Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here in Cache Valley We....

Love to COLOR on the sidewalk!

...were given our very first family pet to us by our loving Grandma and Bampa ( :P)! They decided to pick up two froggies for our household as well as my sister's for her kids. (Kars got the shaft, even though we were more than willing to just hand them on over! haha) Nixon loves them and I guess that is what counts. He even was kind enough to share his grapes with them the other day! I guess it will be a fun competition to see who can keep them alive the longest. Speakin of...their water is looking a little on the dirty side. :S
...have been going on several walk/jogs in our new BOB stroller. Yes, I realize it is a double but with the kiddos I've been watching it sure does come in handy! Not to mention, hopefully one day we will have another kiddo of our own walkin our halls! 
When we went for a walk on Saturday we passed our fair grounds and noticed the Tractor Pull was going on for all farmers/ cow folk in town! Conner had us standing outside the fence watching for a few minutes. I still have no idea what he was watching because you couldn't see a thing! At least it got Nixon excited to put on his tractor jammies later that night!
 ...get a kick out of the park each and every time we go. Well maybe I shouldn't say WE and should just say NIXON. It is fun to see how much different he is from last summer where he was to scared to climb on the playground or do anything else besides swing. Speaking of, I was mentioning to Conner that I would dare bet that the inventor of swings did not have children. (Or else they were VERY LOVING parents) Is it just me or does anyone else out there hate swings? At least until their kids are old enough to push, and I've got a LOOOONG time until that happens! Enjoy it why it lasts right... :D

Okay I really shouldn't say WE on this either, it is more of a me and Nixon think with Conner being kicked out of the game. Anyways, we ( nixon & I) LOVE strawberry shortcake!!! One of my very favorite summertime desserts! You better believe I was all up on that! Conner is more into the nasty store bought angel-food cake. BLAH!

...adore how precious our sweet Nixon is when he sleeps! I have said it before and I will say it again, it is one of my most favorite things to peek on him at night and see how angelic he looks! He fell asleep in our bed watching Monsters Inc... :)
 ...are gamers! We had our friends Tom & Melanie over for a game of skipbo. Luckily the boys LOST and had to put a bucket full of ice down their pants for 1 1/2 minute. It was hilarious. I think they were feeling a wee bit numb afterwords....

Speaking of friends and games, we had a big group of friends over Monday night for FHE to play games and fill up on sweets! This was the second night we got together for FHE with this group and we had such a good time with them! We are excited to continue the fun...Next week concert in the park at Zollinger Park! 
The picture is only of half the group. I was into the game too much that I forgot to snap more photos!! little field trips! Today I took Gemma & Nixon to the library to get out and do something new. I think they were more into the jumping around rather than reading the books. That lasted a good .2 seconds until they saw other crazy kids jumping all over the place. No big deal that there were a few signs posted around the kids corner saying, "THIS IS NOT A PLAY AREA!" No biggy...

...own a water park!!! Okay...okay...not a water park, just a 10 dollar piece of crap flimsy pool. At least it does it's main job, hold water and entertain the kidlets! 

...can swim all day and night. Forget about the $10 pool, we decided to spend a little extra time today at the pool after swimming lessons today. There was a little kiddy pool where I sat and watched Nixon play. He was more interested in watching the other kids, so he ventured on over to me and wanted to sit on the chair for a good 30 minutes to 'aw-tch' the kids! Nixon also found a car at the bottom of the kiddy pool, is it bad that I let him take it home? We were the last people in that pool so I figured the little owner was already crying to his mommy asking where it disappeared to! :S

 ...have a new food to add into Nixon's favorites. SPAGHETTI! He ate a bowl full, plus TWO more! He LOVED it and kept asking for more! I tried spaghettiO's awhile ago and he wanted nothing to do with it, I guess I should have figured that spaghetti is indeed a little better quality!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Two Little Rugrats

 Through the biting, hitting, and toy stealing on both of their behaves (we're working on that.....) , these two little cuties manage to stay the best of friends! They are always getting into new things and are always so silly! It is crazy to me how fast they are both growing up! Some of the things they play now really makes me laugh! I love to just sit back and watch what they do and say! 

I am not sure why I even try to pick up Nixon's toys every day because this is exactly what it turns out to look like the following day...and this picture doesn't even do it justice!

If you give those two stickers they will be entertained for the next hour, at least! They decided that it is fun to put stickers on themselves as well. I was in the laundry room when Nixon walked in with a diaper in his hands that was NOT his. They managed to take Gem's jammies off AND diaper to dress her with stickers instead!

I Scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!!!

I've started to watch one of the cutest and chubbiest babies, and with that comes all of Nixon's old baby items. I think it brings back some memories for Nix & Gemma. I was upstairs bathing Nixon and came down to Gemma swinging in the swing while watching Toy Story. I felt bad because I thought she was stuck that whole time, but she wasn't....she climbed right out of the swing laughing! 

Not only are they good at playing, but they are also quite good at painting too!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playin' Dirty!

A month or so ago my brother asked Conner and I to sign up for the Dirty Dash. I had never heard of it but after looking at the website I thought it looked pretty darn cool, but NOT for me! I signed Conner up and we were looking forward to the race day. For those of you who don't know what the Dirty Dash is, it is a 5k race at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah. Not only is it just a 5k race, but it is also a MUD obstacle course! Your are literally running up BIG hills, through mud, climbing over walls, crawling under tunnels, sliding down muddy hills, all in 3 miles! I like to run, but never cared about the mud part. To make a long story short, Conner got scheduled to work at the bank and couldn't get work off. Instead of being out the 50 dollars I decided to take his spot. I am SOOOOOO glad that I did!!! I had a blast running with my brother and doing something that I never ever thought I'd do! I had to let loose and let the mud get me (while trying to keep it away from my face and hair as much as possible ;D ) Anyways, it was such a fun day and I am actually very glad that I did it and look forward to doing it again! Thanks brother! :)

 Our support group....

Half way there...My mom got the kids a bucket of water balloons to throw at us. Those stinkers!