Sunday, March 29, 2009

I did it!!! He did it!!! WE did it!!! :)

If you read my mom's previous text, you heard the news!!! The baby has arrived!!
Let me first say, I enjoyed reading all the suggestions on how to start labor. I would like to know suggest to all of you how it worked for me. This is how it went, stripped membrane, jog down the street, take kids on walk at work, go to gym and do the elliptical, walk along the curb with on foot up, do "the deed", followed by something else that goes along with, "the deed". (Sorry, I get accused of having NO filter!) So anyways, when most of you suggested that nothing works...maybe you should try my routine in that particular order! ;) Actually, I have come to the conclusion that EVERYONE is different, it doesn't matter what worked on who. AND I also think that at most times when people think certain techniques is just coincidence it happened the same time they went into labor!
NOW FOR THE EXCITING PART!!! Nixon Conner Edwards is here, and man do we LOVE that little man! Our baby is SO sweet and more perfect than we could have ever imagined. We are extremely blessed to have such a healthy baby, and I pray that the good health continues in his life.
Right when the little guy came out of the "tunnel" they put him on my belly to dry him off and get a good look at him. I couldn't believe how awesome it was to see MY baby! (Well, OUR (Conner and myself) baby!!!) It is such a miracle to deliver a baby! As much as it may stink here and there...girls really are so lucky to be able to perform such an incredible thing.
I told people that not only was I very excited to see our baby, I was also excited to see Conner with our baby. Ever since I first became pregnant I knew Conner was excited, but he didn't feel that automatic connection to the baby like i did. So I COULD NOT wait to have Conner first see our baby and to see the connection/bond that followed. Boy did I love it!! I watched Conner standing over the baby right when he was born and being cleaned by the nurse. He was just in tears, which put me into more tears. Conner has also mentioned how crazy it is to feel so attached to a little baby that you just first see. He is SO gosh darn cute with our baby. He has never been around a newborn, so I was a lot concerned at how things would go. Conner is a natural! He knows how to do everything at this point, besides nurse! Oh, and he hasn't yet changed a diaper, but he knows that is coming soon! Anyways, I just am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband who I know is going to be the best daddy in the world!! Although I did over hear him telling our baby last night that if his mommy ever puts him in time out, to just RUN! We may have a few issues...
Back to the baby, He was born at 6:13. He weighed 7 pounds and 4 ounces, and was 20 1/2 inches tall. He has been such a great baby (knock on wood). We can hear the babies next door screaming quite a bit, but our little guy just has a cute little whimper which he very rarely does. He has been so fun so far, just to hold and stare at him make me SO HAPPY!!! I still can not believe that he is my little boy!
We've got one more day in the hospital, and then it is home we go! I was hoping to be sent home today, but my mom assured me that it is a good thing we are still here. I now agree. It is nice to take advantage of the service! I guess my poor mom will have a lot to live up to once we go home! My mom has been an awesome help so far though. I am so glad she is here with me and is going to stay for a few months. (Right mom!? haha!) My sister also came up with my mom Friday night and she has been awesome too! She was my own personal little nurse and helped me with everything. I was nervous about having to be so exposed to everyone, but sadly that has changed. My mom was right...once you are here you just don't care!
Well, I will post some pictures of our gorgeous little baby. We love him oh so much and are very very excited he is finally here with us! It is going to be an awesome journey from here on out! I love you little man!!!

The Rising and Falling Action

I (Connie, Kylee's mom) thought I would do this post for Kylee because she is more anxious to post about the baby than the details of the experience so she might have left all of this out.

I got a text at about 2:00pm saying that she had been having cramps pretty much all day and they were happening about every 5-6 minutes at that point. I didn't get to worked up about it because I expected it to be a long time from there. About 2 hours after that she text again and said that they were every 4 minutes apart. I called Kaydee and we decided we better get ready to head up to Logan.

While on our way, Kylee called and told us that they had kind of stopped. We told her to go for a walk. Her and Conner had a couple of last minute things to buy so they went to K-Mart and walked around there for awhile. While there the pains started up again and this time a bit more painful.

Kaydee and I got to Logan at about 8:30. We were all hungry so we took care of that business at Costa Vida. Afterwards we all went for a ride and waited until her pains got a little more intense before we took her to the hospital. Her hips started killing her with each contraction and it actually seemed like she was in real labor! Uto that point the only way we would have dared take her to the hospital was if she agreed to FAKE pain and make it look REAL. We DID NOT want to go in and have them send us homes with our heads hanging!

Kylee made us laugh at the hospital. When we went up to the desk the nurse asked what she could help her with. Kylee looked at us and said, "you tell her, I'm too little."

At the hospital they took her in and put a bracelet on her wrist (I thought, good! that means she's here to say). They even had her take off her clothes and get into a gown (another good sign). We waited a bit for a nurse to come and check her. She told us the magic number needed to be "4" or else we would be going home, despite the bracelet and gown. We were in luck, she was at a 4.5! We were there to stay.

After about an hour they offered her an epidural. She gladly accepted. We were relaxed and settled in watching hippos on Animal Planet when she realized she didn't have the ability to move her lower body and make herself comfortable. Every five minutes we were repositioning her. It wasn't that easy, given the fact that she was DEAD WEIGHT. She had Conner stand at her bedside so that he move her upon demand. She literally started going a bit nuts by the fact that she had no control over her legs and it took us a while to help her get relaxed again. After that she fell asleep (yeah!) and we continued on with watching Animal Planet.

They checked her throughout the night and by 4:00am she had made it to a "10." They told her they would have her spend an hour doing "rest and decend" before she started pushing. At 5:00 am they started the process and he was born at 6:13. (Kylee will get into details from there)
As her mom, I just want to say how proud I am of her. She was not only great through the labor and delivery but has been awesome throughout her entire prenancy. She was a trooper and hardly ever complained about any of it.

I love you both and I'm excited that you have been blessed with such a beautiful and healthly baby. You'll be great parents, it's evident already!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting It Started...Any Suggestions?

So, a couple of weeks ago my doctor told me two things that can speed up the whole labor process. 1- Walking and 2- Doing what got me here in the first place. Well, Conner and I have gone to the gym quite a bit and I have been walking and doing the elliptical. So #1 really hasn't done anything. I was all for giving #2 a go, but that has not done the trick either. Are we doing it the wrong way? Is there a special technique I need to be informed of? ;) haha!!
My sister told me today that Mckell Jones ran a couple miles before she had Maddox. I'm quite impressed with that. I ran to my car and back the other day and thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest. But, I think I may attempt that even still. I do have a question however (since this is my first time and no one has bothered to inform me of these things) So, say I go to the gym and turn the speed up extra high. Is it possible my water could break right then and there? When that happens does that mean a gush of water will just start pouring out? If so, I may have to take a trip to the store beforehand to buy a a few depends. I know you are probably thinking i'm absolutly stupid, and maybe I am. I said, no one has taught me anything!! My what to expect when you are expecting book doesn't even cover that question. Does that mean I should automatically know?! :S Hope not!
Anyways, My cousin Amberlee just left me a message saying she and her friends did the "curb" trick. Walking along the curb with one foot up and one on the road. I am for sure going to try sounds pretty simple! Thanks for the idea ;)
If anyone else has any ideas then I would surely appreciate hearing them! I am not due for another six days, but I guess I have just been bored sitting around waiting that I actually want this process to come the next few hours or so. So if any of you have any ideas please let me know!! Thank you very much..... :) (Also since you know know my lack of education when it comes to the whole birthing process, maybe you can feel me in on things I should know! That might be a smart idea!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Vegas Vacation

This past weekend Conner and I were able to spend the end of our spring break with both my side of the family and his! It worked out very well!! Conner and I drove down with my brother, sister-in-law, and mom Thursday night and met my dad in St. George. Friday we did some shopping, eating, and going to the Mt West Conference games. One of the biggest reasons for us going down was for my hubby to play in a flag football tournament in Vegas. His cousin Tyler arranged the whole thing and Conner was lucky enough to get to play. He went down during November to play in Mesquite and I was unable to go, so this was my first time watching him!! My first impression when I saw all of the BIG black brothas was "dang, this isn't gonna last long!" However, the little Utah white time did EXTREMELY well!!! They made it to the semi-finals and BARELY lost the game. It was sad, but they honestly did do super well. If you would have seen the other NFL look-alike teams you would've been quite impressed too!
We had such a great weekend being down with our family and especially in the hot sun!! It was a very well worth it trip. Conner's little brother Austin was also able to fly in and watch the games. It is always fun to have his family come visit!

We spent our Monday in good ol' Nephi, and boy was it a great day. I thought when we came back to Utah we would be back in 40 degree weather. Nope, I was wrong!! It was around 65-67 degrees today in Nephi! Man was it AWESOME! Conner and I wanted to take advantage of it before heading back to Logan so we tried to spend most of the day outside. I really wanted to go rollerblading, but luckily I opted not to because of past experiences of falling, probably not a good idea now! We ended up playing games in the backyard. I played until I felt like I was going to squeeze out a baby down below! When I retired, my brother stepped in so I got a few shots of the boys playing. It's been a fun day with the family, and the only reason I look forward to heading back to Logan tomorrow is because I will then go back to work at trying to go into labor! Wish me luck!! ;)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pictures and Such

Since I always just post novels, I promised to do mostly pictures... The first three are of my birthday. I mentioned before Conner had suprised me with decorating the house and a good breakfast! :) Please excuse the prego fat face!!!

After Conner got ready one day, he kept looking at himself in the mirror. He does this quite often actually. When he looks at himself a certain way I know it's because he thinks he is pretty darn sexy! haha I guess I can't blame him, because he really is pretty darn sexy! Anyways, on this particular day I just decided to snap a few shots so we could remember when that darn sexy turns into darn saggy, just how hot he really was!! haha I guess I'll share with you. Please don't drool too much!! haha ;)

Next up, Draper temple open house. Conner's mom flew in for a week and so we were lucky enough to go to the open house with her and grandpa Murray. It was a great experience. I even started crying while walking through because I seriously CAN NOT WAIT until we can go through the temple together!! It will be an awesome day! :)

Last but not least, BABY stuff. I had my shower last Saturday, but I don't have pictures from it yet. I will get some soon. I am so lucky because I got such great things!! It made me so excited. My sister, sister-in-law, mom, and cousin did an awesome job putting it together for me. After the shower I loaded up my car and headed back to Logan. I couldn't wait any longer to get things out and organized. We were up until 5 in the morning going through everything and making a trip to wal-mart for extra stuff. A couple days later we got our stroller and car seat from Conners mom. We had to wake up at 8 in the morning the next day (which people may know is almost impossible for us) and so we were planning on going to bed earlier that night. Right before we climbed into bed, Conner decided he wanted to put the stroller together. I thought he was nuts, but secretly I guess it made me happy. We ended up staying awake until 4 in the morning doing it! (Don't worry though, after we woke up at 8 we went back to bed at 9 until later that afternoon! :) After Conner put the stroller together he pushed it around our little apartment for practice! It was so funny! He is going to be an awesome dad!! I can't wait!!!