Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend With Bampa

     The company that my dad works for (Nicholas) puts on a big food show twice a year, once in St George and the other in SLC. Conner has never been to a food show before and ever since we started dating I had been excited for him to go, but I guess we have always been too busy. My dad called us a couple of weeks ago and asked if we wanted to come down SLC for it, and we weren't going to let another year slip by us! We were even able to stay the night at the Hyatt which was super nice!

 Nixon had NO problem making himself right at home. I usually put the toliet paper and remotes where he can't get them, but this time I thought WHAT THE HECK!! I think I got a few brownie points from him for that!!

     When we got down there we went straight to the South Town Expo Center for dinner, afterwords we went swimming for a LONG time!! Our pool at the Hyatt wasn't indoors but luckily my dads hotel had an indoor pool so we headed there for the evening. We spent a good two hours in the pool! Once I realized it was 10:30 I was paranoid we would be turned in for having our son up that late swimming. When we took Nixon out of the pool he was very unhappy because he wanted to keep swimming! As soon as we got him in the car he feel right a sleep within seconds of leaving the parking lot! He totally wore himself out!

     The next day we hit up the food show! We had 300+ booths to choose from for free food. Conner was in heaven, and after we found churros and funnel cakes Nixon was in heaven too! My dad sure had a great time taking Nixon around and showing him off to all his co-workers! He was being very spoiled to say the least! I guess I got way to caught up in the food because I do not have on single picture to show for our day at the food show! Darn me!
     Conner and I was enjoying our day so much that we were not quite ready to go home, we ended up going to the Gateway and Conner had the brilliant idea of letting Nixon wander in the fountain! It was a brilliant idea until Nixon got wet...and cold....and scared! Even though our tummies were full we were able to find just enough room for the place we LOVE....The RED IGUANA! mmm....:) We stopped at Costco to get some odds and ends then back home we went! It was a great couple of days and we were very grateful for the invite!  Thanks again Dad!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

California Trip!!!

We were able to plan a getaway trip with our good friends, Ryan and Ali. It was so nice to have a little break and be with our friends as well! The downside is that it always seems that wherever we go, good weather NEVER follows. We hit WONDERFUL HOT weather in Las Vegas, but after that it was no where to be found.
We stayed our first night at Mandalay Bay. We left Nephi as early as possible so we can enjoy as much of the day that we could at Mandalay Bay Beach. We absolutely LOVED it there! It felt great to be in hot weather and be able to swim in the pools too! The boys really enjoyed the wave pool. They would NOT get out of the water!
Later that night we walked the strip and ate at the ever so famous Cheesecake Factory. I didn't lug my camera around with me so I don't have many pictures to show for it!

We left Vegas early and headed to San Diego. We stayed at the Sheraton right by the Harbor. Conner and I went to San Diego in October and stayed on Coronado so we were excited to see how we would like a new location. It was fun to experience it, but I don't think you could beat Coronado!! The day we got to SD we went to Old Town and ate FABULOUS Mexican food!! mmm...It's got my mouth watering now! :) We spent the next day doing our own thing as couples. Conner and I decided to go on the Navy ship because that was something we wish that we would have done our last time there. Let me just say, Conner was in HEAVEN!!! (I gave him the camera and we probably have a good 50 pictures that he kept snappin away at!) I thought it was pretty darn cool myself! It was all so very interesting and I am glad we went! I learned a lot and saw some pretty neat stuff! After the Navy ship we took the fairy to our most favorite place. CORONADO! There is a little diner that has the BEST chicken fried steak so we had to go back to that! We loved walking around and going to Hotel Del. It brought back so many good memories!!

After SD we were off to our new destination...HUNTINGTON BEACH! We stayed at the coolest hotel, SHOREBREAK HOTEL. It is a new hotel right on the pacific coast (directly across the street from the beach). It was in such a great location, with not so great weather! It was cold and windy the entire stay. :(  We did a lot of eating, shopping, make smores, and riding our cruisers on the beach. As for our cruisers, I'm not sure you would call them that. Our two bikes were MOUNTAIN BIKES with a basket on front. Kinda funny, but still served the purpose and was a lot of fun!

Here is some pictures of our hotel, and the view from our balcony...

Our three days in Huntington were great, but it was time to head back home. We stayed our last night in Vegas at the Mirage. We spent the time there swimming, walking the strip, losing money trying to make money :S, and eating yummy food!

It was a great trip! Maybe next time we will have better luck with the weather! But one thing is for sure, we were SO anxious and excited to get back to this little cheese ball!... :)