ("Mommy...can I please have chicken nuggets, strawberries, and juice for lunch? Thank you. Ps. I love you!")

Okay okay....now for real. ( I will spell them correctly because if I try to spell them how he SAYS them...it might be a bit difficult for both ME and YOU.)

  • MAMA
  • DADA
  • DOG
  • BOY
  • OWIE
  • BALL
  • BOOK
  • BIKE
  • ONE, TWO, THREE (He isn't actually making those sounds, but he think he is!)
  • HI
  • BYE
  • BEEPER (His belly)
  • EYE (when he points to his eye)
  • UH OH!

Ugh I think that is all I can remember for right now....He does pretty good when we tell him to say something...most of the time he can copy us. He also understands a lot more lately. Such as...

  • Where is daddy?
  • Sit down
  • Do you want to go outside? (he'll walk to the door and try to open it)
  • Want to go swimming? (pull out his swimming suit and swim diaper)
  • Let's get in the tubbies! (walks to the bathroom)
  • You want some nummies? (Drops what he is doing and goes to the kitchen)
  • Let's go bye bye (Drops what he is doing and heads for the door)
  • Come here

Once again...that is all I can think of for now...

Nixon is a pretty good boy MOST of the time. Some of the things he does that he KNOWS he is not suppose to is...
  • Pull my hair
  • pinch (I know...17 months old and he is pinching. I have no idea how he knows to do this but it is sad! Don't worry other mommies who I see with children, he doesn't do this often)
  • Pulls my clothes off the shelves in my closet or pulls our shirts and pants off the hangers.
  • unrolls the toilet paper. This is his FAVORITE thing to do. 
  • throws things that he shouldn't...for example our cell phones.
  • Opens the toilet and outs things in there. YUCK!
  • Tries to grab our sunglasses off of our face.
  • Goes for the computer, dvd, remotes...anything he shouldn't!

Nixon loves...
  • riding his bike (he can do that all day!)
  • Playing outside
  • Going for walks
  • Suckers (mommy HATES them, but every time we go to the bank or Old Navy...even the gym, he ends up with a sucker in his hand. People don't even bother secertly asking me first. I put on a smile and say "Oh thank you! (NOT)" knowing I will soon have a son who is sticky from head to toe.
  • baths
  • taking clothes in and out of the washer and dryer
  • Watching Mickey Mouse Club House, Pooh, Yo Gabba Gabba, and whatever else I find that can keep him entertained.
  • He LOVES his binky. (My mom is strict about this so I have tried to do good with him not having it. My mom told me once he hits 1 it should be gone. Well thanks to her and the week Nixon stayed in Nephi his binky is no longer...EXCEPT naps, bedtime, long car rides, and restaurants. haha I AM TRYING! Since Nixon knows he can only really have his binky when he goes to bed...he will sit in his crib for a long time JUST so he can have it. I will go and get him after his nap and he will shake his head no. He honestly won't let me get him out of bed. I keep going in to get him and when he is ready he will pull his binky out and stand up and reach for me. What a nut!
  • FRUIT!! strawberries, bananas, black berries, blue berries, watermellon, grapes. He is a fruitaholic.
  • Oatmeal...each morning he has TWO packets of quaker oatmeal. He LOVES the fruit and cream flavor.
  • He loves when we get down and play with him. He laughs and laughs and has so much fun. Lately he climbs on us if we are laying down and bounces up and down. Ya, it hurts...but at least he is having fun right?!
  • He likes when I read to him at night. He will usually get a book and come sit on my lap. But if he decides he is tired while I am reading he will close the book, stand up, grab his blanket, point to his bed and say "nigh nigh". :)
  • Nixon pushes his Mickey train outside, a shopping cart downstairs, and another thingy ma-jig that he can push upstairs. He LOVES pushing things. He will even try to push his stroller and shopping carts.
  • He LOVES to swim. Each time we go he truly thinks he can swim all by himself. He tries to wiggle his way out of our arms. If he is walking along the side of the pool he will sit down and climb in all by himself. It is a little scary, but he has never gone in without us there to catch him yet. He really loves it when his daddy takes him down the slide. I have a few times, but I get to scared I will flip over on him or drop him. :( 
  • He LOVES kids! Each time he sees a little kid he walks over to them and gives them the biggest hug! It is the CUTEST thing. I hope other parents don't mind.
  • Nixon loves to whine. He whines and whines and whines. Most of the day he is pointing at something and whining, pulling me towards something and whining. He just plain out WHINES. It is his language. He is good at it.
  • When Conner and I are eating something...Nixon ALWAYS wants what he have. We can no longer enjoy an ice cream while we are out for a drive without one of us sitting in the back sharing with him. 
  • He loves BALLS and think that if something is round then it is a ball. A watermellon...BALL BALL BALL!!! If we are at a store and he sees a ball, he goes CRAZY until it is in his hands. We were at the Gap the other day and there was a basket full of balls. I was busy looking at clothes and my sweet husband was in lala land (Conner? No...) Anyways, I look over to find Nixon throwing everyone of those balls OUT of the gap into the main hall part of the mall. There I was chasing down 10 balls and not doing it quick enough. As soon as I had a ball in the basket before I turned around it was back out in the hall. Oh joy! 
  • Nixon LOVES going to the park. Mostly swinging. He will swing from sun up to sun down. If only his mommy would let him.
  • He loves to push around his cars saying, "vroom...vroom"
  • Whenever we take a shower he CRIES until he can get in with us. So, almost every time we are showering he is sitting in the tub playing!
  • He thinks he can eat ALL by himself...which pretty much he can. He has to eat with a fork. He does pretty well with it. If I put food in front of him without a fork he throws up his arms and whines until I get him a fork. Yesterday I gave him banana pieces, and he went to grab it with his finger...he didn't like the mushy feeling so he had to wait until he had a fork. He also likes to drink out of our cups with a straw.
  • Nixon LOVES water bottles. If there is a water bottle in sight he HAS to have it. We were at the Willow Zoo and a lady had a water bottle in her hands...Nixon walked right over to her and tried to grab it out of her hand! 
  • He likes to stand on the couch so he can reach the light and he will turn it off & on, off & on.....
  • HE LOVES HIS BLUE BLANKIES!!!! LOVES LOVES LOVES them. I have three now that are all pretty similar because that way I can keep them clean better. But he knows there is three and likes to have all three whenever he can. He first got the "original" blanket from his Uncle Karson & Aunt Linzy when they visited him in the hospital.
  • Nixon LOVES to be tickled! He has the cutest giggle in the world. However, when Conner is tickling me or popping my toes (so I am making a loud noise or screaming) he will get the biggest frown on his face and start crying. It is so cute because it is almost like he is trying to protect me!
  • He does pretty well with car rides, but something fun that he has done lately is whenever we arrive to where ever we may be going and start the car he will throw up his arms and say "YEA!!!"

Needless to say Nixon has been such a fun addition to our family and ALWAYS keeping us on our toes. 
He is at such a fun age where he is learning new things everyday.
He makes me laugh ALL the time.   
I am so excited to see the changes Nixon continues to make in his growth, but at the same time it makes me so sad that he changes so quickly and is always going from one stage to the next. 
We love him like crazy and could not imagine our lives without him. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Clouds in the Sky

We had a disgusting start to the day today. By that I mean we slept in WAY too long. Too long to the point where I really am disgusted! Conner left at 8 and I know I should have woken up, but Nixon wasn't awake so to me that is a great excuse for me to keep sleeping. I think Nixon slept for a super long time BECAUSE he was truly exhausted...and maybe a little cozy too! Yesterday we had a pretty busy day. It was Conner's day off so him and I went to the temple while Nixon stayed and played with my friend Joni. He didn't have a long nap either (one of the reasons he was tired). After the temple we all went straight to the pool and swam for a few hours. Nixon honestly LOVES swimming ( another reason why he was tired). Nixon believes that he can swim on his own and tries to wiggle out of our arms so he can take off. Sometimes I just want to let him go just to see if he really can swim...but I don't dare. After the swimming pool we came home to shower and headed to Macey's (driving the cart may be an exhausting thing for a baby) to buy LOTS of fruit. Lately fruit and dip is our new obsession and we seem to have it nearly every night. I always think it is a healthy dessert, but I am sure we easily make it UNhealthy by all of the fruit dip that is covered on each piece. After dinner we went outside to play and blow bubbles (playing outside = tired baby). Nixon kept saying the word "bubble" which we thought was SO stinkin cute! Now for the cozy part, when I put Nixon to bed last night I put a pillow in is crib. He has never slept on a pillow before. Usually when we put him down he will talk to himself for a bit, not last night. I had Conner go look at him with the pillow 3 minutes after I put him down and he was OUT! We both agreed he was probably VERY tired....hence the reason why we slept in so disgustingly late!

I had woken up between each intermission of my dreams this morning and checked the clock. 8:34....9:06....10:28.....??:??.....AHHH! Is it REALLY that late? Each time I woke up Nixon was still sleeping, so I went back to bed. But when I woke up the last time and saw the time it made me sick. I went into his room, still sleeping. I went downstairs to make him his oatmeal. Back upstairs...and I decided okay this is pathetic, so I woke him up. When Nixon wakes up in the morning he is so happy and smiley. Today he still just seemed so tired and onery! Anyways, we had BRUNCH and when I looked outside I noticed the clouds in the sky. It was dark and gloomy. Since a lot of our day was wasted I decided I was going to do all the things Nixon loves most, go to the park and ride his bike. What better weather to do this! Usually when we go outside we are dripping sweat so I thought this was perfect. We walked to the park and in my head I was thinking it was going to be so crowded!! This park has no shade, so on sunny days it is way to hot to play here. That is why I thought there would be a lot of people taking advantage of the cloudy sky. Nope. It was just me and the little fella. Then I got thinking...hmm, I bet the good mommies have come and went HOURS ago and are already on their next fun activity. Oh well. Nixon just wanted to swing. So I pushed him for ten minutes and then took him out so he could play on the slide. He wasn't a fan, and walked right back over to the swing and whined until I put him in. I pushed. And pushed. and PUSHED. To me it felt like I was there pushing for a good 30 minutes.I thought it was so cute how Nixon just has a big smile on his face everytime. Even though he swings almost everyday and it is the same thing over, and over, and over..he still just gets such a kick out of it! He throws his head back with a huge grin and his blonde locks blow in the air.Boy oh boy he is a cutie. Well I kept pushing and really started to get tired of it. However I thought, today I am going to be a nice mommy and let Nixon swing until he WANTS to get out. SO I continued pushing....Then I got thinking of a GREAT invention. AN AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC SWING!! Can you imagine? That would honestly be the greatest invention for mommies of all kind. (Can someone get on top of that?) Well, I pushed some more and kept asking Nixon if he wanted to go bye bye. He shook his head NO each time. Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I mean literally I COULD NOT take it. The lunch bell was ringing and most importantly the bathroom was really starting to call my name. I got him out and put him in his stroller. He didn't cry or anything. In fact he just started singing and talking away. It was then that I started to realize how much he is like his daddy. When most kids should be screaming and crying he was just in his own world along for the ride! Once we made it home (and I made it to the bathroom) we grabbed some snacks and headed back outside for some bike riding. He was happy and when he is happy I am happy!

And to those of you who may be concerned...I have signed a written agreement (in my head) that I will from now on wake up when my husband leaves for work. Wish me luck.

*CAMPING* (well...kinda)
Let's back track to TUESDAY...camping day. Our friends invited us to go camping with them and while we were excited and very thankful for the invite we decided to go minus the actual camping part. They all made tin foil dinners up there, but Conner COULD NOT pass up taco Tuesday. So after we ate our tacos we headed up for the campsite. We stuck around until Nixon had had enough. I took his yucky smelly dirty clothes off and buckled him in his seat. Then I went to go get our things to put them in the car as well. I was honestly gone 4 minutes. I had come back and found a sleepy baby. We decided aww what the heck we might as well stay longer. Nixon slept in the car while we continued our many conversations around the fire. It was a fun night! Once we left we took off all of my clothes, except our G's obviously. I'm not saying this in a girly prissy kinda way but Conner and I are both not fans of dirt let a lone having dirt cover our bodies. So we used nearly 100 wet wipes to wash ourselves from head to toe...and then we were off back to our home and our cozy beds! Thanks again guys for inviting us and for the DELICIOUS smores! 

Greeting Cohen and Sailor with hugs. Nixon LOVES giving hugs.
He didn't hesitate taking off to hike the hill. Or to him...mountain.
Or to try and play in the fire...
We decided it was safest to lock him up!

Preston. Shawnie. CoCo

Jordan. Paige.

Sterling. Kendra. (and Paige =] )

Nixon dead asleep in the car...