Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gather Around WITCHES!!!


Don't go out on WITCHES Night.
Stay in your bed and keep on the light.
Little demons and ghouls have their fun all right,
outside on the streets this WITCHES Night.

You don't want to know what mischief they cause.
On Halloween Eve they run without pause,
flying and laughing, and breaking the laws,
you really don't want to see the mischief they've caused.

*Finding those inner connections with our soon to be WITCHY SELVES.

 Dinner- Frog legs & rat heads. mmmm...
 *Aunt Kristy* Shari* Aunt RaNae*
 *Mom* Linzy *
 *Kaydee* Jamie* Aunt DeAnn* Me*
 *Grandma* Aunt Darlene (Grandma's sister) *
 *Shayda* Me*

*Getting my pre-workout at 24 hour fitness. My trainer was a tad bit shy...

*Bet you didn't know how well witches can get their groove on, did you? Let's just say I was panting heavily and had a side ache and a bad case of swass by the time the night was over. It was ALL worth it!! 

*Group Shots!
*Mom* Linz* Me* Kayd * Jamie*

 *DeAnn* Mom* RaNae* Kristy* Grandma* Melinda*
(mom &daughters)
The whole witchy family!!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blast TO the Past

Clear back when, during Labor Day weekend, we took Nixon to his FIRST hogle zoo trip. I was wanting to go ALL summer long, but we never got around to doing it. Since I knew Labor Day was coming up I figured that'd be a perfect time before the weather started going downhill. Grandma Micci happened to be in Utah at the time so she came along. Nixon LOVED the animals, especially the monkeys!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


     Until now I did not care for fall. In fact, I strongly disliked fall. To me it meant the warm weather is gone and the snow is soon to follow. YUCK. But I am here to tell you all that my mind has changed! As much as I strongly dislike WINTER (the weather part of it) I have come to terms with fall. I believe now that fall is such a fun time with so many fun activities and beautiful colors. Who said browns and oranges aren't beautiful?  I feel like I really need to jump into this fall/Halloween season, but I've got one problem...I don't do corn mazes and I definitely don't do haunted houses. However, there are still things I have to look forward to.
  • Pumpkin walk
  • Pumpkin PATCH
  • Carving pumpkins
  • Witches Night Out
  • Halloween Party
     Last week my family participated into a very fun fall activity, HEE HAWS (this is where the title takes places!). I've got many pictures to prove to you the FUN in this activity so I will end my yap'n here! More to come soon with the fall activities we've got to look forward too!

* no my parents had NO idea they were matching until I pointed it out. My dad was not happy! haha