Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday's Events (Mother's Day)

My in-laws flew in from Seattle Friday night because of my brother-in-law, Taylor's, graduation. This was the first time since November that my father-in-law had seen Nixon. (besides pictures) They have been having Zeke, Jamie, and Charlotte staying at their house so he is use to a little tiny baby. When Rick first saw Nixon he said, "Wow- we've got a first grader!" It was fun to have them staying in my home! They are so cute with Nixon!
On Mother's Day we had a big breakfast. Well it was suppose to be for BREAKFAST, but we were running on Edwards' time and didn't end up eating till the early afternoon! Zeke and Rick did most of the work which was very nice of them! Rick and Zeke flew home later that evening, and Micci stayed another night with us. I'm sure it was really nice for Micci to spend Mother's Day here in Utah with her sons! Later for dinner we kinda...well not kinda...we DID break the sabbath! Taylor and Conner decided that if they were to make Micci and I dinner it would take three hours and be nasty. So, we chose a safer bet and went to Texas Road House. 
We loved having the Edwards' here in Logan and are excited to be coming to Seattle again soon!

For my Mother's Day gift boy two boys got me a NEW CAMERA! I am SO excited! The only thing that I am not excited about is that I can't get it to upload the pictures I took from it. It has the pictures of my greatest Mother's Day gift which is.....NIXON IS WALKING! He started walking about 5 steps starting Friday night, Saturday he did about the same (maybe a little more), but I declare Mother's Day as the official day for two reasons. 1- it is the easiest to remember and it is kinda a cool thing! 2- he is cruising all across the rooms! It is so fun to watch him! He thinks he can walk fast so once he catches speed, down he goes! Now it is time for all the bumps and bruises! :( ( Pictures to come!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

For some reason this Mother's Day has been an extra emotional one. It is MY second Mother's day, but I don't remember ever feeling the way I do now last year. My best guess would be that it was because I was just starting to get into the hang of things. Don't get me wrong, I was SO SO grateful to be a mommy, but my gratitude for motherhood has grown tremendously. Ever since I watched Nie Nie's A New Life video a few days (and I lost it) I have just been thinking HOW lucky I am to be a mother. I watched it again today. Twice. Cried both times. I went to my brother-in-laws graduation and cried twice. Once when they had the mothers and grandparents stand, as well as when they gave a boys diploma to his parents because their son had died in March. No, I'm not pregnant. I just LOVE being a mommy and don't ever want to take it for granted. My number one goal for next year as a mommy is to PLAY PLAY PLAY! I don't feel like I dedicate enough time getting down on the floor and playing with Nixon. He is just now really starting to love playing around and I want to be right down there with him. I also want to be able to teach him all that he needs to know. (I am struggling with that right now, but maybe with help from others I can do this!) I can't imagine what my life would be like without Nixon. I don't even want to imagine. He was sent to me by my Father in Heaven who loves me and who trusts me to raise one of his children. I don't want to let Nixon down and I REALLY don't want to let my Heavenly Father down. Thank you Nixon for being my son. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for giving me trials. Thank you for teaching me so many things every single day. I love you baby boy and I will ALWAYS love you!

Now a tribute to the other mothers in my life....

     Grandma Anna Lee is my father-in-law's mother and boy has she taught me a lot! She is such a great lady! I LOVE talking with her and love her fun personality. She is VERY strong willed. She is VERY polite. She is VERY giving. She is VERY strong.
I love her because of how she makes me feel. I love that she takes time sitting down at the kitchen table talking to me about old movies. I love how cute she is with my son. And I love that I have gained another grandma! Happy Mother's day Grandma Anna Lee.

     Oh Pooper! How much I love that WILD HAIR! She has helped me in SO many ways! She use to always rescue me when I was left home with my brother who would torment me! She is the best Cream of Wheat maker in the world! She is the best head tickler and feet rubber in the world! This lady has gone through SO many challenges in her life and she never fails to come out ON TOP!!!
     Pooper, you have NO idea how much I look up to you!
I am SO thankful for you and for everything that you have done for me in my life. WHICH IS A LOT! You are one very tough cookie and never gives up! I love you oh so much! I miss you and hope you have a fabulous Mother's Day!


      Grandma, I love the memories that I have of laying in the blue room and having you read me bedtime stories. The memories of begging you to let me drive around the pepsi car. The memories of coloring your hair. The memories of laying on your bed playing skip-bo after Grandpa had his knee surgery. The memories of getting VERY great advice from you and Grandpa. You are a go getter! You can get through anything! I love your crazy personality. I love how you just tell it how it is! You have raised such an amazing family! Look at where we are all  at today. That is because of you!
Thank you for being such a great fun grandma and for all of the fun time we have had and will continue to have! I love you very much!
Happy Mother's Day Grandma!!


     Jamie, You have been the sweetest aunt to Nixon. Ever since I was pregnant you always showed your concern. You have been so great with him and with asking how he is. Now you are a mother of your own! Charlie is GORGEOUS and I can not wait to meet her!
You are such an awesome mommy and I am so excited to continue our lives together as sister-in-laws raising our little kiddos! It is going to be a very fun adventure! I hope you have an great Mother's Day! Keep us posted with pictures from Korea! Love you!

  What in the world can I say about my sister! (Maybe I do need a pregnancy test because I am getting emotional again! haha Kidding...NOT pregnant!) Kaydee, I look up to you in SO many ways. You have always been the "perfect" one in my eyes!
You are so sweet with everyone. I can't remember you ever getting in any arguments with mom or dad. OR ANYONE.You are great wife. You are very supportive and loving of your husband and stand by his side through everything.You are an AWESOME mom!
You have three beautiful children who can't help but put a big smile on everyone's faces.You seem to always do everything right with raising them.You are very strong in the Gospel and share that with your kids.You are just an all around GREAT person and I am SO honored to be your sister! Thank you for being there for me through my life. Thank you for putting up with me as a bratty little girl.
Thank you for helping me when I am going through my trials.
Thank you for moving my legs for me when I am going crazy with my epidural. Thank you for doing the nurses job after I had Nixon! ;)Thank you for teaching me how to be a good mother by watching your example. (but there will be no thank you for making me clean up my own throw up many moons ago! :) ) 
I love you big sis! Happy Mother's Day!!!


     There is no better person that I could picture my brother with than you! You are a PERFECT addition to the Morgan familia. You are so fun and bubbly! You are very willing to help anyone with whatever it is they may need. You are a great wife to my brother, and you are going to be an amazing mommy Madden! 
It is fun having a sister-in-law who is just like a sister. There isn't that awkward feeling! ;) We seem to get a long just like real sisters. We have our good times as well as our little disagreements!
In the end, we always kiss and make up and I could never ask for a better sister-in-law than you! Thank you for putting up with my crazy ways and for being such a great friend and sister! I love you!
Happy Mother's Day mommy to be!!


     You always hear the horror stories about mother-in-law's...
and I just have to say I am very blessed to have such a wonderful mother-in-law that would never belong in a "horror story"!
You are one of the most sweetest and caring ladies that I have ever met in my life. One thing that I have always loved about you is just how thoughtful you are towards EVERYONE! You are very welcoming to anyone and everyone no matter who they are and where they have came from. You care so much about your family and have raised five awesome children! You are a very fun mom and always willing to do whatever it is that is going on. I could not thank you enough for raising such a great son! With the saying you can tell how your husband will treat you by how he treats his mother...I have known I was going to be treated quite well from day one! Conner loves you so much and treats you so great! 
He speaks to you in such a sweet way and cares so much about you!
It is a great thing he had such an excellent mother to get him that way! :) Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms even though things didn't go exactly like you would have probably hoped for! You have been very supportive.
Thank you for loving me as your daughter! I want you to know that I truly love you as another mother of mine as well! Thank you for all you have done for me and for being such a great mother-in-law!
I love you very much!Happy Mother's Day!!!
(I'm very happy to be able to spend Mother's Day tomorrow with you in my home!)


    What can I say, you are my mother!!! We have gone through a lot haven't we? We had our rough days when I was my bratty teenage self, but isn't it great I am now coming out of that! ;) Mom, you are my best friend. You are AWESOME! You are just everything that I could ask for plus so much more! (Minus some...HAHA KIDDING!) I have received nothing but endless support from you! Especially now with having Nixon, you have helped me SO much. I'd be very lost without you! Someday, maybe ten or twenty years from now I hope I can become at least some what like you! You are such a sweet lady to everyone, you are VERY SUPER talented, you seem to know everything, you are tremendously stylish, you tell me how it is (and lets face it I need that regardless if I take it the best way or not) you are very strong willed and can get through and accomplish anything. Now tell me, who wouldn't ask for a better mom? NOT ME! I am very blessed to have been raised by such great parents who show their unconditional love towards me, my husband, and my baby! Even though you seem to ALWAYS be on Conner's side, I love you for it. I love that you love my husband so much and you truly care about him. You are a perfect mother-in-law.
Linz, Launey, and Conner are lucky little farts! One of the things you are very best at as well is being a....GRANDMA! You are such a fun and VERY loving grandma. You do so much for all of your grandkids and pour out all your love to them! We are ALL so lucky to have you in our lives! Thank you, Mom, for being the greatest mom! I love you oodles and noodles! I am sad that I will not be able to be with you on Mother's Day, but know that I am thinking about you and that I love you more than you will ever know! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

One perk of being married is gaining a bigger family! Our cousin Karlee just had her birthday on the 4th so I wanted to wish her a very happy (belated) birthday! Conner and I have both spent a lot of time with Karlee & Tyler. We have gotten very close with them! I really look up to Karlee and think so highly of her! Thank you for being such a great person and letting me always be able to talk to you about ANYTHING! It really means a lot! We miss you guys so very much but are looking forward to seeing you this summer! Love ya!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Concern...

My dearest little Nixon is now 13 months old (and some). I get a lot of emails and papers from the doctors about where "THEY" think my baby should be at that age. First of all, who are these people and WHY do "THEY" have to map out exactly where my son should be at each minute of his life? Don't they know that it just causes me a whole bunch load of stress?
I have been reading that Nixon should be saying 2 word phrases. Are you serious? Maybe all your babies out there are talking up a storm, but we did not purchase "Your baby can read" or TALK for that matter.
The funny thing is, my mom predicted that he would be an early talker. Well, moms know everything right? (At least mine!) So, why isn't Nixon blabbing away? 
Maybe he was born to the wrong family and he is really suppose to be speaking Yiddish. He does talk, just not anything I would ever understand. So maybe I am right, maybe he IS speaking Yiddish! If that is the case I have a very smart baby because he says a lot more than 2 word phrases. Since Nixon was born into an American family, it would be a little tough growing up in a household where he is the only one who speaks Yiddish. So I guess we must start training him to speak our native language. English. There is only one problem with that, I am a BAD teacher. I try, but apparently not good enough. I am not very good at this first time mother thing. If any of you have any thoughts or comments, or the digits to a specialist I would very much appreciate that right away! :)