Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nephi Light Parade

They started a little small town tradition of a light parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is our third time joining in on the festivities. By the end of the parade all of the kids were sitting in the warm car watching while the adults were on the side of the road freezing. typical.


This year we had Thanksgiving at the Mortezazadeh household! It was my very first time ever attempting to make pies. I have to say as stressful as it was (and the disaster it made my kitchen) I was quiet pleased with out they turned out. I actually felt like a 'grown-up' showing up to dinner with something to contribute! My aunt always does such a great job hosting us and makes it so memorable and fun! The food was great and being with family was better! It was over all a wonderful holiday. 
I had been preparing two weeks previous for black friday, mapping out my game plan, and even picture coding what I need and where to get it. I got a lot of laughs at how 'organized' I was, but it worked worked! I took off some things on my 'picture coded' list and added a few others but all together it worked out great. I just have one complaint, I am not a fan of Black Friday turning into black THURSDAY! We can't even enjoy the dang holiday when sales start at 9 PM!!!! Nixon left to Nephi with my dad so my grandma could babysit him and it was off to the stores we went. Not sure if the actual savings of black friday is what makes it worth it or else the fun and memories that we always have with my aunts, cousins, sisters, mom, and grandma! I just LOVE traditions! haha!

I only took TWO pictures of our thanksgiving holiday!


We had a little bit of snow a few weeks ago and Nixon was extatic! He could NOT wait for his daddy to get home so he could go play in the 'snowing'. There wasn't much snow, but we still got his coat on so he could make his little self happy!!

Not too long after we got A LOT of snow. It snowed ALL DAY LONG. Nixon once again was SO excited to go play in it! I had some Relief Society meetings but when I came home I walked outside to Nixon sitting on top of his big snowman saying, "I'm really cold mommy!" Conner said he refused to have his gloves on which obviously resulted to a very cold little boy! Once he got in the house and wrapped up in a blanket he soon got down and said, "my hands all better mommy!!!"


My parents tried their hardest to stay up until 11:11 pm on 11.11.11. Once the tv said 11:11, my dad counted to make it 11 seconds and then he was off to bed! haha! Kinda a neat day to remember I guess....

Arts & Crafts....Toddler Entertainment!

Bubble painting!

Cheerio Stackin'

Pumpkin Number Flashcards 
 Pumpkin Color Flashcards

 Shaving Cream Coloring
(when you are done stirring the shaving cream around, you pull out the paper from the bottom and wipe it off, that is suppose to be your 'masterpiece'....but I didn't get a picture of the final products! )


Creepy Life Size Nixon :S

 Color Matching & Counting Turkey


Saturday, November 19, 2011


As mentioned before, my mom just ran in the St. George marathon. I never EVER thought I would want to put myself through that, but after watching the marathon I quickly changed my mind. Plus, I think it would be a great way to push myself after the baby to loose all my extra baggage! It is pretty difficult to get into the St. George marathon, but one way to guarantee your spot is by signing up for the runners series. They take only about 800 people into the series, (you have to be on your computer ready to sign up the second it opens because it fills up fast too!) and what you are required to do is run in two St. George races and then you are automatically in the marathon. Being pregnant, the races that count in the runners series don't all work out for me. I would either be too far along or else JUST having a baby. I dragged down my sister, mom, sister-in-law, and linzy's sister to do the snow canyon 5k because I knew that was a race I would still be able to attempt! After all, it did make for a great shorts girls getaway...although it was rather quick! I was stressed to the max about this race for some reason, I knew all I had to do was finish rather someone rolled me to the finish line or not...but for some reason I was still really nervous. I was planning on running half and walking half, but once I got there I couldn't get my self to stop running. In reality I probably could have walked as fast as a ran, or jogged, but at least I kept it going! It actually made me feel quite good knowing I could accomplish that being 24 weeks pregnant and not have been running at all during my pregnancy! My next St. George run will be in April and then after that I will be training for the marathon! The thought absolutely FREAKS ME OUT!!!! 


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Toddler Boredom

Toddler Boredom is giving a giveaway for all who is interested go to their site here!

Friday, November 11, 2011


Nixon was SO excited about going trick-or-treating this year, and the funny thing is that I don't think he had a clue what it meant. BUT I mentioned trick-or-treating to him and he wouldn't stop bugging me about wanting to go. Halloween day was the hardest because he didn't understand that he had to wait! 
I honestly started looking at Halloween costumes 2-3 months before Halloween. I would show Nixon pictures online and have him narrow down what he wanted to be. Superman was his top choice which was also funny because I still have no idea how he knows who superman is!! Anyways, a lot of family things are going on lately so we decided not to go to my parents' for Halloween. I knew he didn't have big plans so I kind of procrastinated spending $40 dollars on a costume for Nixon to wear for a couple hours. (Bad mom I know....) A day or two before Halloween I was at Smith's marketplace and noticed a Superman costume in HIS size. I was pumped because it was only 12 dollars. I knew it was meant to be. Once I got it, the thing barely fit him! (AND IT WAS 4T!) Luckily my mother-in-law came through and overnighted a super cute tiger costume. Nixon was really happy about it and he made one dang cute tiger, with a pretty awesome roar as well!!!!
He had SO much fun trick-or-treating! After every house he would say, "I wanna go again!" He did not want the night to be over! We had been working all day on teaching him to say "Trick or Treat!" However, at the first few houses I think he was a bit shy and when I said, "What do you say Nixon?" he just replied in a quiet voice "Please?". However, it didn't take very long for the kid to warm up. He would say trick or treat, but in the end he started saying, "I wanna treat. A BIG one!" He even got daring enough as to ask for MORE treats! Little rascal! It was a really fun night and although we missed trick-or-treating with all of the family it was really fun to go out with just us three!

Earlier in the day we made ghosts and spiders out of his feet and hand prints!

 By the end of our night he was getting a little tired of walking (but not trick-or-treating. He wanted to ride on his daddy's shoulders, but still insisted on pushing those door bells!!
The second we got into the car he did not hesitate to ask for candy! and more....and more.....
I thought he would have a sugar high that would keep him up late, but I think all of the walking did him in. He fell asleep on the couch with Conner shortly after we got home!