Saturday, February 9, 2013


We had such an exciting new years this year...NOT! The day after Christmas I got the flu and shortly after that we were all sick with something or another for which seems like a LONG time. Because of this, we stayed home on the couch watching movies. I think I fell asleep around 10 PM but then tried my hardest to bring in the New Year with my hubby! :) I did manage to get the kids dressed up for a picture! :)

Christmas 2012!!

Christmas just keeps getting more and more fun the older Nixon gets! I love watching the joy and excitement on his face! We had such a great Christmas, we missed our family a lot, but it was still a good year!


I was walking down the hall at church when someone told me to go look in the nursery. Let me just say, Nixon's nursery teachers were AMAZING!!!!! They had a whole nativity scene going on which was SO cute! Just watching the little 3 year olds participate in that gave me such a wonderful spiritual feeling. I love the TRUE meaning of Christmas, and I love that the little kids were able to act that out! 

Christmas Eve

Since it was our first Christmas holiday all on our own, things seemed a bit weird! It was almost hard to believe it was Christmas! I missed all of the traditions I grew up with, but it was also fun to do things as our own little family as well. The Heaps' were kind enough to invite us over for dinner and to have the kids act out the Nativity. Nixon scored the role as the sheep, and Adelyn was the star of the show as baby Jesus! :) It was a fun night!