Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside Is FRIGHTFUL!

I have never been a huge fan of the snow, so one thing I was looking forward to about being in Seattle for December was NO snow! I think that my thinking that way is what made the snow follow me to Washington this year! Since we have gotten to Seattle there has been a few snow storms and very cold weather which is very odd for Seattle. Conner's little sister had school canceled for the week and church has even been canceled two weeks in a row. I'm making it sound like there is tons of snow here, but really if this was Utah it would be no big deal! People here are just not use to snow or driving on bad roads, and so even if there is 2 inches the city shuts down!! However, there was a big snow storm last night which brought us about 6-8 inches! That is a lot for Seattle!! The difference between Conner and I is that I grew up with the snow every winter, so for me when it snows it is no big deal and I would really rather be in the warm house being nice and cozy! Conner feels that since snow is so rare here in Seattle, we need to be out in it every second! He has loved driving in it, going on walks, and snowboarding down the driveway. To him this is heaven!! He's a funny kid, I just have to humor him and let him enjoy his snow!! :) However, today as I was watching Conner through the window, I just couldn't resist anymore! I decided to buck up, and head out in the cold to play with my hubby! When I brought up the idea of building a snowman I thought he would laugh, but I had no idea he would get so into it!! The snowman still needs a face, but it got dark so we decided to finish the little guy tomorrow. I love how Conner tries to make each moment so fun for us. He really is such a fun person and I'm so incredibly lucky to be married to him!

I have really enjoyed being here so far! We have done a lot of relaxing which has been a good break! Conner's family is all so sweet and really make me feel so loved. It still hasn't quite hit me that they are my in-laws who I will be spending the rest of my life with, but when I do really think about it, it makes me so excited! I don't know how I managed to marry such an awesome guy who has such an amazing family! I really hit a jack-pot! I miss my family very very much and it is sad I won't be with them during Christmas, but I know this is a part of being married! Well...I'll try to keep you updated on the rest of our activities, until then I love you all and hope you're having a great Christmas!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Time To Talk About It!

I have been debating for awhile when I can start talking about the biggest thing that's going on in our life. I have felt like since it wasn't done the right way that I can't really talk about it and I need to try to "hide" it as much as possible. I was thinking the other day how ridiculous it is to hide something that is so incredible!! Another reason why I haven't felt comfortable talking about it is because of the fear of what others will think of me or even think that Conner and I HAD to be married rather than the truth which is we were going to be married, but it came a few months quicker than originally planned!! We all know that even though we're not suppose to judge, everyone does it!! Throughout this whole process I have been told to just not care what others think...and that has been a really hard thing for me to do! But lately I have really realized that if people choose to judge us and think we are some horrible people then that really is their own problem right?? :) Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh...I know that the people who really love and care about us and know our intentions are all really excited and happy for us!
So anyways...I'm sure almost everyone by now knows exactly what I'm talking about, but if not, Conner and I are going to have a baby!!! The thought of that still doesn't seem exactly right, but the bigger and bigger I get the more I realize it really is happening!! Even though things didn't really go as expected, Conner and I are both so excited to have our little baby and right now we wouldn't want things any other way! We are also very anxious for the day that we will be able to be sealed together and to our baby!! That is one of the biggest days we've got to look forward too!
I am 24 weeks today and it seems like I just get bigger each day :(. (There really is NO way to hide a pregnancy in my opinion!!) I have tried to teach my dear husband that the words FAT and Chubby just aren't very appropriate during this special time!! haha it was kinda hard for him to understand given the fact that all he really was meaning was that my belly is surly growing!! But I think he knows now after having me flip out a few times that he is just better of saying things like "your stomach is getting bigger" rather than "Come here my fat little princess!" haha oh I love that kid!! We found out a while ago that we are having a baby boy, and I have never seen Conner so excited then the day we found out! There are two things I'm most excited for and that is of course to meet my little baby, and also to see Conner with him!! I know he is going to be so an amazing daddy and I can't wait to see their little father-son bond!!
I'm pretty sure this is probably the most I have ever talked about it, and it still just seems so unreal! I feel way to young to be having a baby, but when we look at age I'm almost right with the Utah trend! At least I'm following in my sisters footsteps...age wise!!
Well there you have it...The biggest & happiest news in the Edwards' home is officially spoken about!

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Joy of Finals! (24 hr computer lab!)

Since Conner and I first started dating I tried introducing him to a new way of studying and getting school work done...that great way is simply just the opposite of procrastination. I don't know why it took this long but it finally kicked in for my wonderful boy!! I'm so glad that the computer lab is open 24 hours this week! They really put my sleep into consideration! So, everyday this week we have spent each night on campus while he has been working on assignments that aren't due until FRIDAY!! He started three days ago rather than doing it all last minute Friday night!!! What a kid!!
He got off work early at 8:30 and my first mistake was thinking that it was so he can come home and spend the night cuddling on the couch watching movies! I was wrong! He clearly had strong intentions to continue is routine of going to the lab so he could work more on his project (I really don't know what has gotten into him!)
We ate dinner and headed to the lab around 10:30. I was apparently wrong again when I thought he was joking when he said we'd be here for "four or five hours". He gave me the choice to come join him or else stay home. I really only thought we'd be here for an hour at the most so of course I chose to go with him! (Plus its scary being home alone at night!) He filled a grocery bag up with all the food in our cupboards and out the door we went.
It has been three hours since our arrival and each time I ask if he is almost done he laughs and says, "I'm not even close!" So I decided to wad up our coats and make a little bed under his feet for myself. As I was laying there trying to go to sleep I thought...this is kind of a silly thing! So I decided to make a post! I'm sorry I don't have my camera with me, it would be a great sight to see our private kitchen back here in the corner with legs stickin out from under Conner's desk! I hope people don't get the wrong idea of what is going on under there! I'm just trying to sleep...HONEST! :)
Since according to Conner we still have a couple more hours left here at the lab, I'm going to head back down to my little nook, eat an apple...possibly more, and try to get a couple hours of sleep! Oh how I can't wait for finals to be over!! Only 2 more years following this!! Yahoo! :S

Sunday, November 30, 2008

An update on the Edwards'!

I started our blog with the full intention of updating at least every week!! But, as you can see...I'm a huge slacker!! I'll blame it on the fact that we don't have the internet at out apartment!

So here is what's been going on with us...

Conner got a job at Macey's grocery store, and he claims that he does like it! I sure hope so! I'm just so lucky to have such a good husband who will work 8 hours a day at a grocery store to support us! He really is such a hard worker and I'm very grateful for that!! I have yet to get a picture of him with his apron and name tag, but I will some day! As for now I just have been modeling at home before he left to work.

Our family had been waiting for an entire year to go and watch Celine Dion. A week before everyone was told the bad news!! She moved it to Feb! But we didn't let that ruin our fun. Conner and I drove down to Salt Lake to spend the weekend with my parents and Karson and Linzy. Conner, Kars, Linz, and myself walked around the gateway and ate at Sky Box. My parents were at my dad's company party where we stayed at the Little Grand Hotel, so after we finished eating we spent the rest of the night with them at the party. It was pretty fun!

Saturday we headed down to Nephi and had a little party for the BYU vs. Utah game, it was a sad game, but it was still really fun to be with everyone.

Thanksgiving was pretty an eventful weekend. It was great to be home and out of school. Wed night and Thursday morning I got pretty sick and went in to the hopsital Thursday and found out I had a pretty bad UTI. So the whole weekend I had an IV in my arm and had to keep going to the hospital for antibiotics. It wasn't very fun, but at least I was still able to have a good thanksgiving dinner with the family! :)
Conner had a pretty fun weekend. He was invited a couple months ago to go with his cousins to Mesquite for a flag football tournament. He went down Friday afternoon and came back late last night. It was a quick trip but well worth it, his team was the champions! Conner had a really fun weekend being with all of his cousins. The only problem is he came home with scratches and bruises and claiming he is the sorest he has ever been! Poor boy! I was really sad I wasn't able to go and spend time with his family, but hopefully they understand! I never knew I could miss Conner so much in just a days worth of time! When he left I got tears in my eyes! I was so sad to be away from him! Very pathetic I know!!! I was really happy when he woke me up last night to his arrival!! ( Sorry I don't have any more pictures!)

We have one more week until finals and we can not wait to finally be done with the semester and enjoy Christmas break!! We are going to Seattle for the month and we are so excited....but until then wish us luck on finals!! :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Migrant Farm Workers

This weekend the family all got together to harvest potatoes! Oh what a joy that always is! Whenever we have our entire family together it is always a blast, even if we are working on potatoes. It was both Conner and Linzy's first year, some how Launey has been in the family for six years and he has never been sucked into it! Conner was a very hard worker as always, but it seemed like almost every time I would glance over at him he would be juggling potatoes, seeing how far he could throw them, or else playing his own version of basketball and trying to throw the potatoes in the buckets! He is just like a little kid! :)
It may not be the best way to spend your Saturday afternoon but I know it makes us all feel good knowing how much we are really helping out my grandpa. If it wasn't for our help he would have to do everything all by himself which would take him hours upon hours! Even if we were covered in dirt head to toe it still ended up being a very fun afternoon, although I'm not sure I'm able to bend down anymore for awhile! I'm giving that a break!

HaPPy hAuNTinG!

Halloween was so much fun this year for Conner and I. We hung out with our awesome friends, Trevor and Jenny, all day!
We made chili, corn bread, caramel popcorn, and pumpkin bars. It seemed like a pretty good fall/Halloween dinner, and better yet it was all very yummy! After we ate dinner we all carved pumpkins which was very fun to see all of our interesting ideas. Jenny definitely got the award for cutest pumpkin, Conner's pumpkin..well no comment, my pumpkin was a boring STAR! I have no idea why I carved a star....and Trevor's pumpkin looked like Swiss cheese! haha it was funny!
Jenny and I decided to buck up and go to a haunted "trail". It ended up being very fun but boy were we scared! It was probably one of the scariest haunted things I've been through! I tried snuggling close to Conner, but when we were lead into a corn field and had a car chase us, followed by two "headless horsemen" Conner then pushed me aside and took of dead sprint yelling "COME ON KYLEE! RUN!!" haha! I could not believe he took of like that and left me! It was pretty funny! I think I will never stop bugging him about it!
After the haunted river trail we rented a scary movie and ate pumpkin bars. We had a great night with Trevor and Jenny and can't wait for the upcoming holidays that Jenny and I have already planned events for! ;)...yeah...we're nuts!

Sun Valley Fun!

This last weekend Conner and I were able to finally get away together and RELAX! It was something we hadn't done for a long time! His grandpa owns a condo in Sun Valley, Idaho so we got lucky and were able to escape for the weekend! It was only about a four hour drive from Logan which wasn't bad at all! We wish we could've stayed a bit longer, but with school and all we had to make it a very quick trip. We had so much fun being there and especially being together! Conner was so good to me and spoiled me like crazy! He is such a sweetie! Thanks babe for the amazing weekend together! :)

Emerald City Extravaganza

When we were in Washington for our reception, I mentioned before that my parents and grandparents were also going to be there. Well, I finally got some fun pictures of us in Washington. The first few pictures are at Conner's house. He has such a gorgeous house with an AMAZING view of the Puget Sound. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to get some last minute jobs done so everything was perfect for the open house. My dad's job was to trim the shrubs and he was so proud of his work the rest of the night. He should consider that as another side job! ;) We were so lucky to have had such a pretty day!

On Sunday after church we took my family and headed up to downtown Seattle. We were able to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant, go to the space needle, and then walk around Pikes Place Market. All together it was a very fun weekend! Conner's family pulled off a beautiful open house, and it was also so great to have my family there with me for the first time. :) Now all I want is to have my siblings go this summer for a family vacation! You guys are still for it...right?!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello Blogging World!

So, I finally did it...I'm officially a blogger rather than a creepy "blog stalker". My sister and sister-in-law have been telling me to start a blog but I wanted to wait until I was married, so now twelve days later and here I am! I am very computer illiterate so thanks to my friend Jenny Cox and her patients my blog is up and running! I just hope that I can catch on how to do all of this technical stuff when Jenny is not on my side!
As for an introduction of my life I am currently living in Logan Utah and enjoying the very warm weather that it has to offer! ;) haha ya right! I am so very lucky to say that I married the most sweetest man of my dreams, Conner Edwards, on October 11Th in Nephi. It was an awesome day thanks to my mom and all of the hard work she put into it! A week later we flew to Seattle (where he is from) for another reception. It was a great open house at Conner's house. They have such a beautiful house with an amazing view of the Puget sound. The best thing about Seattle was being able to have my parents and grandparents come for their first time. It was so much fun showing them around Seattle, and especially where Conner is from and grew up. I know that they all loved it and we're already planning another trip back with the whole fam!
Being married is absolutely amazing and I love every single bit of it. However, I think Conner and i would both strongly agree that we are glad to get back into the hang of things so we can start getting caught up in school. UGH!
Conner and I have really good friends, Trevor and Jenny Cox, who we LOVE to hang out with. They are our first "married" friends so it is fun to relate in that way. Jenny is already VERY domestic after only 2 months of being married. She has made the goal to not make the same dinner in 2 whole months! WOW! Way to go Jen! She has made me already want to be a better wife in that sense, rather than eating cereal every night. Tuesday night we got together and she had us make Hawaiian haystacks and brownies. I was quite impressed with how good they turned out! :) After dinner we snuggled up to our boys and watched a scary movie to get into the Halloween spirit.

I will finish my long post up with tonights shindig! Conner and I live in an extremely tiny apartment so of course there is no room for a washer and dryer. Thankfully, Jenny and Trevor invited us to fill the backseat of our car up with laundry and do it at their apartment. We watched Grey's and ate Jenny's super delicious peach cobbler. The boys put on scary movie and Jenny absolutely terrified of horror movies so why the guys are sitting in the other room Jenny decided to get me going with a blog, and that brings us to where I am now! I'm very excited to get going with my blog so I can update my friends and family on things going on! Hopefully my future posts will not be such a boring novel, but you have to understand I had a lot to catch up on...right? :)

There was no messing around when it came to blogging!