Monday, August 31, 2009

Have A Very Merry Birthday!!!

The last weekend of August is special because two people in our family our celebrating birthdays as well as the first week of September.
First, my awesome sister,Kaydee, turned a whopping 34 on the 29th of August. I cannot believe how old she is getting. She called me the other day in tears because she was searching her scalp and found 7, yes SEVEN, gray hairs!! I'm sorry sis, but you knew your day was coming! I love you no matter how much you are aging! You will always be my favorite sister! I hope you had an awesome day!! :)
Today is my wonderful dad's birthday. I looked in the dicitionary under "Worlds Best Dad" and to my suprise it said..."See George Morgan!" Way to go dad! You made the dictionary!!
My sibilings are the best and it's great to have such a loving dad who is willing to help us out in everyway possible. He has also been voted the "BEST BAMPA IN THE UNIVERSE!!" I think we have some big banquet coming up sometime next week for him to recieve is big reward. Ya pretty much my dad is the greatest!!
Lastly, my brother-in-law Launey (Kaydee's Husband) is turning 46 on Sept. 4th. You would never guess he is that age. He is still running and winning  races at the Mona Day Celebration and lifting the bocce balls without any problem at all. My sister is so very lucky to have such a caring husband who is willing to do anything he can to support her and their three beautiful kids. He has been in the family for quite sometime now and I've got to say he's really grown on me! haha. He really is an awesome brother-in-law and has always shown his love and support for me. He has been such a great help to me throughout my life.
Kaydee, Dad, and Launey I hope you all have an awesome B-day!!!

(I thought maybe I should mention that no my sister is not really 34 and has no gray hairs to be found. That sweet sister of mine is only 27 years old and is even having a hard time with that. So hopefully by my raising her age it will make her feel a little better about being 27! Also, Launey, he isn't 46 either. That would make him only 2 years younger than my father which might make that a little bit, no a LOT, nasty!! Sorry, once again I have found myself bored at work so I have to entertain myself somehow!!)
Love you!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Few Let Downs!

I'm very well aware that I just posted oh about 2 minutes ago. But you have to know that at my job I sit by myself at a desk with a computer in front of me for a whopping 6 hours. I am a little bored...and that is the reason for my next post!
As I sit here at the security desk (yes security, don't mess with me) and watch the dear patrons walk on in to the beautiful Merril-Cazier Library, I can't help but to get a few let downs. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you...In the last 30 minutes 3 couples have walked in with their cute little babies. Each baby I see I can't help but think of my baby and how much I love the little guy. And the let down? Well, lets just say I'm a walking/talking feeding machine and...the milk is coming in!! Bad thing is...forgot the nursing pad. Jacket anyone?

The Ups and Downs

So, school started. I don't know rather to be happy for this occurring event or to sigh at yet another year of...well, school! I am very grateful that Conner and I are both lucky enough to be going to school, but WHEN IS IT EVER GOING TO END? Yes Micci and Lynnett, I'll admit it...I was WRONG and you were RIGHT! School is a lot easier to attend when pregnant rather than actually having that sweet little baby stare you down as you walk out of the door! Conner and I have worked our schedules out so we are always opposite of each other. This means NO babysitter! :) The only way I was going to be happy with us going back to school is if Nixon was always with either Conner or myself. Luckily that worked out. I found a job on campus at the library which works GREAT with our schedule. I only work 17 hours a week, and I go to school 10 hours a week. That is a whopping total of 27 hours a week that I am away from my baby boy! I HATE IT!!! Yes, it is nice to have a break once in awhile but I would be perfectly happy with a 30 minute break.
Today was my first day of classes and I am working a 6 hour shift as we speak. Tuesdays and Thursdays are pretty busy for me, which means less time with Nixon.
The great thing is that Conner has done an awesome job so far with him! We all know Conner is not a morning person, but after I fed Nixon at 6:30 this morning Conner was awake and ready to get down to business. Even though he tells me he did fall asleep on the bed while laying with Nixon. I guess he deserves it! Conner just sent me a picture of Nixon in his stroller going on a walk with his daddy. Conner truly is such a great job and always makes things work out ok. I think I stress too much about how things are done and when they should be done. I worried Conner wouldn't catch on with little things like when Nixon takes his nap, how to put him down, when to feed him, etc. But really- he is an expert even without my nagging!
I love him to pieces and I love how blessed we are to be in the position we are in. Even though school isn't the greatest, I need to look at the bright side and think of it as another year that will be done and out of the way. So, here's to an awesome year with the Edwards' family!! :O)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More and More Pictures

I'm very well aware that this post is all messed up. For some reason it is not showing me my pictures so I'm not exactly sure which picture is what and where the correct order is for them. So, I apologize!
It seems like we have been going and going all summer long! We are so sad to see it end but we are still excited for our new journey of attemping school & work with a baby! Wish us luck!
My mom had the idea to attemp feeding Nixon rice cereal. Well we gave it a go! Nixon seemed so excited about the idea. He always went right for the spoon, but then after he put the cereal in his mouth it just came spilling out. We need to work on his swallowing skills. I ended up just having to make the cereal extremely runny so we could drink it out of a bottle. Any suggestions?
Conners cousin Tyler asked Conner if he wanted to play in a flag football tournament which he of course agreed to. I think for us we like when he plays mostly because we get to spend time with Tyler and Karly. We usually will stay the night at their house which is pretty fun for us. The games were pretty cold and by the end it started raing pretty hard. Nixon and I ended up just watching the game from the car. It wasn't such a bad idea!
Nixon has been hating tummy time. Everytime we put him on his tummy he just cries and cries. His doctor said we have to break him into it and just start off with a minute or so each day. He has been getting better, but after that minute or so he sure does let us know when he has had enough! He will roll over from his tummy to his back but not vise versa. Just recently he has started rolling from his back to his side, so I'm sure it won't be too long before he rolls over all the way. What happened to his stage of just sleeping all day wrapped up in a straight jacket? haha
I'm sure most of you have seen my mom and sister-in-laws blog about our park city trip. some of my pictures are from that. We whipped up a quick weekend trip to Park City with the whole fam a couple weekends ago. I LOVED IT! It was so nice to be somewhere we could just relax and spend time with the family. We went swimming and Nixon wasn't diggin the cold water so he put him in the little raft you can see in the picture. He fell right asleep! It was so cute. He must have loved the motion of the water or else he was just one tired little dude!!
(I know I'm also talking out of order from my pictures but I'm just trying to remember what pictures I even put on!)
It is funny to see the change in Nixon lately. He has started to really reach for things. When Conner and I sit down to eat we put Nixon in his bumbo in front of us. My husband thinks it is funny to tease him with our food. The sad thing is that Nixon goes for the food, gets a little in his mouth and obviously really wants to eat it. But, of course he cant! So then he cries and cries. We put his binki in his mouth, he spits it out, and goes for our food. We were at subway yesterday and I was holding him on my lap while trying to eat my sandwich. He kept grabbing it and pulling it down towards him. Lets just say I had a bunch of lettus and banana peppers all over me, the table, and the floor.
We are finally pretty much moved in to our new home! I am so excited! We love it SO much! My mom has been such a great help with painting and decorating. We still have a few things to do and until then I won't post any pictures of the whole thing, but stay tuned. I put a picture of our new washer and dryer because I am FINALLY DOING MY OWN LAUNDRY!! We haven't had a washer and dryer so ever MONTH, yes month, we would take our laundry down to Nephi. Pooper, my mom, or even my husband would do it for the most part, and sometimes I would chip in. Now I have been doing it completely on my own! I still need to paint and decorate our laundry room so until then the small portion is all you'll see! ( I apologize that there is doubles of all of the house pictures. I really don't get what is going on with this post but I'm trying to do my best!)
I suprised my hubby with a trip to Seattle to end our summer. We have had a great time but are both very sad to see it end. The only part I am excited about going home is to actually get some sleep through the night. Nixon has slept through the night since we was very little, but here he wakes up every hour! I don't know what the deal is! We still love him so I guess he's not in too much trouble.
I will post some pictures of all our doings here shortly!