Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Boy is Growin'!

Ever since my helpers have left it seems as though it has been a bit harder to find time to blog! In fact, it has been a lot harder to find time to do lots of things! Conner claimed the other day that he has taken the role of "The father, mother, brother, and sister....I'm just the "feeder" " He is right though! I kind of am a slacker. I use to be VERY good at always having my dishes cleaned, bed made, and house picked up....well things have kinda changed. We have a love sac in our living room that for awhile seemed to be Conner's closet. He would come home from work and gently lay his clothes out nice and neat for everyone to see. Well, my bickering has taught him a lesson, but now as I look over to my left I notice that the love sac is now a mountain of my clothes! I counted yesterday, yep 8 shirts of mine have been left behind! I have no idea how they got there! It is probably not good that I am telling you all this, but I assure you I told my hubby that today will be my 'clean up the love sac chore'! It is not quite the fact that being a mother has taken over ever spare time that I have avaliable, it is more that we are moving this week so if we have to do a big clean out on Saturday, why would I seriously want to waste my time cleaning now as well? :S Yes I know...I'm horrible!
As for the baby boy, he is doing GREAT! We love him so stinkin much! He still just does his daily routine which consists of sleeping, eating, and pooping! He does a great job at those things, he makes us very proud! ;) He really is a good sleeper though so we are very lucky at that! I would tell my mom how he did in the night and I told her "He woke up at 5:00, 8:00, and 11:00" She told me that I don't count 8:00 and 11:00 because I guess that is when most people start their day. So really, he only wakes up one time in the night! :)
At his two weeks doctors appointment he had gained nearly a pound and has grown an inch. (8 lb 2 oz, 21 1/2 in. )
I don't really know what else you talk about with a new baby because he I pretty much explained all that he's been up to already (sleeping, eating, and pooping) So, I will just post some pictures!

Nixon made his first trip down to Grandma and Bampa's house for Easter! I was SO-O excited to take him home! My mom's family was all out camping, and I didn't really want to take him out there so my family was sweet enough to all just stay home and color eggs! Tanner loved coloring eggs this year- he was very creative with his decorating. Every single egg was BLUE!! We had a lot of fun coloring eggs and finding our easter baskets! My parents spoiled us quite a bit! Kaydee's kids all got a blow up jumping castle which they loved and I'm sure my sister does too! ;) On Easter we had our annual money egg hunt at Pooper and Papas. :( No one in my family won this year. Nixon would've had the most money if it wasn't for those darn white prize eggs! Nice try anyways bud! :)

( I didn't take a two week picture with a sign..sad I know...but this picture is at his exact two weeks)

(Nixon sleeping on the pool table...don't worry he stopped the pool ball when Tanner rolled it before it got to Nixon's head! :S)

Also while at my parents', a huge thing was accomplished! Conner's first diaper change!! He did so good!

Nixon's first bath...Yes he did HATE it, but now he hates it when we take him out! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and I was running a bit behind. Conner luckily stepped in and offered to bath Nixon. He did good bathing him and was very cute with him. I just had to teach him that, No we do not pour water right over his face. Nixon didn't like that very much, but besides that everything went great! :) I wish I would've taken some pictures, but like I said I was running a bit behind.

Nixon at three weeks. I even managed to get a good gasy smile out of him!

Nixon and his daddy doin what they do best....

WARNING! Some may not approve of this picture!!!! So don't look unless you don't mind a little breast! haha!

So, I have found it is a little hard to fit in time for me to eat. I swear to you that Nixon knows when I get up to try to eat because he lets me know by saying "WAAHH I'M HUNGRY MOMMY!" So what do I have to do? Double time it baby!!!

The weather WAS so nice for a week long streak (hopefully that'll come back soon!) We took full advantage of the weather and spent a lot of our day(s) out on a walk!
Nixon is now FOUR weeks old...and the good mom that I am just now noticed that he is actually a month old TODAY! (I'll have to snap a picture or two) I can't believe how fast the time has gone by! It really does seem like yesterday that I was in the hospital watching animal planet!! Nixon did NOT like getting his 4 week picture taken!!

And my last picture...Conner decided it was time for Nixon to experience his first shower! At first I said no because he is obviously TOO little, but he convinced me it would be alright. Everything is "alright" with Conner, but he was right, it turned out to be "alright"!! (Are we bad parents?)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To my sweet mom!

I just wanted to do a quick post to tell my mom how amazing I think she is! She of course came up the day I went into labor, but she didn't leave my side until seven days after! I was so happy to have my mom with me at the hospital and also come stay with me at my house. I am SO blessed to have such an incredible mom! She really helped me so much! I had a several little break downs about her leaving and going back to Nephi! From the day I got home from the hospital is when I started dreading the fact that my mom would eventually be going back to Nephi. I know I may sound pathetic but I REALLY needed my mommy!! She was so helpful in everything she did. She cleaned, cooked, shopped, took care of the baby, and tended to my every need! That stuff was all very nice of her to do and I appreciate it very much. But most importantly I just LOVED her being here with me. Just being with me gave me so much comfort. It is crazy how much your moms presense can make you feel so much better!
Most of you know that I really do have an awesome mom! She is one of the sweetest people around. She is always doing her best at serving others and making them happy. She is so talented in all that she does. I really don't know how I could possibly be her daughter! ( You all should check out her blog!)
In high school we may not have gotten along as well as we should have, but I am SO SO SO glad that we have overcome that! I feel like over the past couple of years we have gained such a stronger relationship. Even though I do make her a little upset with my "attitude" quite a bit, she really is my best friend. I am so thankful for her and for all that she has done in my life!
Mom- You really do mean the world to me! Nixon and I were so lucky to have you come and stay with us, and we both miss you like CRAZY!! You really are the best Grandma and mom in the world! I am so excited to be able to continue this life with you being there every step of the way and especially for my kids to have such a great grandma! I love you so much! Thank you again for all that you have done for me, and especially for the comfort and help that you have provided the last couple of weeks!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A new beginning at the Edwards' home!

Well, my sweet baby, Nixon, is now five days old! It is funny because it sure seems like he's been around a lot longer than that! We have enjoyed him SO much!! He definitely loves his sleep, so we don't get to see very much of the little guy in action. He hasn't learned how to talk or crawl yet so I can't bring in any exciting news of that sort. But, he has won the quiet game since he was born, he is a master at lying still and not saying a word! ;)
I love Nixon SO much and everytime I look at him it still is hard for me to believe he is MY baby boy!! I am extremely lucky that the Lord blessed me with such an amazing and healthy little boy. We have learned a lot from him over the past five days, he REALLY makes us anxious to all be sealed together as a family. I can not wait for that day to come!
My mom has been staying with us since he was born, and she is sneaking out sometime Saturday. Ever since I came home from the hospital I have been dreading to have Saturday come! I only have one more whole day with her here! She thought that I would get sick of it, but I am honestly ready for her to sign a yearly contract or put chains on her so she can't leave! I have LOVED having her here. She has done a lot of cleaning, cooking, and taking care of Nixon. Even though I have really really enjoyed those things, most of all I have just really enjoyed having her here with me. It is such a comfort to have her here. :( I don't want her to leave!! I guess I really have to grow up sometime now, so wish me luck!! Luckily, Conner's mom is going to come stay for a few days when my mom leaves. We are excited to have her come and to get to know our little guy better!
Now that I have talked about one of my boys, I better speak of the other in order to keep things fair around here ;)...Conner has been such an awesome little daddy! I have been SO stinkin impressed with him. He loves his baby so much and it really shows! At first I thought he might have went blind because when he comes home from work he now seems to walk by, I thought for sure he just couldn't see me! haha So now instead of him coming home from work and wanting to see me, he walks through the door with a HUGE smile on his face and goes right to Nixon. I don't blame him in the least bit! I would go nuts if I was away from the little man for eight hours as well! He told me he knew he would love our baby, but he didn't think it would be this way. I'm so lucky to have such a great husband who is an amazing daddy. What more could I ask for?

Grandma Edwards & Aunt Lauren-

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