Sunday, July 31, 2011


My mom, sister, nephews, and nieces followed us to Logan Sunday night to stay with us for a couple of days. Nixon and I were SO happy to have them here!! (Conner too, but he worked majority of the time!) Monday was the Pioneer Day celebration at the park right by our house. We woke up had breakfast and then walked to the park to watch the parade and walk around the different booths. After, we went back home for lunch and much needed naps. Kaydee, my Mom, and myself were even able to fit in quick naps! We then went to the pool to get our swim on. Nixon had so much fun playing in the kiddie pool with Ellie. I was even impressed that the mom I am use to who would just lay on the lawn chair and not want to be bothered was actually IN the water swimming with Luke and Tanner. GLORIOUS DAY! After the pool we headed back over to the park to listen to Peter Breinholt (One of our Utah favs!). The kiddos ALL loved gettin down to the music! Nixon even performed a few new moves!! Peter Breinholt played until it was time to go set out to watch the fireworks. It was definitely a day of non-stop fun! On Tuesday we went to my favorite park which according to Nixon's bright red sweaty face and him saying, "Slide too hot!" We knew we wouldn't be lasting long there. I remember hearing about a splash pad close by my house that opened last summer, so we finally went! It was a great way for the kiddos to cool down. We went to Taco Tuesday for lunch at Cafe Rio, and then said our goodbyes. :( As soon as Nixon and I got into the house Nixon said, "Ellie coming soon?" Poor guy. We sure loved having all of the family here and miss them a lot too!!


 My one and only picture from Tuesday...

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pioneer Day Weekend

Pooper organized a mini family reunion in Nephi during the 24th weekend, so we made sure to make a trip down there. It was also the celebration in Mona for the 24th, so we made sure to hit both sides of the family! My mom was the assigned family reunion picture taker, (I didn't have my camera) so I will have to get those pictures later! We had a good time as always with all of our family and sure kept busy from they second we hit town!

Mona Pioneer Day-
Nixon and Ellie at the parade, pretty much all the 'candy' each entry would through out was popsicles!

These two were beet red from all of their hard playing!! Water was definitely a necessity!

Even though there was a lot of fun things to offer for the little guy, the only place he really WANTED to be was at the park!

Sunday Morning-

 Not to sound biased or anything, but I think for a two year old we've got a pretty good pitcher on our hands!! Nixon pitched balls to his daddy and Bampa over and over and over...

 Family dinner/ Madden's birthday party-

97 year old Grandma Morgan, still gets around better than ever!


The After Party

Nixon LOVES balloons! And sadly, Conner loves to tease Nixon. Nixon would say the balloons were his and Conner would quickly come back and say, "No, they are DADDY'S balloons!" This would upset Nixon and it would go on and on and on....Sometimes I feel like I am the parent to BOTH Conner and Nixon. Not sure why, but Conner loves to get Nixon on edge a little bit! Nixon wouldn't put down a fight, they were indeed HIS balloons! He sure did get some good use out of them for the next couple of days!!

Favorite Summer Treat

Okay, maybe it would be a lie to call this our FAVORITE summer treat, because if you know me then you know I LOVE treats!! I can name off quite a few yummy ice cream places here in Logan that would qualify as one of my favorite summer treats. BUT at least THIS favorite that I speak of only comes out to play in the summertime! SNOWCONES!!!!

 We love love love SNOWCONES! Especially with the ice cream on bottom and the cream on top! As Nixon would say, "mmm mmm mmm, SO-O good!"