Thursday, October 22, 2009

I feel FULL of....


In only a couple of short days my little family will be going inside this temple to be sealed for time and all eternity! I feel an incredible feeling of warmth and peace just thinking about it and discussing the day through text (I'm at work) with my mom. You have NO idea how excited I am! It brings tears to my eyes...but then I have to suck them back up because...I'm at work! feels so good doing what I know to be right!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up on life

My father-in-law is quite the guy. Why you ask? Well...because his hobby is being a race car driver! He has been racing in the Larry H Miller Mustang Challenge for the past couple of years. The last race of the year is at the Tooele race track so we of course went to support him. This isn't his car but it is one just like what he races. He has done great all year but ran into some bad luck on the Utah track. We still had a lot of fun being there for him and hanging out with all of our family.
Conner was pretty exhausted on the car ride home. I couldn't help but take a bunch of pictures of him while I was driving!

We are loving being up in Logan. Conner got a job reffing intermural sports on campus. Nixon and I used that as an excuse to go watch him at the soccer and football games until it got too cold.

Our house is right by the golf course, so one day when I got home from work the boys were down at the driving range and I decided to join them!

Here is a picture of our casa...

Nixon turned 6 months on September 28th. Every mommy says it but I honestly have no idea how time goes so fast! We love that little guy to pieces. He has been the greatest baby, so much so that it makes me worried to have another one! Somethings Nixon is doing at 6 months is....
sitting very well, laughing A LOT, eating solids and LOTS of it, he has two of his bottom teeth coming in, he is spoiled rotten! Everytime I walk out of the room he cries, if I walk into the room he is in he cries, if I'm not holding him...he cries!! At times it makes me happy he is such a mommies boy, but at the same time I need a break once in awhile as well! I know he doesn't realize he is saying MAMA but that is his new thing lately...mamamamama. Conner keeps trying dadadada but he won't have any of it! haha. We tried to give him his big boy *six month* binki but right when we put it in his mouth he just spits it right out. I'm not exactly sure why because the nipple is bigger so you would think it would be alot easier to suck on. Oh well I guess, I think we'll just keep trying with the cool blue binki and keep using his ever so lovely dragon fly binki. I think if he knew how much cooler the 6 month binki was he'd never suck on the dragon fly again! :)

Today is my parents anniversary! Happy anniversary ma and pa! Another anniversary is today as well ....It's OURS!!! A year ago today is the day we said the two little words "I do". It really feels like we have been married a heck of a lot longer than that. I am so in love with my husband and I'm so thankful that I get to wake up to his smelly breath each and every morning. He is my world! He is my best friend! and in a few short weeks he will be my ETERNAL companion!!!
Since our anniversary is on a Sunday Conner put together a few little suprises yesterday for us. Yesterday afternoon he suprised me with a massage. I LOVE getting a massage! This was my third, and the other two I had them done with Conner. So at the beginning I was nervous doing it alone but it ended up being great! Ooohhh it felt so-o good! After the massage we got ready for my next suprise which ended up being dinner at the very nice steak restuarant here is Logan, Hamiltons. A funny thing happened there. When we were getting ready to leave we both put our cloth napkins on top of the table. Doesn't everyone? Well does everyone's cloth napkins start on fire as well? Ours did! We spaced the fact that there were candels on the table and sat our napkins right on top. Yep...there were big flames! A moment to remember I guess! ;) After dinner Conner and I drove to a look-out view of Bear Lake. It is still so pretty even in October. But- it was FREEZING! Conner said he knew it would be cold and I love to if we went somewhere cold it would lead to cuddling. Good thinking on his part. He had me grab a blanket out of the trunk and to my suprise I had a little gift hidden in there. He is such a sweetie!
Today was my day for suprises. He woke up to a Nixon having a piece of paper in his hand which ended up being the beginning to his scavanger hunt which lead to a gift at the end. Later in the day I hid papers in the house with highlights of each month we've been married. It was a great anniversary and I look forward to many more down the road. Our cute little 6 month old tag along. Wait...what? Six months? And we've been married for 12 months? How does that work?! hahaWe had many confused faces when we told people it was our 1st anniversary. That would immediately follow with "How old is your baby?" We just do things backwards right?! ;)