Monday, October 31, 2011


We got two Halloween Packages in the mail yesterday from Grandma Micci. She always sends us some fun Halloween goodies which is pretty fun! Nixon got his very own package with a tiger Halloween costume, a fireman jacket, boots, and umbrella. He quite LOVES his boots! He had to wear them around last night everywhere, and this morning the first thing he wanted was his boots on! He walks like a goober in them but he does look like a cute little fireman/superman boy don't you think?! THANKS GRANDMA MICCI!

A Day on the Farm

One thing that we LOVE about our ward is our pretty awesome Bishop and his sweet wife. They have a farm in Lewiston and he has been telling us to come out so Nixon could feed the cows. We've been out there a couple times before for ward parties, but never a one-on-one farm tour with the bishop! Nixon was in HEAVEN. He wouldn't leave the bishops side. He got to help drive the vroom vroom, feed the cows, and even got to play in their house with all their toys and got spoiled with treats! We had such a fun time! Conner was just in awe as Nixon was with it all. Conner had never seen a dairy farm before so he was pretty amazed. I guess you could say I was prepared with all of the farm field trips in elementary school! haha! Guess that's the difference being from Seattle vs. Nephi, Utah!

The beauty of potty training, just whip it out why dontcha? Why can't it be that easy for me? I'm the pregnant one that ALWAYS has to go! (TMI...sorry! haha)


Last Monday night while I was cooking dinner Nixon laid on the couch acting pretty whiny. We had just gotten back from doing a little shopping and he seemed totally fine. I went over to the couch to check him out and he was BURNING! I took his temperature and he was 104. He just looked miserable! I was totally shocked how fast it came on. He just wanted me to hold him, so that is what I did while I was eating dinner. He acted like he wasn't even there, and he kept doing random shakes which I thought was kinda scary! I later realized he was having fever seizures which are just muscle spasms because he got such a high fever so quickly. the next day we laid on the couch pretty much the entire day. He kept saying he wanted to play with his toys, so he would get off the couch and just hit the ground and lay there with his blanket. He had ZERO energy! He then started breaking out in a rash that night and it got worse the next couple of days. He is feeling better but still his his rashes. He saw two different doctors and one said he had Roseola, and the other said Hand Foot and Mouth disease with his bad rashes being impetigo secondary from the HFMD. Whatever it is, either way he's not a healthy little guy! We've been cooped up away from other kiddos because he is contagious for a while. Hopefully soon all his 'spots' will get better and go away! Right now they are blistery on his hands and feet and he says they hurt. :( Poor little guy! And all in the mix he has yucky crusty eyes and a hoarse voice. That kid just needs a break from being sick I'd have to say!! (However, his hoarse voice is pretty darn cute!) That's the fun we are dealing with at our house!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Walk

North Logan has a super cute tradition each year called the Pumpkin Walk. There is a different theme each year and different people and companies throughout the community decorate pumpkins and a whole big setting to go along with it. Kaydee, Launey, Ellie, and Mya were in Logan visiting and went to the Pumpkin Walk with us. There is a LONG wait to go through the walk (1 1/2-2 hour according to my friend who waited in the line). However, last year Conner and I cheated the system and decided to do it again. It is a free thing so we didn't NOT pay or anything like that, we just went in through the exit and walked through the Pumpkin Walk backwards. We thought we were rather smart, but I'm sure the people who waited in line thought other wise!

**Funny story- Once we got off the shuttle Nixon went to the little wood picture displays that you put your head through for a picture. I needed my camera so I walked away for a second. When I came back over I couldn't see Nixon anywhere. I started to panic because there was A LOT of people and it was dark out. I yelled to my sister and Conner to help me look for Nixon. I seriously couldn't see him anywhere! I am not sure who spotted him but one of us did and low and behold he was sticking his head through a whole just waiting for me to take his picture. He had a funny look on his face which made the situation even MORE funny! I scary moment turned into a pretty hilarious one!!
Here is the picture from when we found him...

 There were A LOT of wooden picture things, so of course Ellie and Nixon had to visit them all! :)

My sister joked that this was me...and she is actually quiet right. It made me wonder if the people who made this saw me outside in my camping chair. I know it is ghetto, but when Nixon plays out front I take my red camping chair (just like in the picture) and watch him play. PLUS the pumpkin lady is prego....and last time I check, so am I!

 I know this is a weird picture, but I thought it was pretty funny. I noticed Nixon's pants had fell past his bum when he was sitting in the shuttle. It didn't even phase the kid! haha!

Mya didn't make it in any of the pumpkin walk pictures so I will put this funny one up of her. We couldn't find her binky, so she had to use an unfamiliar one. She wasn't quite sure of it. I think it is HILARIOUS how she was 'sucking' on it!!

It's not Halloween Season Without Decorating Cookies!

I spent ALL stinkin morning making cookies and frosting so Nixon could decorate cookies with his little cousin Ellie who was coming to visit. Not sure why it was so crazy of a morning, but it was! The sad thing is...they had fun decorating cookies for the first 15 minutes but after that they had enough! So much for the few hours spent in the kitchen! haha! At least they had fun even for a short amount of time!


We continued our family tradition on Witches Night Out at Gardner Village. We did the usual...met up at Aunt Kristys, created the witches within, and headed out to party! We had a great time but all agree that Witches Night Out is getting a bit to ridiculous. Instead of just being WITCHES it has turned into a family thing and a guy thing! NOT COOL! Anyways, I actually WON something in the drawing which is quite unusual...I won a Halloween quilt that was being sold for 70 dollars at the quilt shop! nice eh? I also got baby girl the softest cutest blanket EVER! It is killing me she is not here yet to be wrapped up in it! All in all it was a GREAT girls night! :)