Monday, January 30, 2012

NIXON... 2 yrs and 10 months BIG!

Oh man, where do I even begin with this little boy! Nixon is definitely a busy boy who is ALWAYS full of energy! He never EVER stops! He is at such a fun stage because he is always saying random things out of no where that really can get me laughing! I would describe Nixon as being a very busy, loveable, funny, entertaining, and STUBBORN little man! Nixon loves to give everyone kisses and hugs. You can tell even at such a young age that he really cares about his family and friends! He has a large list of people that he prays for every night! He is obsessed with his cousins and grandparents. In his perfect world he would be with his cousins ALL the time. We only have one problem with that, he has some issues when it comes to sharing! He is a little turd and thinks he has full possession over any toy that he wants at the moment! Oh how I can't wait until that stage is O.V.E.R!!! One of my favorite things about Nixon is any time I pretend to be sad or when I get an owie (bump my knee or something little like that) he immediately has to hug and kiss it better! He is such a sweetheart. Whenever he gets an owie, even though you can tell 99% of the time he should just brush it off..he always wants me to give him a kiss to make it better! I love that my kisses make him always feel better. However, at the same I think I might be holding him back from becoming a 'tough' boy!!
Nixon is a serious mama's boy. He has to have me at his side ALL the time. He still has trouble playing on his own and wants me to play with him or watch him do everything. I'm not sure why he is this way, I must have messed up somewhere....Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the kid to death but sometimes I just wish he could be more independent and entertain himself! Nixon thinks he is the ruler and in control~ (yes, I know this is probably my fault too) He does not like us to listen to music in the car, he doesn't like when Conner has his arm touching the passenger seat, and he just always has to have things a certain way! My sister and I were trying on my grandmas old dresses and he was NOT happy about it! He kept telling me to take the dress off and tried to hand me my own clothes! haha! Yes, he's crazy!
Nixon is also OCD! He has to have things lined up perfectly, especially his cars! If things are out of order he goes nuts! He had his hotwheel cars in a line across his bedroom floor. When he woke up in the morning the first thing he said to me was to fix the blue car. The room was a little dark but yet he still noticed that one of his cars was turned the opposite direction of the others. That had to be fixed ASAP! haha!! He has a very specific nap time/ bedtime routine each day. Lately, we have to line up on our hands and knees in our bedroom crawling to his room when he goes to bed. He is a tiger and Conner and myself are elephants. We have to make animal sounds as we crawl down the hall, and once we get to the doorway we have to pretend to eat food on the floor. First, the tiger eats..then the tiger and the elephant mommy, then the tiger and elephant daddy. Once we get into his room the tiger goes for the toy box and sits inside. Then we pick him up and set him on his bed. He has to be lifted into his bed a specific way. Once in his bed he has FOUR blankets that he uses. Those four blankets have a specific order on how we lay them on him. The last two are his two blue "T's" that look the exact same. However, one is a little less blue than the other but I don't know how he can pick that up....the pretty much look the exact same. BUT he knows a difference and has to have the less blue one on top! If you do it the other way then he will say, "don't hide that one!!!" After he is tucked in he takes a drink from his ICE water. Yes, he HAS to have ice! (sometimes he wakes up in the night screaming for more ice!)  We pray and then Conner gives him a kiss followed by my kisses and off we go! Is this normal?! HAHA! I don't think so, but as weird as it is sometimes it is pretty funny! He definitely is a dork!
Nixon LOVES his cars, playing in the bath tub, playing with mommy and daddy, painting and coloring, play dough, running 'super faster', and just being silly! He is a pretty picky eater but he really loves candy cereal (lucky charms), chocolate milk, strudels (toaster strudels), pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and cheetos! He lately has become quite the little dancer and singer. He has never been into songs but his new favorite is Five Little Monkeys! He sings it so good and it makes me laugh every time!
He has been potty trained for awhile now. My parents came to Logan for the weekend in September. My mom could tell Nixon was going #2, so he hurried and put him on the toilet. Ever since that he told me EVERY time when he had to go potty. I kept him in a diaper for the next two weeks still until I knew he was going to keep with it. I put him in pull-ups for awhile and he did really really well. I had bought underwear for him but I wasn't consistent with them because I was too scared he would have an accident or something! My mom told me that is probably confuses him and that I just need to stick with underwear. So, I did. He has done such an awesome job! He has only had no more than 5 accidents the whole time. He gets so excited every time he goes potty and will always say, "that make mommy happy? that make grandma happy? and Ellie? and....?" This list goes on and on! haha I think I got pretty lucky with how easy potty training him was. I had KIND OF tried a long time before but he showed no sign of being ready. I definitely realized that waiting until THEY are ready is the way to go because it was a breeze!
With all of this said, I am absolutely crazy for my little boy! He is such a blessing and I still look at him and think to myself how lucky I am to have HIM as my baby! Life would not be the same without him in it. I am so grateful to be his mommy. He may make me loose it and go crazy every now and again but in the end I still can't believe how much love I have for him! He totally lights up my world!!

Below are a few things that I had written down from a couple of months ago. I need to do better at writing the silly stuff that he says down! A lot of these may not be silly to anyone else but Conner and I because you kind of had to be there! But at least we can remember the Nixon funny personality! 

* It was Sunday morning before church and I asked Nixon what he wanted for breakfast. He thought about it for a minute and quickly replied, "Um...bread and water."

* Nixon and I were driving in the car and he said, "Watch me poop mommy." I turned my head scared that he was really pooping but as soon as I turned my head he let out a BIG fart! I can totally see the Morgan in that kid! :S

*I was standing in the kitchen making dinner and Nixon came up to me and said, "Mommy, whatcha doin?" I said I was making dinner and he said, "You makin' dinner? Yes or no?" (We will ask him yes or no to certain things so this time was just funny that he picked that up and asked us "yes or no" )

*Conner was drinking eggnog and asked Nixon if he wanted some. Without even hesitating or seeing what eggnog even was he quickly just said, "Nope!"...That doesn't SOUND funny....but Conner and I sure got a good laugh in the moment! I think it is one of those things where you just have to be there! 

*Nixon was kicking a big ball all around the house and knocked some Christmas ornaments off, I said, "Nixon, how about you stop kicking the ball in the house!" He said, "I'm just kickin' it! Watch me!"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Years Eve, 2012!

We spent the New Years weekend with the all of the Rehrer family. On New Years we went out for sushi and then headed to Tannar and Maggie's house to play games. Every time we get together we have so much fun! We played a lot of skipbo DARE! We are lucky to have such great cousins!!

Christmas Morning- Nephi

I really enjoyed Christmas this year because it wasn't all over and done quickly in the morning. We (Conner, me, & Nixon) had our own little Christmas first. We actually had to WAIT for Nixon to wake up! It is no surprise that the first thing he went for was the smallest and cheapest present he saw, Luigi and Guido cars. Second he went for the small little monster truck which I put there the last minute. We kind of had to talk him into opening all of his presents because he just wanted to play with those two toys! It seemed like a LONG process! (I guess I should learn that he would be happy with two small toys that equal 10 bucks for Christmas!) Half-way into opening presents Pooper called to tell us breakfast was ready. We went down to their house and ate breakfast with Uncle Mike and Aunt Casie and their kids. After breakfast we went home to finish our presents and then got ready for church. After church we took naps which was kind of a weird thing to do on Christmas, but it was relaxing none the less! We met up with Kaydee and Karson and their families at Pooper and Papa's again for lunch and to open presents. AFTER that later that evening we headed back over to my parents house to open presents there. It was a really great Christmas and I think I can say that we all got pretty spoiled!! My parents surprised us all with new Canon Rebels! I am still trying to figure out how to use it, but I am SO excited to have one! I have always wanted one!! Pooper and Papa bought us a bag and another lens to go with it! :D

Conner also got me a new camera/video little gadget so once I opened that I took the rest of my pictures on that camera. Sadly, the card won't let me download those pictures on my computer so I only have a couple other pictures to document the day!

Christmas Eve at Grandma Red's

We flew back to Utah and headed straight for our traditional Christmas Eve at Grandma's house. Each year there are more kids which makes for a fuller and crazier house! BUT I don't think we would have it any other way! Talysha put together a book for Grandma with all of your Christmas Eve pajama pictures from all the years. We each wrote a little something in the book as well, I think it was a hit!
For Nixon's ornament he got him riding on his red 'wiggle'! It was pretty cute!

Christmas Round 1- Seattle

We flew out of Seattle on Christmas Eve morning, so we kind of did things a bit differently so we were able to still have Christmas in Seattle. Friday (the day BEFORE Christmas Eve) was our pretend Christmas Eve...kinda sounds confusing. Anyways, we had a big delicious dinner and afterwords the kids all exchanged gifts. Nixon got a Mack truck from Charlie which holds all of his Cars 2 cars. He is OBSESSED with it, and the think seriously does not leave his side! It is a lot easier to haul all 20 of his cars around in his Mack rather than trying to juggle them in our hands, that's for sure! Nixon gave Charlie a vacuum and she was so cute with it! The next morning, (actual Christmas Eve) we had a great breakfast and then Charlie and Nixon had their Christmas from Grandpa Rick and Grandma Micci. Also, Austin got a little surprise present that morning as well...lucky ducky!