Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Time Fun!

The last time I updated my blog was when Nixon was four weeks old. Well, last Saturday Nixon became a big EIGHT week old baby boy!! That means it has been an entire four weeks since my last update...pretty pathetic!
Conner and I came up with our own special day last year. We call it, ASA Day. This stands for another semester accomplished. We try to do something special at the end of the semester. This semester since we had a baby it was a little tougher to do something big so we decided to take a drive to Bear Lake and try out the ever so famous raspberry shakes. We didn't know that Bear Lake is pretty much shut down until summer. Every drive in and restuarant was closed so we were bummed and about to give up...unitl we spotted one little restuarant that was actually open! Those poor residents! So we got lucky and were able to enjoy a super yummy raspberry shake!
We got a lot of shots of Nixon with his cousins. Out of the several pictures we took I'm not sure we ever came up with one where everyone was looking and smiling at the camera.

We are living in Highland for the summer with my Aunt and Uncle. (The Mortezazadeh's) It has been so fun! Here are a few pictures from there... We finally got Nixon's swing put together. The pictures in his swing is his very first little ride!

Grandma and Nixon taking a nap.

My family was all out camping so we went out last night to eat dinner. I packed the diaper bag, but of course I left it home on the couch! Of course right when we get to the camp Nixon lets it all out! It is a good thing I have quite the clever family! My mom, grandma and aunts were able to put together a diaper for the little man!

Today we all got together for a little dinner and some fun! After dinner a bunch of us got into the hot tub. Conner came out with a bit of a suprise! I guess him and Daisy Duke have something in common! Nixon was able to take a little "dip" into the hot tub as well. It was a great evening to just kick back and be with family!

Happy Happy Birthday Linzy Dear!!!!

My family and I has all been reminded quite a bit for the past...well ever since her LAST birthday that Linzy's birthday is just around the corner!! Linz is the best sister-in-law! I'll admit the selfish part of me use to be quite concerned about who my brother would pick to marry because whoever he married would become my new sister! So I really didn't want him to pick some chic that I wouldn't get a long with. I guess I can say my brother is brilliant because he picked the best little fishy in the sea! I love her so much and really couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law! She fits into our family really well and I'm so excited for the many many many years to come with her in our family! Happy 21st Linz!!! WATCH OUT VEGAS!!! ;)