Monday, April 26, 2010

Catching back up!

On the 17th my cute little cousin Kameron had a soccer game in Logan. We were SO excited to have finally come up to Logan. We ordered hamburgers, fries, and shakes and headed to the field. Kameron is such a good athlete! It was very good to see you Aunt Kristy & Shayda. PLEASE come again! :)

Later that day we got family pictures (which I will show when I get them), after pictures Mommy was CRAVING french toast....When Mommy craves, Mommy has to have! And that she did! :)
I was only able to get a picture of this little Peanut! He is a lot more pleasant to see eating anyways!

Nixon then got ugly-yucky-nasty sick! (yes that IS a word! ;) ) After he had high temperatures and was just not himself I decided it was time to take him to the doctors. The poor kid has croup. He is still sounding yucky but luckily is temp as gone from 104 to 99. We are STILL waiting for it to go down to normal. He is doing a lot better, other than the ugly-yucky-nasty cough! It keeps him up half of the night!
 I took some rice krispy treats into the 2nd grade as a "goodbye" treat. I was able to take Nixon in too. The kids really loved him and I think Nixon loved the attention.
I am going to admit that this was my first time making rice krispy treats. It was a complete failure. They were thin as a pancake, and very crunchy and hard. Hopefully the 8 year old students don't know any difference. 
I'm not sure WHY I couldn't get my first batch to fit in the whole pan?

We were eating dinner and we usually just sit Nixon's seat on top of the counter next to us. I poured some captain crunch on his tray for him to EAT. He found something else that was a little better. If you look closely you can see the cereal being thrown from his hand. He kept throwing them in Conner's lasagna. Over....and over...and over! Whatever makes him happy!

Since Nixon has been sick we have kinda been stuck in the house. Well, my sister had invited me to go to Lagoon with her and I was quite hesitant because of Nixon. He was on the down stretch and I thought he would enjoy being outside and being pushed around in his stroller. Since Kaydee had a free ticket for me (Thanks Uncle Mike) I decided to go. It was a nice break! Nixon did really well and LOVED the rides, especially the cars. After a few hours he had enough and it was back home we went. He must have wore himself out because the last two days since then he has had 31/2 and 4 hour naps!! 

Sunday my little family journeyed on over to the pond to feed the duckies. I remember my sister and her husband taking Luke to do the same thing when they lived here in Logan. I feel like we are following in their foot steps...Logan style! :) haha

After Sunday dinner we were trying to clean up, but Nixon was NOT happy, so we came up with a solution!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So I know Nixon's birthday was a few weeks ago, but for some reason I have been procrastinating with posting about it. Since NOTHING has really gone on so far this week I thought this would be the perfect time!

Nixon turned one on March 28th! I truly can't believe how fast the year has flown by. It has been the greatest year of my life. I have never experienced so much joy! 

We had Nixon's birthday party at my parents house ON his birthday.
I had a hard time finding a theme for the party...
Nixon LOVES playing with balls, 
so I thought I'd make that into a theme.
I think it turned out great! Thanks for the help Linz and Mom!

We had 50 people (all family) come to his party. 
It was a great get together.
Great for everyone BUT the birthday boy himself.
Nixon started getting sick a few days before his party.
It got worse and worse. Sunday (his birthday) WAS his worst day.
He was MISERABLE the entire day!
I got only but a few smiles out of the poor boy.
It defintely wasn't the first birthday I had imagined!
We took him to the doctor the next day and found out he had an
Thank you to all of you who came! It really meant a lot!
Sorry Nixon for forcing a party on your sick little self!
Better luck next year!

My mom helped me make cupcakes for everyone. We also attempted Nixon's own little birthday cake. We made our own fondant and everything! It was fun, but sad because Nixon didn't "dig" in like I had imagined. Tears just dripped on it instead!

Nixon the bugger boy. (The day before his party.)

Getting ready for the party to start!
I attempted to make my own birthday banner.
It says...
Happy 1st Birthday Nixon
BUT it is a little hard to see with the bad coloring I chose. Oh well! 
(Thanks Linz for cutting the letters out for me on your cricket!)

The only time Nixon didn't cry was when we were singing happy birthday to him. Probably because he was in shocked by how much we sounded like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! ;)

It is sad that these are basically ALL of the pictures I have of him on his first birthday. :(

After everything was sad and done and the party was cleaned up. Nixon was still having a hard time. I held him in my arms to try to get him to stop crying. A few minutes later he had fallen asleep. Now that the tears stopped in his eyes they had come to mine! It hit me...Here I was the entire day (his day) working so hard at getting the party to work out just how I wanted it to be. I wanted everything to be as close to perfect as could be. I wanted it all done right that I totally shut off the fact that my baby felt horrible and was crying in pain ALL day. I ignored it. I ignored it because I thought the party was more important. Who am I kidding? I felt AWFUL that I cared so much about having the right amount of sprinkles on the cupcakes or having the party favors out and ready that I ignored what mattered the very most. That was probably the worst mommy moment ever. At that point I wish that all I did that entire day was hold him in my arms and give him all of the loves that he needed. NEVER again baby boy will I place a PARTY over you!! 

We left Nephi late that night. On I-15 we hit a BIG pot hole in the middle of the freeway. It cracked our wheel in half. We were on the side of the road for 2 hours with the cop and figuring out what we were going to do with AAA. Nixon was screaming and I was bawling because I felt so bad for him. It was a ROUGH night! Luckily our friends Ryan and Ali came to the rescue and let us borrow their car for the week! Thanks again guys!

Okay no more gloomy stuff. We are happy to say Nixon is well and back to his normal happy self. (Given that this all two place three weeks ago!)
*Nixon is pulling himself up to the furniture and walking along it.
*He will stand on his own for a little bit until he realizes it, then he will fall on his bum. 
*He will say, "Uh oh!"
*We have also taught him what a cow says. However, instead of saying MOOO it is more like MAAAA. Close enough. We are working on one animal at a time!
*He folds his bumper pad down and uses it as a pillow!
*He still sleeps with his noise maker, binky, and blankie. He almost always throws his binky overboard! 
*If he climbs up to our dvd player and cable box, he has been told so many times NOT to do that, that he will immediately shake his head NO. (even though he still plays with it)
*We can't get on our laptop without him cruising over and trying to get a hold of it. 
*He loves to pull off all the toilet paper and get in our drawers.
*He claps & waves hello and goodbye.
*He climbs up the stairs. (NOT DOWN)
*He likes to help me with laundry. (even though he doesn't realize unfolding the clothes is not helping!)
*He has tried new food such as; eggs, string cheese, waffles, nutri grain bar, chicken, and Quaker oatmeal. He is still a picky eater. We are TRYING to get him off of his sweet potatoes and bananas but it isn't easy. I throw away so much food because I make stuff thinking he'd like it when he just spits it out or throws it on the floor. 
*He will walk across the room holding on to his "train".
*He loves to copy whatever you do. Since Conner has been sick, if he coughs Nixon will cough back.
*He weighs 21 pounds and is 31" tall. (I may be wrong on the length?)

That's our boy! He is getting his pictures done soon so I'll be excited to show them when I get them!