Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Adventure

Conner and I were going to go ice skating for my birthday, but when we went to the ice rink and saw strollers being pushed on the ice we decided we wanted to wait and go with Nixon. Well, over a month later we finally did it! 
Nixon had a late nap and woke up having a complete melt down. He cried and CRIED for a good 40 minutes wanting me to hold him a certain way, with my arms a certain way, and only touching his back and nothing else. As soon as I sat on the bed (my arms were getting tired) he freaked even more. Plain and simple, he was not stopping and there was nothing I could do or say to make him feel better. (I tried) Anyways, after awhile I asked him if he wanted to play in the snow. He still cried and said "NO". I put him in the tub thinking he'd be happy but he screamed louder. It was a fast bath and then he just wanted to lay on my nap watching Nemo...naked. I asked if we should get his diaper, shirts, or pants and he replied no every time and would fuss if I tried to move. He started to calm down and was content watching Nemo...once again, naked. 45 minutes later when I finally got him dressed and we were ready to leave the house he found a hat and gloves on his own and went to the door sayin "no, no, no" (this means SNOW). I thought it was funny that he remembered me asking earlier if he wanted to play in the snow. The bad thing was that when I asked that I was really talking about ice skating. Snow, ice skating....they are close right? 
This is him ready to go out and funny!

We ate at La Beau's before going skating. The ice skating closed at 9:30 and after we left La Beau's it was 8:40. I was stressing that we wouldn't have enough time! Silly me, we ended up getting on the ice around 8:50 and left at 9:15. After so many laps around it can get pretty old!

I don't think I have been ice skating since I was 12. I was scared. Luckily I had Nixon's stroller to hang on to, but when Conner pushed Nixon around you can bet I was standing on the side holding tight to the railing! 

 Even holding on as tight as I could to the stroller, I still feel like I had a couple near death experiences!
 It was very clear to see that Nixon had the most fun cruising around with his daddy. Daddy is SO much more fun that I am, and it showed in Nixon's face! It was so cute to watch him and see his huge smile when they would come flying by me. When I would take a turn and him and I would go around slowly, Nixon just kept saying, "Dada, go?" Thanks buddy!

It was definitely a great family night, and fun to do something different that we all enjoyed!

Oh and for some reason....Conner wanted me to take a picture with him and his figure skates in a special post. Here you go baby! ;)
We then ended the night with a frozen yogurt treat at Twizleberry...

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Nixon has a new favorite food, or snack I guess would be more like it. He has always liked these, but lately it is more of an obsession and he ALWAYS wants them. What is it? ISH of course! AKA fish...aka gold fish crackers! From morning till night he is always asking for 'ish'. Oh, and I can't just pour out a few on a plate, heaven forbid! He has to have the entire container full in front of his chompers. The sad thing is, that big container is nearly empty. Don't worry, he eats other things as least when he is not consumed in all of the fish! 


Thursday, February 17, 2011


The last few days here in Logan have been sunny and warmer than usual. By warmer I still mean 40-50 degrees...I saw a guy at the grocery stores with his plaid shorts and sandals. I had to laugh! If it is summer going into fall and 45 degrees I can guarantee people will not be in shorts and sandals. Some people get really excited about the warm weather, but I for one am not fooled one bit! Good weather usually means something bad is soon to follow.
I went to enrichment at 6:30 with it sprinkling outside, when I walked out of the building the roads, my car, and everything else in sight was COVERED with a thick white blanket. Conner was home with Nixon and didn't know it had snowed like that in only an hours time. When I finally got home around 8 I mentioned how I wanted to go out and play in it the next day with Nixon. Conner then said, "Nixon do you want to go play in the snow?" Nixon with a huge smile said, "YES!!!! know (snow)!!!!" So the Edwards family was geared up and out in the snow at 8:30 at night. Nixon was in heaven! 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The day of LOVE,,,

Conner and I were able to get away on our own for dinner while Nixon was being babysat. It was SO-O nice!!! Conner got me some beautiful flowers which I thought was so sweet!! I have spent a lot of my time lately planning for V-Day. I was so excited for this holiday this year..just because I love my little family SO much and wanted to do something fun for them (more Conner I guess!) Anyways, this
was at home waiting to surprise the hubster when we got home from dinner.

Here are some pictures of how the night went down...minus the after party. ;)

I made Conner this jerky/almonds bouquet. I even had to learn a tutorial on the internet how to tie a tie for the ribbon. 

I had a lot more fun with his card this year rather than just getting a card from the store....It was so fun to make and I knew that he would actually pay attention to this one!!! HAHA!

The suprised husband...