Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Is It True? Is It REALLY True???

It is OFFICIAL!!! Our little baby binos is finally CRAWLING!!! Pictures to come shortly!!!
(I guess this is what happens my FIRST day at the elementary school, I come home to find my baby is crawling!)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nixon Update

I missed posting at his 9 months, so this is more like a 9 1/2 mo. update!
Nixon is always keeping us laughing. Just like my mom said, this is such a great age because he is constantly learning and figuring out new things. Some of the noises he makes are absolutely crazy and I have no idea where they come from. We definitely have an opera singer well in the making!

I always thought Nixon was 'behind' with being able to pick up finger foods and feed them to himself. But I am learning as we go too folks! I guess it helped when I just dumped his snacks on his tray and let him go at it. After a few minutes they were gone. Not on the floor, not in his diaper, but on their way down the canal to his BIG and jolly belly! 

Okay I'm thinking I am going to start boasting again. BUT, I think I honestly do have a legit reason to be boasting!! Nixon has been a ball player lately. My cousin caught him a little ball at the Juab basketball game, and who would have seriously thought that THAT .50 cent worth of a ball would be his FAVORITE! He loves playing catch. We roll it to him, he scoops it up, makes sure he has it in his hands exactly how he likes it, and then he throws it to us. He gets so excited and starts 'clapping' his hand and the ball together. We think he does shockingly well at this, but that could be because we are his parents! Either way, it is fun to watch and pretty impressive too!
Gamma and Gampa Edwards got him a "sports center" toy for Christmas. It has a basketball hoop that keeps score, a football/ goal post, and a baseball that you can hit with the bat. We have taught him how to make a basket in the hoop. It is pretty funny! (I'll post pictures soon so check back!)

Nixon also really loves playing peek-a-boo. The funny thing about this is when he hides his face under the blanket he does it for a wee bit too long! He'll cover his face and oh a good 10 seconds later he will uncover it with a big ol' grin!

We have TRIED to get him to eat real food or at least the jars of food like turkey or chicken noodle. He will have NONE of it. He prefers sweet peas, squash, and oatmeal mixed with fruit...Especially bananas!
He is a pill when it comes to drinking his bottle. Other than in the morning, the rest of the day when he has a bottle he has to take breaks in between and shake the bottle. This is pretty annoying because it gets milk all over us and himself! Oh, and everywhere else too!

He LOVES his binky! I try to take it out when he doesn't need it, but if he happens to see it, then he will stop whatever he is doing and go after his binky. I am nervous about weening him off of it! Wish me luck!!
I almost forgot about his blanky as well. He is VERY attached to his blue blanky from Uncle Kars and Aunt Linz. A lot of times he will cry if you take it from him!

I like to read Nixon a story before I put him to bed. He does pretty well at sitting on my lap and listening to me. Although he has NO idea what the story is about, it is still good for him and it is something I love to do with him!

Now for the big "C" word. The question is....Has Nixon started to crawl yet?!? Drum roll please.....................................NO! Ha, my dads new name for him is 'Stumpy'! This describes him well! However, I do think we have got something brewing!! The last couple of days he has gotten on all fours which is a new thing for him. TODAY he took a couple "crawling steps" here and there ( I have no idea what you call it!) My parents just left our house, but my mom predicted he will be crawling officially within a week. I'm not going to say when i think, because personally I thought he would have crawled a few months ago so I think it is better I just not say! It will happen when it happens!
He really likes standing up against the couch and he will take a few steps to get from side to side. If he loses his balance he gets really nervous! We will just have to work at one thing at a time!

This is how I feel about my baby....
In the morning when I first hear Nixon through the baby monitor my first thoughts are "No!!!" Getting out of my nice cozy bed isn't something I want to do, but when I get a minute to wake up and start walking down the hall I truly get excited to peak around the door and see my little boy propped up waiting for me! He always has the biggest grin which I totally love. I live each and everyday for him(...and Conner!). I am so grateful that I have been blessed to be his mother because it really is the best job in the entire world. We are all so lucky to have the closest things to heaven in our homes!
I am very anxious to continue to watch my baby grow and learn new things. It is bitter sweet. I want him to stay a baby forever, but at the same time I am excited for his next stage in life!
I love you little binos!!!

Tanner & Nixon @ Cheesecake Factory

Nixon playing w/ Aunt Linzy

Nixon's first BIG mess.

Mommy gave Nixon a new crazy hair style!

Nixon doing what he LOVES, cruising in the car.

For Gampa Rick...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years, Games, Family, and A Few Extra Stuff!

Well, our month long vacation has come to an end a lot quicker than we had anticipated. We could NOT wait for the Christmas break to come, and now we are looking back wondering where in the world it has gone! We had a great time in Nephi spending time with family and friends. We always have a great time there. But after being there a good 3 weeks (Or longer) I think we can ALL agree it was time for us to head to our real home, so that we did.
New Years
To start the night off we had dinner and played games at my parents with Kaydee and her kids. A little while after we were invited to my brothers house for their ugly sweater party. Kars and Linzy looked so good! haha

Tyler and Karly's
We left Nephi a week ago (last Sunday) and stopped in Lehi to stay a couple of days with Tyler and Karly again. We did the same old stuff, eat, watch movies, plays games, and talk talk talk! We always have such a good time with them. Besides Settlers, they introduced us to a new game. Skip Bo truth or dare! It is such a better way to play the game and it makes it SO intense. We played with us girls on a team and the boys on a team. Before each game we have to come up with a good dare for the loser to do. (That's why I'm not sure why it is TRUTH or dare?!) Our first dare was for the loser to get in their undies and ride the bikes up the street. Keep in mind it is dead winter!!! The losers were....CONNER AND TYLER!! Tyler was hilarious. He would not do it until Karly turned the lights off outside because he didn't want to draw attention. The next game the dare was to slow dance with each other...AWKWARD! Losers, CONNER AND TYLER!! I think that dare was A LOT more awkward for two guys to be slow dancing. Game three, American Idol. Losers...CONNER AND TYLER! They had to be dead serious, come out and introduce themselves and sing solo. It is a lot more difficult than it seems. Game four, lick chocolate of each others fingers, blow a belly fart on stomach, and stare at each other with a serious face for 1 minute. Losers, KARLY AND KYLEE. The last game we lost again and had to fast dance with each other. We had some great laughs! Thanks again for letting us stay!

Baby Berkley

Ps. I am WELL aware that you can clearly see my stretch marks. Go ahead, laugh! I was debating rather or not if I should post this picture, but than I thought...you know what, who cares!! Ya, it sucks. Ya, I feel totally embarrased for my own husband to see me with my shirt off, but now I think there is SO many more horrible things that could be wrong with me. If my baby wanted more room to be cozy, and these were the result of it...then so be it! So, there! (Ps. I know...they're HORRIBLE!)

Another reason I could be depressed if I wanted to, I have NO jaw line. I have a fat chin with a fat neck. Isn't that how the Victoria Secret models look? (Now if I had a picture of my bust, then you'd be laughin!) Why am I so blessed with such a perfect body?

Elder Austin Edwards
Conner's little brother, Austin, left for the MTC December 30th. He was really excited. We picked Austin and Micci up from the aiport and then went out to eat and did some errands. When we got back to Grandpa Murrary's Micci was making sure everything was ready to go for Austin. Conner slipped in a couple of things for Austin. When we came to tell me, I couldn't help but laugh and take a picture. 
We are very excited for Austin! He is going to make an awesome missionary!

Making Out
 We had the discussion with our cousins about making out. You can cringe at what I am about to say but we ALL know it's true. Making out is a sort of 'rush', that is when you are DATING. It is actually quite fun to make out when you are dating that person you love. You can't beat the butterflys you get in your tummy! So, isn't it funny that for a lot of us making out is a lot more fun when you are dating, which is actually when you are NOT suppose to be doing it. When we were talking to our cousins we were discussing how we just DON'T make out anymore. I mean why would we when we can just cut to the chase? Well, a couple of nights ago my handsome husband and I decided to give it another shot. It was going good! Up until this moment....

I think I'll end my post at that. Until next time!! :)
love you all!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Free Photoshoot!

I saw Mariah's post about a photo session giveaway and couldn't resist seems how Nixon will be needing is on year pictures not too long from now. This photographer, Wendy Anderson, did Mariah's little boys one year pictures and they are SO stink'n cute! Here is her site....http://wendyandersonphotography.blogspot.com/