Thursday, April 5, 2012

Someone needs some attention...

With all the pictures I am snapping of Addie lately, I think her big brother is starting to feel a bit left out...or that Addie is stepping on HIS grounds! Every time I whip out the camera he always wants in on the action. He use to be a stink when I wanted to take a picture of him, but now he is all about posing for that camera if it means that much more attention!

Two Weeks Old

I was always so good at taking weekly pictures of Nixon with the little sign next to him to let me know how old he is! Well, let's just say I am a slacker now days! I at least take the picture...just minus the sign! this picture Miss Addie is a whopping TWO WEEKS OLD!

Adelyn's First Swinging Experience!

Nixon was not a fan of his swing...but Adelyn is a bit different than Nixon was. She always has to be rockin, movin, or swingin to keep that girl happy!! I think the swing is a hit with that baby! (And her rock n' play....and her automatic I said, she ALWAYS has to be moving!!!)

Sleepy Boy

Lately Nixon has an obsession with "mousey". Mousey is Nixon's small stuffed mouse that he got from my mom, he has to sleep with him every night!! I love to go in at night and check on him because he always looks so sweet and loveable!!


Nixon is getting more and more independent as we speak, however somethings are a bit off. For example, while he was in the tub he insisted on washing his own hair. Awesome. Well, it would be awesome if he didn't use practically the whole bottle of conditioner to wash his hair! Forget the shampoo! haha! He's learning.....

Addie's first bath was quite the hit. She really enjoys soakin' in the tub! The only thing she doesn't like about bath time is getting OUT!

One Week Old! (Newborn Pictures)

My sister Kaydee took Adelyn's newborn pictures and they turned out so great! She got them taken when she was one week old. She sure is a little sweetie!!

First "sponge bath" at home...

My mom did the honors with Nixon's first "sponge bath" so I had to let her do Addie's too...( or maybe it is just the fact I get a little nervous with new teeny tiny babies!) Either way, I enjoy taking the pictures instead. She acted the same way that she did in the hospital...she didn't love it until she got her hair washed under the water!