Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Called To Serve

It really brings tears to my eyes to think of my cousin and his decision to serve an LDS mission. Tevan truly amazes me at the awesome kid that he is! He is seriously one of the sweetest, most considerate, respectful and loving person that I know. He is an great example to everyone around him, especially all of his little cousins and brother! I know that his decision to serve a mission is going to bless SO many lives in Chile as well as his families lives in Utah. We love him and are so proud of him!!
Last night we got to skype with him to tell him goodbye and wish him the best. I couldn't help but get a little choked up! *I stole these pictures from my sis-in-law! Thanks Linz ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rice Cereal, Zero Success. Can you Blame the girl?

Our doctor told us that we could start introducing cereal to Addie once a day. I remember feeding Nixon for the first time and it was a complete failure. It was frustrating because he would just spit everything out. I remember my mom finally got him eating a couple of weeks later and since then the kid didn't stop eating cereal for a LONG time! It is a good thing we are going to Utah next week so Grandma can work her magic!


The thunderstorms we are having is keeping this little boy up in the night! It reminds me of when I was a little girl and I would get scared of the same thing and want to go sleep with my mom and dad! I love that being with us brings comfort and a safe feeling to the little man!

Dinner w/ The Butlers'

We had dinner at Dave and Bri's for family night. Nixon loves playing with their kids and although it is loud and crazy it is also enjoyable for us to be able to have time to talk to Dave and Bri. Nixon and Lexi sat at their own table and in the middle of dinner Nixon said, "I LOVE you 'Wexi' " haha! 

Killin' Time

We live right next to outlets which is both good and bad for obvious reasons. Addie is outgrowing her pj's and I have come to hate button up pajamas so we went to go get her some new ones as well as a few other odds and ends. Nixon of course HAD to have a pretzel. At one moment I was thinking that we were crazy shopping at the outlets in the middle of the day because of how hot and sweaty it was. Literally 20 minutes later a big thunderstorm came rolling in and we ran to our car just in time! There has been and is suppose to be thunderstorms everyday this week which I absolutely LOVE here!!!

4 Month Well Check

Addie had her 4 month appointment with her new Doctor, Dr. Addy. ;) We are happy to hear that our little babe is healthy, strong, advanced, and 'tall & lean'. Addie weighed in over 13 lbs (25th percentile) and 25.5 inches (70th percentile). She took the shots like a champ!!!

Loving her more and more....

I love the way that Nixon talks to and about Addie. He is so cute with her lately! (he can also be a bit brutal as well, don't get wrong!) The other day she woke up from her nap crying and he immediately got up and said, " OH!!! My baby gwill! Let's go get my baby gwill mommy!" He has been wanting to hold her more too. I can't wait until she gets a little bigger so they can start playing together!

This is my new all time favorite picture! Is it not SO so sweet or what?!

Fun and Games Until....


We had an enjoyable evening at the pool Friday night swimming and laying in the sun until there was no longer much son. Nixon was having fun minding his own business when some idiot 6-8 year old kid picked up a toy boat and chucked it at Nixon's face. When his mom got after him he said, "I meant to hit him!" I was pretty ticked as you can imagine! Luckily idiot kid left the pool after that or it could have gotten a little ugly!


Nixon's famous words are "I CAN DO IT!" He has always thought he could do thinks on his own but now there are new things coming into the mix like brushing his teeth and getting himself dressed each morning. I am sure this is all stuff he could have done on his own awhile back but if we were to always let him brush his teeth then they would probably be rotten and barely hangin on! As for getting himself dressed, the stuff he comes up with is just not going to fly with me so I have to lay out the clothes for him to put on or else he ends up looking a wee bit homeless!
When he was brushing his teeth the other night he was so proud because he said he could do it like his cousins Luke and Tanner! He really loves and looks up to those two kiddos!

Wanna Watch Cartoons?

Nixon loves to watch cartoons with his daddy, especially Shaun The Sheep! I bought Addie's outfit when I was pregnant online for 2 bucks. I know now why it was 2 bucks and she will never be seen in the outfit again! At least she a cutie even still! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012


This may make me sound like a bad mom but Addie loves cartoons. Especially Backyardigans. If she is fussy and I am in the middle of something I will sit her in front of the TV and she will just watch away! I put her down on her back and when I looked over she was on her belly watching the cartoon. Nixon laid down next to her and had his arm around her. Of course right when I got my camera to take a picture he moved it. BOO! Anyways, still thought this was a cute picture!

Ohhhh, Baby "Gwill"!

Nixon's favorite thing to say when he see's Adelyn is, "Ohhh! Baby GWILL!" He LOVES his sister, sometimes a bit too much!

Addie was sitting in his couch when I took these pictures. I was yelling, "NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" from Nacho Libre and she just stared at me like I was the weirdest person and she had no idea what was going on! haha! Then her little lip curled under and she started frowning...sad but cute all at the same time. I think at that moment she must have thought, "Oh man, this is the beginning of a CRAZY life with this woman!"

Little Miss Addie is LOVING her feet! 

4th of July

We hit our first holiday away from home. Knowing that both the Morgan and Edwards families were all together doing the traditional 4th of July activities and such, I thought for sure it would be tough. It is not that I don't miss my family and don't care to be with any of them, but I have totally shocked myself!  (Trust me, I LOVE my family and would love to be closer!) I feel like we had so much going on for the 4th and different fun activities planned with friends that there really was no time to have that yucky homesick feeling. I called my cute nephew, Luke, to wish him a happy birthday and Conner asked if it made me homesick knowing everyone was together besides us, and I actually felt totally okay! That one time where I did get a wee bit sad and almost had a tear to my eye was at our BBQ when there was a cookie salad sitting on the table! I would love my Grandma Red to make that at family get togethers so it was kinda sad/exciting seeing it there all at the same time. That sounds super weird...I will tell you this though, if we have not had the friends that we do then I know I would have sat home crying wishing so bad that I was home with my family. We have been SO blessed to be surrounded by loving friends from the second we went to our ward the first time and met people. It makes such a big difference and has really helped me LOVE living here in Texas. So, I do feel mighty lucky and blessed to have the wonderful friends we do!

My friend Emily planned out our day to keep us busy! The first 4th of July event was the bike parade in our neighborhood. We met the evening before to decorate the kiddos bike's. I felt like a spaz aka awful bike least Nixon is 3 and thought it looked cool anyways!

 Emily has been my running partner on Saturday's for our long runs because we run at the same pace. I asked if she wanted to run in my 4th of July 10k for a $30 dollar registration fee. She asked if there would be a shirt and at the time I was at the grocery store so I thought it would be funny to pick her up one. It was a $2 clearance shirt! ;) So to start our 4th of July off we met for a nice little run! (Emily is from Alanta where the biggest 10k is held every year on the 4th, coincidence eh? )
After the run I hurried home to get the kiddos ready to head over to the bike parade. Nixon was pretty pumped for the event and being our first child (and first time doing stuff like this) we were pretty excited too! Our friends are all older than us and have 4-6 kids they get a good laugh at the things that excite us! :) After the bike parade they did some awards at the best decorated bike. In Nixon and Lexi's age division there were only 6 kids. I thought for sure there bikes would NOT be winners. I even told Conner that before they announced the winners. Well, it totally shocked me when they said Nixon won 1st place and Lexi 2nd! They each got a ribbon and gift card. Nixon's gift card was $20 to Target. Yeah Buddy!

After the bike parade we went home to get ready to the pool. I made homemade oreos for everyone but I learned quickly that homemade oreo's+ Texas= no bueno! The frosting melted quick! Luckily they were a hit (a lot of people have never had them) so they were gone pretty fast! Mmmm, that sounds pretty yummy right about now!

We headed over to the Heaps for a BBQ after the pool. 

Conner & Conner! Baby Conner LOVES big Conner! :)

We then headed to Georgetown for the fireworks. We didn't last too long. Addie was super tired so she would not stop crying....and once the fireworks started and were super loud Nixon had a little freak out , so we left! He has always been weird about loud noises and covers his ears and says it hurts.Even with my blow dryer! Is that normal? Anyways, once we left....both kids were out cold! You could definitely tell we had a busy and fun day!!!

My cute little firecrackers!!!!