Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's Whats been goin' down!

A good family friend of the Edwards' family (Zeke's best friend) has started dating a very cute girl from Logan. The girl, Wendy, also happens to be Conner's *sorta* boss. See the connection? Anyways...Ted and Wendy invited us over for Pizza and to watch the olympics. We had a lot of fun with them and really appreciated the invite. Ted and Wendy played with Nixon all night. He was in heaven with all of the ball playing!

Our best friends, Ryan and Ali, who moved to Draper came to visit us!! We were all so excited. They showed up late Friday night. We had ice cream and played Settlers (twice). Then on Saturday morning we had breakfast, played Settlers AGAIN, went out to lunch, went bowling, ate at SPOON ME :), and watched a movie. Thank you so much for the visit! We love and miss you guys so much!!

We were planning on growing Nixon's hair out but it seems so thin and straight that it just didn't look all that good. So we decided to give it a chop. This was his second haircut but man did he HATE it. We only took one picture beacause the rest of the time we were literally holding his head and arms down. He was SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER! Oh it was sad. I felt bad for my poor boy, but how else are you suppose to do it? Suggestions? He made it through...painfully. When he was down he kept whimpering and seemed so sad. I was heart broken. He's a handsome boy though if that makes it any better?

Yesterday was my last day at my first block for practicum. I have been in the Kindergarten and will be going into the 2nd grade next week. I am going to miss them so much. It was really fun being in their class and I learned so a lot from Mrs. Allgood. I made them a thank you poster and gave them treats before I left. They showered me with things that they made too. :)

Wilbert made me a really sweet card. I tried to take a picture of it so you could read it. :D

Now about the most important one of all. NIXON!!!
Nixon is going to be 11 months old on Sunday. It blows my mind how fast life goes by. Nixon is a crawling machine now which is good and bad. He follows us around EVERYWHERE. If we open the cupboard it pulls his attention and he comes speeding over to find whatever he can. And yes he CAN open all our cupboards and lower drawers. Same goes with anything and everything. Today was my first time vacuuming with him awake since he has been crawling. It wasn't easy! He followed me around everywhere. I had to be careful not to suck up ten tiny fingers.
Last night I was in the bedroom getting ready for bed when I heard Nixon playing with paper. I popped my head out to find that the book I checked out from my professor was now in three pieces. Luckily I was able to find the book for 3 bucks on Amazon.

A few nights ago Nixon laid on my lap for a good 45 minutes watching tv. That is VERY impressive. He likes when I massage his feet so that is exactly what I did hoping this moment would keep on lasting. Even if I wanted to move to a different position because my body was falling asleep I didn't want to move at all thinking it would disturb what we had going! :) I love my boy!!

Nixon has been really good at pulling himself up to everything and walking along furniture. I know he can stand on his own if he tried but he is honestly scared! If we let go he starts crying. If we let go with one hand he cries until we grab his hand again. I didn't know kids could be scared this early...I guess he takes after his mama.
We love him so much and always want to eat him up! He always has such a big smile and is constantly happy. I couldn't ask for a better baby!!!

Ps. Mom, please notice that in all of those pictures you do not see ANY binkys. And no it is not because I pull them out before I take a picture. I am getting a lot better with it! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

V-Day Festivities

Well..the love day has come and gone. Quite quickly I might add! How did everyone do? Did you survive pulling off your last minute gift or was your well planned idea a hit? I hope everyone enjoyed a day full of EXTRA love!

Here at the Edward's home it was just a nice weekend to stay home with each other and not have to worry about work or school. That is truly all that I care about! Life has been SO busy lately with Conner's new job because he has been having to do training for 2 weeks which overlaps our schedules. He trains 2-8 everyday. This is honestly how our days go...I wake him up in the AM before heading to school to give him a big fat kiss and whisper the words "I LOVE YOU" in his ear. I then go to school until 4 PM. I drive to the sweetest girl, Shawnee's house, who has volunteered to take Nixon as we get through these 2 weeks. I open her door to see my son's face LIGHT up as he crawls to my feet. Nothing could make me happier. I take my baby home and put him down for a nap. After his nap we head to the gym (they have a daycare there which is AWESOME!) We get home, play, eat, and go to bed. I usually spend the rest of my night doing school work, blogging, or watching tv until I'm too tired and can't take it anymore. I climb into bed to read.  I can only cover a few pages until I'm zonked. Later I get awakened  by my sweet hard working hubby, who after work goes to the gym and comes home to his sleeping family. So to sum that all up for you, I say, "goodbye" in the morning and he says, "goodnight" in the night. :( it sucks.
My whole point of that story was to explain to you WHY I love the weekends so much. Well, that is why. So I can spend time with my family, all three of us!

Saturday: Conner, Nixon, and myself went to dinner at the yummy steak house in Logan, Hamilton's. We scarfed down good food and delicious cheesecake to make our bellies happy. We then went home to watch a chic flick...well Couples Retreat which is as much of a chic flick I can get Conner with to agree with. Once you have a baby and you don't live around family to babysit, your options are limited as to what you can do for V-Day. And ,considering we just got back from Florida we didn't want to do any money spending. Personally, I don't care about spending money...I just like the sweet simple small stuff.

Sunday: I made breakfast before church..the delicious MONKEY BREAD. (THANKS TY AND KARLEEN!!) After church it was such nice weather, which is rare here, so Conner decided now was the best time to clean his brother's car. His bro is on his mission so Conner's job is to sell the car. (I know some may think that's awful he was cleaning the car on Sunday, but did you read our schedule up above) Nixon and I watched Conner out of Nixon's bedroom window. He got quite the kick out of that. He LOVES his daddy!
Later that evening I started on our V-Day dinner. :) I loved cooking a nice big dinner for us. We waited until Nixon was asleep so we could enjoy the rest of the night.
After dinner there were rose petals and candles in the bedroom. It was a very great and ROMANTIC night. Remember this is Valentines Day we are talking about...the day of Love...and making it ;). So of course your mind is going to go into the gutter, but thats okay! Why? BECAUSE IT'S VALENTINES DAY!!!

Our gift to Nixon was kind of a weird one. He really doesn't 'know' he gets gifts but we thought he'd really enjoy doing something fun and out of the ordinary. So our gift to him was a chocolate cake just his size. Conner laid down garbage bags and we put him in his chair, gave him the cake, and let him go at it. It was quite entertaining for all of us. However, the remainder of the night I was a little stressed because I think he had a sugar high which made him a little weird. :S

WE GOT MAIL! Grandma and Bampa sent us a package and we received a card from Pooper and Papa as well. Thank you thank you! Nixon really enjoyed opening the cards by eating the envelopes off. :)

Something I have learned this V-Day...
Why in the world do I spend hours making Conner's gifts so pretty and nearly perfect? Why do I get out the cute scrapbook paper and mod podge? WHY?!? When Conner opened his gift he didn't notice any of it. NONE. Next year I'm ripping out a paper from my notebook and using that. Problem solved.

Something else I learned, but instead about NIXON....
Why didn't anyone tell me NOT to buy Nixon a butt load of toys that don't even fit in our house without making it look like a toy factory? Nixon only cares about balls...which can be a 2 dollar ball from wally world. He cares about our keys. The remote. The computer. Our cell phone...basically all of OUR stuff that we have to say, "NO NIXON"! We bought him a toy cell phone, it doesn't pass his standards. We bought him toy keys, they don't pass. We give him the remotes we don't use, they don't pass. HE HONESTLY KNOWS THEY AREN'T THE REAL DEAL? I got the brilliant idea to give him my old cell phone. It turns you'd think it would pass..and for the most part it does! YAY!! He also loves just playing with anything and everything found in my cupboards and drawers. So once again..why did I by him BABY toys? Bad mistake...

Sorry a lot of words...but with my alzheimers kicking in I need it for my own memory.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Up To's!

Well, here is another super LONG post to cover a months worth of activities! Apologies!!

A few weeks ago my parents FINALLY came to visit us! My dad had called to ask if we were going down there for the playoffs and I said how about it be YOUR turn to come here. I didn't think they would go for it but he said as long as we could watch football then it's on! I was super excited to have them here! So was Nixon...he LOVES he Grandma and Bampa. I took some pictures but it was only when my parents were getting ready to leave. I don't know what happened but I could only find one of those pictures...and I LOVE this picture!!!

For an FHE activity we went to the car show at the South Town Expo Center. That is right in Conners alley!
My favorite car was the big van in memory of my beloved Kate Gosslin!
I also thought it was quite hilarious how on the radio ad for this car show it mentioned, "Get your picture with your favorite celebrity cardboard cut out!" Really? No one was doing it, and I didn't want to make those poor people who were so excited about it feel bad. So... You bet we got our pictures with the cardboard!!

Next up, Conner and I were fortunate enough to go to Florida to watch my father-in-law's race. My parents took Nixon, we missed him but THANK GOODNESS THEY HAD HIM!!
We spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Daytona with my in-laws. We don't get to see them very often so it was fun to spend time with them. Rick did very well at his race! I think it is quite awesome that he is doing this. Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy hottie) also races there so I kinda chased him around to get some shots. mmm....I really like him!:)
After Rick and Micci flew home Conner and I spent a few days in Orlando. It was such a nice vacation and fun to spend some alone time with each other. Our hotel was very nice. We spent every night in the pool and hot tub. We relaxed a lot and just really enjoyed ourselves. We also went to Gatorland (HAHA!!), Universal Studios, Downtown Disney, and Hollywood Studios. It was REALLY hard for me to be there and only spend one day at Disneyworld, but one day is better than none!!


The members of this lovely family are TRUE Gatorland fans! :)

See the very middle food, the pink stuff...Well, that's my steak. See all that is being cooked around it? That is ALL seafood stuff. I was nervous my steak would taste like seafood the whole time that I couldn't relax. was DELICIOUS! Conner enjoyed sushi. :P

This sweet little angel is what made coming home so easy. We missed him SO much. When we saw him at the airport for the first time he was very unsure about us. Luckily he warmed back up to us! We LOVE that baby boy!

We spent the weekend in Nephi for the Superbowl. Pretty sure it should be a national holiday. I was rooting for the Saints because I think Drew Brees is pretty dang cool, plus they have never won the Superbowl before! I was very happy with the outcome!

*The four grandkids all got in the bathtub together at grandmas. I think everyone has a picture like this with their cousins!

*The kids were over at my moms Saturday so we got to spend some time with them.
Uncle Conner and Luke....Takin life easy

*For the game on Sunday the boys brought the basement couches up to make sure everyone had a good seat. It was a packed house. We had a lot of STUFF for dinner. Crab seems like a Superbowl tradition...I think I gained a few pounds thanks to all the yummy food!

*My mom found my sisters old dance outfits, who better to wear them than our little princess Ellie!?


Today I went with Shayly to institute for the special needs people. It was a lot of fun. I really did learn A LOT. Nixon did super well. He didn't cry or squeel the entire hour!

Lucky for all of you....That's all for now folks!!