Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Books, Claws, & Smiles


I like to read in bed. 
 Nixon should be able to enjoy that luxury too!
When he woke up from his nap, I made it possible.
He liked it too.

I can't get enough of his smiles.
I am so glad he is starting to feel better!

I promise I didn't teach him this.
I started to do laundry, but Nixon just butted right in.
He honest to goodness took all of the clothes out of the washer & dryer.
Now if only he could fold...

We've got a Jim Carrey thing going on here.
The Claw.
Whenever I hold my hand up in "The Claw" position,
Nixon knows what is coming!
He squeals & smiles.
If he is happy, I am happy!

He could do this for hours.
I don't know why it is, but for him he is HIGHLY entertained.

Oh, and did I forget to say that I LOVE this boy!?

(I have posted like 6 new posts in the last day or two, so if you are interested scroll down and check them out. Nixon's first birthday will be posted tomorrow!)

March 30th....just a normal day.

I am going to TRY to just post a few things each day of what we did. But before I start with that I have been having to play catch up! So make sure you check out the last few posts from below which are new!

March Thirtieth.

Since Nixon was sick on his birthday he did not open ONE present. Mommy did. He found a few of his presents from us at home and finally opened them. But I don't think he really cared about what was inside. 
He just liked the paper!

If you put Nixon in a room of toys or gave him a remote, he would choose the remote. 
I was surprised that he allowed us to play in his room for a good 45 minutes playing with real toys!
Well, almost all of them were toys. He likes my exercise balls, at least he gets use out of them!

Since Nixon has been sick I haven't been going to the gym. 
The gym as a daycare service and it is wise of me NOT to take him there while sick.
I decided I'd make up something of my own.
I put Nixon on my shoulders and did lunges and squats down the hall.
I also got looking at the exercise balls that Nixon was playing with and I was not.
I decided to get some use out of those as well!
I can really see those Samoa Girl Scouts cookies attaching to my hips!


1 month and 3 days ago (FEBRUARY 28th) we loaded the airways and made our travel to San Francisco. The WE consisted of my dear mommy, both of my grandmas, and my two sisters. It was such a fun girls trip and sadly our first girls trip with just immediate family.
We flew in to California on Thursday afternoon. When we got there we trudged up the mountain (or road) with all of our luggage until we saw the MARRIOTT sign and knew the sweat would soon stop running down our faces! After we freshened up a bit we headed out into the city for shopping, food, and fun! That night we went to WICKED! I truly loved it so much that I was crying at the end! It was awesome!
Friday we did a lot of shopping, sight seeing, eating, and shopping. Saturday we did the exact same. Really, that is what we did the entire time and it was SO fun! The last time I went to San Fran I was like 12 and I do NOT remember it being a mini New York! I absolutely loved the whole city atmosphere as well as being down at the wharf. It was a trip that we for sure need to do again, again, and again! You up for that ladies? Thanks mom for putting this all together for us! And thank you DAD for making it happen! ;)
 (be prepared for many many pictures!)

Waiting at the airport to board the plane...

The grannies...

The young bucks...

Transportation TO downtown SF. (Subway, Bus)

First impression...We were so angry with these people blocking the road because the trolleys weren't running. That meant that my poor grandma had to hike all the way of to our hotel! GRRR!

 Getting to the hotel...



I paid 50 cents to take this picture so please look long and hard. Maybe even use it for your background. This was at the fortune cookie factory.

Friday was a rainy day so we bought umbrellas from china town for like 3 bucks. Well, we know WHY they were 3 bucks. We ended up making a joke out of it say that the umbrella that doesn't break wins. No one won...I thought I had a picture of Kaydee...hers was murked!


After we got our look at the bridge, we were ready to head back but that didn't happen! A bus did not come for the longest time. We waited a good 1 1/2-2 hours! Since it was pretty chilly we were doing lunges, squats, and anything we could think of to keep us warm. And anything is right, one of the guys waiting taught us a little somethin' somethin'. I may have pulled a muscle or two!


Now this was an experience. I won't even go there, but let me just say I have never been so excited to escape a parade before. And grandmas oh how I am proud of you for taking that first move! It was a great sight watching Pooper hurry as fast as her little legs could carry her as the cop was debating rather or not to let her off! Good work ladies!

We ended that night with ice cream Sundays. The place that we went to had long steep stares which isn't good for grandmas. So instead they took the TINY elderly/handicap only elevator. It was probably the funniest thing ever. The elevator was the size of....a linen closet.
I'm VERY lucky to be blessed with such fun awesome grandmas and I LOVE that they are best friends!

And just a few more pictures of random things...
The best picture for last, Pooper's souvenir.