Monday, November 15, 2010

This is our sign of....

A sick sweet baby boy!
As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cuddling,
I hate having a sad baby!
Please go away soon mean mr. bug!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

October to Novemeber...

*Pumpkin Walk*
For FHE we went to the pumpkin walk here in Cache Valley. We had to park our cars and then take a bus to the actual pumpkin walk. It was a freezing cold night, and the crowds were BIG. We kinda cheated and went in the exit so we didn't have to sit in the long line. We were very glad we did! It was such a cool thing and I absolutely LOVED the theme this year being the Disney lover that I am! I am pretty sure I enjoyed it more than the boys! Oh well...
here is just a small portion of the pics I took! ;)

This is Halloween, This is Halloween...
My mom put on her annual Halloween party which I am sad to say I didn't get many pictures of all of the work she did do to her justice. It was a great afternoon and I sure did love all of the costumes everyone came up with. We played games, carved pumpkins, and ATE a lot of junk. It was HALLOWEEN, come on! 

 Nixon's pumpkin, Conner's, and mine. Conner took a good hour+ carving that thing, this was his master piece! haha.

Bampa made some comment about Nixon "throwing down" his trooper hat. Nixon immediately grabbed the hands of his three favorite people and wanting to play ring around the rosies. (Get it, throwing DOWN the hat, and all fall DOWN...Nixon got it!) They had to play a good 10 times before his needs were satisfied! 

Kissin' Cousins. Mr. Trooper & Witchy Poo. We are always catchin these to smackin' on each other!

 Nixon's Disney dollars that won from Bingo. He better hang onto that money before his Mommy turns it into Disney Churros!

We were so proud we were able to get Nixon to say "trick or treat" before the big day! He was a bit confused by the whole idea, but I think he enjoyed it to say the least. Since it was raining we all piled in Pooper's mini van and went to all of our Aunts & Uncles and grandparents houses. Each time we stopped the car Nixon would say, "YAY!". He thought he had to eat the candy right after it hit his pumpkin bucket. I am pretty sure all he hate that day was suckers, M&M's, chocolate, candy corns, and the list goes on and on....

 First stop, Valtinson residence!

 Stopping at the Bryan's.

 Grandpa Kay's...Nixon could have sat in front of the fishys FOREVER!!

 Only Picture from Aunt Casie & Uncle Mike's house. Nixon was chasing their dog Titoe all over the place!

*Juab Football*
Juab had a playoff game this Friday in Salt Lake, so I decided Nixon and I should go! Even though they didn't pull off a W, they seriously did an amazing job. (It was against Juan Diego, what can we expect?)
It was my cousin Tevan's last game (he's a senior). Tevan had an incredible year and was a total all-star! We were so proud of him! 
I was hoping I was leaving some big holes on their turf with my heels as I was walking off, did you know I hate dislike Juan Diego? 

*A Drag Queen Scare*
Saturday's at my home is an ALL day football day. I decided to take a little alone time an head out shopping for a couple hours. When I came home this is what I found, Nixon wearing his cousin Tommy's shoes. Our cousin Mike made the comment, "At first we were a little uncomfortable with it, but then we just got use to it." 

At least he kept watching football...right?!